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The Billionaire's Contracted Bride

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Kelly, found herself in bed with the most wealthy, single, handsome bachelor in the world. Surprised, discovers they had a one night stand. Daniel, the wealthy billionaire is more stunned to find out he could bed a woman for he had a very rare disease, which could not make him mate with women. Kelly, not knowing this, is ashamed and embarrassed, so she dashes out of the hotel room, before the billionaire could wake up. Daniel, on the other hand, immediately ordered for her to be found, for he needed her for his plan. Kelly, unknown to how she had a one night stand with a wealthy billionaire, is shocked to find him at the doorstep of her house, offering her a contract marriage. Confused, refuses at first, for she has a boyfriend. But when she gets to her boyfriend's apartment, she finds him in bed with her step sister. Hurt, she goes back to the billionaire and accepts his proposal. They signed a contract, and began living together, but not peacefully, for the billionaire, Daniel was in love with someone else and she is in fact the main reason why he offered Kelly a contract marriage. How is the billionaire's lover the reason behind their contract marriage? What secret disease does the world famous, handsome billionaire have? Who is Kelly exactly? Will the billionaire finally achieve his aim and chase Kelly away, after the contract, or would he fall in love with her, and never let her go? Why don't you delve in with me and find out, in this billionaire romance filled with twists?

Chapter 1

Daniel pov)Daniel's eyes scan the entire room from the terrace, his phone ringing endlessly, today wasn't a good day to hear some annoying ideas from his employees.He sat down on the couch nearby, his mind replaying the scene he just had with Mia over and over again.She was his childhood love, and nothing would get in his way of owning her not this stupid sickness, that was about to ruin his life.And he was going to make sure of that as he closed his eyes for a second, trying to blend with the silence the room offered.There was an abrupt knock on the door, drawing his attention, his eyes opened swiftly, he was going to give it to those annoying staff at this hotel.He walked towards the door angrily and unlocked it, his eyes fell on the young figure in front of him. Is she a new staff?"I already told them am fine, I don't need anything" he roared at her"Ex-excuse me" her face confused as she stared at me with those innocent eyes"Aren't you a staff here?" I asked curiously,She burst out in laughter, she was pretty and so was her laugh. I felt embarrassed and at the same time trying to understand what was funny."Certainly not, am here for the interview Sir" she answered amidst the awkward situation. What the hell is she talking about, what interview, is there something I should know about?Curiosity filled me as my interest in this weird lady intensified.(Kelly pov)I never expected Mr. Henry to be this young, he looked mature, maybe 30, I glanced at the room number just to be sure, I wasn't mistaken, yep it was the right room, his face looked exhausted and angry, did I offend him was all I could think of." can I come in Sir " I nicely asked as he stepped aside to let me in."I have always been a fan of yours since your last directed movie "THE SCENE", it was my favorite" he leaned on the wall, staring at me, was there something on my face or was it what I said earlier"Am not stalking you, it just that your work has spoken to me, ever since my mom passed, I have always looked up to your work for comfort""You are an actress" he finally speaks, his voice cold and deep. He is joking right or is he playing with me"Mr Henry, don't you recall calling me for an interview today "What the hell was going on, why was he acting like he was talking to a weirdo? I hate being treated like I was crazy or stupid, I might be 20 but my dreams are high.(Daniel pov)Oh, she is an actress that explains a lot, but how can a lady shamelessly enter a man's room without being scared?"Let me cut things straightforward, firstly am not Mr Henry, and secondly you don't walk into a stranger's room just like that" his eyes remain calm but cold"A stranger" Her face looked more confused than everI furrowed my hand between my brows, I seriously don't need this now."Yes love, am guessing you walked into the wrong room, and how can you shamelessly ask to come in, what if I have other intentions"Her face burned with embarrassment as she stood up to leave, I caught her by the arm, and her eyes stared at mine"Not so fast sweetheart, care for a drink, seems like you interrupted my little nap, you have to make up for it"I dragged her toward the little set-up bar the hotel did in my honor"Now love, what do you drink, but first of all, how old are you???" he gave her a stern look"Old enough drink, thank you" Her face looked serious as she walked over to where I was and grabbed the drink forcefully, Taking a full sip(kelly pov)I regretted that choice as the whiskey burned my throat, what was I thinking, acting all stubborn in Front of this stranger"Does that settle it?" I asked himHis face curled up in a grin, and he grabbed me by the waistline and pulled me closer, I held my breath, by the heaven he was breathtaking."What do you think you doing" I stutter, trying to hold myself as he leans closer, I can feel his breathe on my skin, his eyes cold but alluring"I don't think that settled anything love" his voice was sharp and tempting, and he slowly lifted my face to his. I stared, confused yet I wanted it so bad, I loved how he made me feel.I know I should be ashamed right now, things are not going as I planned, I need to get out of here and meet Mr. Henry before he changes his mind, I don't have time for his stupid games"I seriously don't have time for this, sir" I managed to escape his grip, creating enough space as I tried to walk past him and head to the door. He grabbed my arm again this time pulling back with full force as he planted a deep kiss on my lips, leaving me surprised, I tried to fight back but all attempts proved useless.(Daniel pov)I don't know what am doing, but I really wanted to kiss her, those innocent eyes caught my attention, and attempting to leave I pulled her back, kissing her desperately like a starved lionWith all forces coming from her side as she tried to pull out of my grip, I held on tight, I like how Stubborn she is proving to be, it awaken something in me, today was already a shitty day and I like how she makes me forget it, even if it's for an hour.I enjoyed her presence, for a stranger and not knowing who I was, it was satisfying to see how comfortable she acted in front of me, some will pretend to be what they are not just to impress me.I released her from my grasp, and she stood there staring at me, her eyes filled with emotion, I wanted her more, and without thinking twice I leaned closer this time with care, as I kissed her passionately, tasting her soft lips, feeling her Husky breathe on mine, her hands wrapped around my neck as I pulled her closer, with no struggle, she kissed me back, slowly, passionately, closing every space between us.Kelly (pov)I wasn't thinking straight, I kissed him back without realizing I had no idea who the hell he was, that doesn't matter, I can't hate myself later.My breath was shaky as he released me."Are you okay?" he asked, his eyes full of concern as he stared into mine"Yeah" I whispered, leaning closer and kissing him again, he gripped my face, his tongue searching mine.My fingers fought with his sleeve buttons as I tried to unbutton them, my inside was on fire, I wanted him so bad I couldn't hold it in.He gently pulled off the pink T-shirt I wearing, leaving only my lace bra on. His eyes seize my entire body in one cold but tempting look as I finally unbutton his sleeve tossing it on the couch close to the terrace"Gently baby girl, you could devour Me, if I let you have your way" A smirk appears on his face as he slowly unhooks my bra. I normally get embarrassed or shy when Xander and I make love but with him, I wanted him to explore every part. Was I crazy?(Daniel pov)My eyes stared at her full succulent breast, she was an art, her body, and curves, even beneath the jeans she was still wearing I could tell she had the body of an actress.I lean closer, grabbing her waistline as I kiss her neckline, she gives out a little moan, it is soft yet seducing, my left hand caresses her boobs, feeling their softness, my lips found her again this time, and each kiss became intensified, I unbutton her Jean as I lifted her and place her on the table nearby."You taste good sweetheart" I murmured as I undressed her fully, her black lace pants matched with her bra on the rug. "You don't mind" I slowly slip her out of it, my hand finding its way inside of her as she grips me tightly, her moan echoes through meI quickly unzipped my pants, I couldn't take it anymore, she was driving me insane, what the hell was she doing to me? I carried her toward the bed as I lay her on it, she was hot, and I could stare at her all day, if not for my urgent urge to be inside of her, without thinking twice I thrust my d*ck inside of her as she let out a soft moan filling the whole room.

Chapter 2

Daniel pov)"Hello" my voice rough, I took the phone off my ear as I stared at the caller ID. It was Daisy, my secretary, her voice sounded urgent. " is there a problem Daisy, Jesus Christ is 7 in the morning""The investors are here Sir, and they do not look happy, I think it's Van again Sir" Her voice sounded worried at the other end of the lineI sat upright, my body ached so badly, I stared at the other end of the bed, it was empty."Stall them for me and tell mr John to listen to their complaints and look for a solution before I get there" I added as I stared at the bed sheet covering my manhood as I ended the call."What the fuck, it can't be possible" my eyes still in disbelief as I lifted the cover and check again. "Did I just???" my thoughts are confused, I need to visit Doctor Ryan.I stood up from the bed and headed towards t


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