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  • Author: A.Ariella
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 179
  • 7.5

Kelly, found herself in bed with the most wealthy, single, handsome bachelor in the world. Surprised, discovers they had a one night stand. Daniel, the wealthy billionaire is more stunned to find out he could bed a woman for he had a very rare disease, which could not make him mate with women. Kelly, not knowing this, is ashamed and embarrassed, so she dashes out of the hotel room, before the billionaire could wake up. Daniel, on the other hand, immediately ordered for her to be found, for he needed her for his plan. Kelly, unknown to how she had a one night stand with a wealthy billionaire, is shocked to find him at the doorstep of her house, offering her a contract marriage. Confused, refuses at first, for she has a boyfriend. But when she gets to her boyfriend's apartment, she finds him in bed with her step sister. Hurt, she goes back to the billionaire and accepts his proposal. They signed a contract, and began living together, but not peacefully, for the billionaire, Daniel was in love with someone else and she is in fact the main reason why he offered Kelly a contract marriage. How is the billionaire's lover the reason behind their contract marriage? What secret disease does the world famous, handsome billionaire have? Who is Kelly exactly? Will the billionaire finally achieve his aim and chase Kelly away, after the contract, or would he fall in love with her, and never let her go? Why don't you delve in with me and find out, in this billionaire romance filled with twists?


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