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Steamy Shower Tales

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“Sarah, move that s*xy butt of yours and go ask him for a dance. The worst that can happen is he will turn you down. After all, he is so f*ck*ng hot that if he touched me, I would melt all over in his hands too, not just his mouth.” Kendra says loudly so I can hear her over the dull roar of the crowd and the music, while drooling over my prospective one-night stand. This is a powerful anthology with everything from one-night stands with mysterious men, to flings with hot as sin neighbors. Some are complete stories in one chapter. Others share a bit more and take several. So, sit back, take a ride with me and by all means, have some fun because it will leave you wet, but may make you want so much more.

Chapter 1: One Night Stand

“Sarah, move that s*xy butt of yours and go ask him for a dance. The worst that can happen is he will turn you down. After all, he is so f*ck*ng hot that if he touched me, I would melt all over in his hands too, not just his mouth.” Kendra says loudly so I can hear her over the dull roar of the crowd and the music, while drooling over my prospective one-night stand.

I had just gotten out of a three-year long relationship with a stuffy CEO of a company that I couldn’t even spell. Now that I think about it, I don’t even know what they do or make. Then again, I really don’t think it matters now. Especially, not when I am looking at the most handsome man, I have ever laid my eyes on. He oozes s*x and for some reason I feel the need to lick him up and down.

Weighing my options heavily, I lean over the bar precariously and glance back in the mirror at the reflection of Mr. Perfect. So aptly named because of his amazing blue eyes and the muscles that are peeking out of his pristine white t-shirt. Of course, his chocolate-colored wavy long hair, and his darkly tanned complexion, reminds me of a movie star. Looking over his insanely perfect form, I note that he is neither too bulky nor skinny. Hell, what am I talking about? He is perfection in itself.

Glancing at my own reflection, I notice that my shoulder length light blonde hair needs to be cut. Not to mention, with the lighting in here, it accentuates the fact that I could use a little more sun and that I need to lose a few pounds while I am at it.

When I take too long staring, I feel Kendra elbow me and then she states while pointing her finger at me like my mother used to, “If you don’t, I will. Now get that fine *ss of yours up and ask him or do you think you would like to try a woman for once?”

Sticking my tongue out at her, I roll my eyes and sigh before taking one last look in the mirror behind the bar. However, the minute I do, I feel someone’s hand lash out to grab ahold of my wrist. Turning to look, I stare curiously into the bartender’s emerald, green eyes. “Funny, I never noticed him before.” I think to myself before he releases me slowly.

Noting that he has the cutest blonde curls of any man alive, I swallow hard when he yells, “I’m Jon. I wanted to stop you from making a bad decision because you look like the type of girl who shouldn’t be hanging around with that kind of guy. Trust me, he isn’t worth it. He would f*ck you and then kick you to the curb. You look too sweet.”

While furrowing his brow, he frowns and then leans closer so he doesn’t have to shout this time, “So sweet that you shouldn’t even be here. This joint is famous for one-night stands and instant hook ups. Is that what you are here for?” He asks and then hesitates for a moment before running his fingers over his chin and then asking sarcastically, “Do you want to f*ck?”

Feeling Kendra’s icy stare, I glance at her briefly before answering with all the bravery I can muster, “Yes.” With my self-esteem on the line, I gulp a breath of air and then gaze into those mesmerizing eyes of his before stating, “I wouldn’t mind if you took me home tonight. That is, after your shift is over. Are you one of those kinds of guys too?

I watch in slow motion as his tongue pierces his lips before he runs the tip across them. When his tongue disappears back into his mouth, a slow smile spreads across those perfect lips before he opens them to answer, “Sure, I get off in a half an hour, and no I am not like him.”

That is when my world turns upside down and I hear Kendra shout louder than the music, “Oh, d*mn. You go girl.” Before she grins and gives me a high five.

Immediately afterwards, she latches onto my shirt and pulls me towards the bathroom, but not before she yells at the bartender, “She will be right back. I need to make sure you have enough protection for the whole night.”

Shocked, it is all that I can do to not slap her as she leads me into the bathroom. “How could you do that? It is so embarrassing.” I ask while I stare at her for a mere moment.

For the first time tonight, I take a long look at her and notice that she is wearing far too much makeup for her pale complexion. Her hoop earrings are huge and make her look like a hooker and the outfit she is wearing doesn’t help her image one bit. She has on a neon pink halter top with a navy-blue mini skirt that almost shows her butt cheeks. Matter of fact, if anyone would have walked up to us and asked if we were hookers, I wouldn’t have been one bit surprised.

“Come on. Lighten up. He is going to f*ck you six ways from Sunday and afterwards you won’t be able to stand for a week. Did you check out the body on him? He is hotter than the guy you were eye f*ck*ng earlier. Now, this guy is to die for.” She turns her back to me and looks in the mirror to check her hair and then continues, “Man, you have the luck. I tell you.”

Shaking her head, she looks through her purse and then thrusts something at me. When I look down, I notice a package of five or six condoms in a clear wrapper. “What the hell?” I ask while hiding them so no one can see.

“Oh, come on. You don’t always have to be little Ms. Goody two shoes. I love you and all, but that act gets tired fast. Don’t you forget that you got your freak on with Ben. You told me about the one time when he insisted on tying you up and then f*ck*ng you in every hole.” She says while rolling her eyes. “I don’t remember you ever complaining about that. As a matter of fact, you seem to like it. I could easily help you with that. Do you remember all the toys I showed you?”

“Stop. I don’t want to ever hear about Ben again or how you wouldn’t mind if you and I hooked up. That chapter of my life is done, and it is precisely why I am here tonight. I just need to move on and never think about it again.” I say quickly before looking down at my phone. “He is off work in five minutes. I should get back out there so he doesn’t forget about me.”

When she leans forward to hug me, I begin to wonder if this was as good an idea as I thought it was. I have never done something like this. Never. However, when she pulls me back out of the bathroom, I swallow hard and then raise my head up high before we step back up to the bar.

Realizing that there is another man standing there, I begin to panic. “Sh*t. He left without me.” I yell over the music so she can hear me, but then I feel it.

Turning towards Kendra, I look over my shoulder and see that Jon is standing directly behind me with a seductive smile. At this point, I realize that he is a good foot taller than I am when he leans down and whispers in my ear, “Hi. By the way, I haven’t forgotten you. How could I? You are the most beautiful girl in this place.”

When his hands roam across my waist and up to my breasts, I automatically lean back and feel his huge erection press against my back. “F*ck me, he must be hung like a horse.” I think to myself as I slide my fingers down his rock-hard abdomen to it and then wrap my fingers around the fabric.

At the same time, he leans his head down even further to kiss the back of my neck, sending chills up and down my spine as I close my eyes. Admittedly, it feels so good that I subconsciously pierce my lips when I feel a moan escape accidentally.

While standing there for a moment or two like this, Kendra starts to laugh and then shouts, “The two of you had better get out of here before clothes start coming off. If you don’t, I might just join you. After all, you know I have wanted to taste you ever since I can remember.”

Laughing, Jon decides it is time to leave when he takes my hand and leads the way.

Chapter 2: One Night Stand Part 2

As he leads me to his car, I can’t help but to feel that he seems so familiar to me. Everything, from the way he moves, to the smile on his face, and even the way he talks while he stares at me with those damn emerald-green eyes. Those eyes of his seem to follow me everywhere I go and yet I find myself wondering, “What am I missing?”

Cocking my head, I listen when he says in a serious tone of voice, “I want to get to know you.”

Right away, I already know that I must guard my heart before he takes it and stomps all over it. Because if nothing else, he already has my attention the minute he says this. While waiting for him to continue, I notice that we have stopped before I look at the Steel Grey Maserati parked directly in front of us.

How ironic, Ben also has a Maserati, but in his case it is black. What is the chance that two men I know would own such an expensive sports car? This indeed is becoming more and more interesting by the minute, especially when Jon is s


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