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Slave to the Ruthless Master

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Damien; The Ruthless and Merciless Master of the Guthram clan, the biggest and the most powerful clan among the seven clans of the Carran community. Nothing gave him joy more than Wars, swords and blood spilling. Mercy was no where near his books. The villagers served and worshipped him as their god. Nobody dared to utter a word when he spoke. Galene, a 22 years old girl from one of the clans got sold to him by her drunk and gambler father in exchange of his debt. A life full of brightness suddenly became a shadow of grief. Waking up with so much happiness only to realize you've been sold as a s*x slave to a man feared by all.

Chapter 1



"Who among you opened the dungeon" Master Damien yelled vigorously pacing back and forth while glaring daggers at the people in the room.

"How dare they leave here" he yelled and rose and moved towards an elder dragging him and placing a blazing sword on his neck. "Speak" he thundered choking him.

The man shivered; cold sweat ran down his body and he shouted almost choked.

"I didn't do it my Lord; I swear I didn't do it; it was Enoch who opened it, I saw him at the entrance of the portal he shivered and Damien threw him off and marched towards Enoch who was already shivering. 

"I'm sorry.....He drew out a sword and chopped off his head not letting him complete the word.

His body dropped to the floor and his head rolled. "Take this mess away from here and get me his wife" He ordered and went back to his seat.

"Send out guards after those fools who thought they could escape from me and bring them here alive" he gave out an order and left the council room.

The guards rushed out of the room and set out in search of the prisoners.

"Where are you taking me to" A woman's voice was heard wailing and tears were streaming down her eyes.

"Let me go, you cannot come to my house and pick me up without telling me what wrong I did and why you are arresting me" the woman yelled out.

"Master Damien ordered your arrest so I would advise you to keep mute else your head would roll like your husband's" A guard replied and the woman instantly shut her mouth.

Her head would roll like her husband's? Does that mean her husband has been killed by Master Damien?" She thought as they continued dragging her to the castle.

Not wanting to be reminded who Master Damien was and what he was capable of doing, She'd better shut her mouth if she wants to live.

She sobbed inside mourning her dear husband who fell into the wrath of the devil himself; she wondered what he did to deserve the death penalty. 

But Master Damien is not one who listened to pleads. Once you got into his wrath book, he would slay you without a second thought.

The guards dragged the woman to the hall and tied her to a poll. She wept lowly knowing she would be the one to face her husband's punishment as Master Damien never punished his offenders.

He slew them and their family become his slaves and serve him. If you are lucky enough to attract him, you would be turned into his s*x slave.

But in her case, she already knew he does not sleep with married women so her punishment would be to work in the farmlands day and night with little food.

If you were lucky enough, you would survive but if you were not, you die and your dead body would be thrown into the blood river.                 

Master Damien stepped into the room and glanced at the woman who was tied to a poll, Such a disgrace that her stupid husband went against his words.  

His stupidity landed his wife in his mess; badly enough, he would never grant a second chance as he believed that once a traitor would always remain a traitor.

"Strip her" his cold voice thundered and a guard walked up to her yanking off her dress.

The woman shivered as hot tears trickled down her cheeks. What has her husband done to upset the master" she thought?

"Your husband dared go against my order and freed my captives" he roared and she shivered almost peeing on herself.

"Torture her and send her to the farmland" he gave out an order and walked out of the hall.

The woman screamed begging for mercy but Mercy was the last word to be found in Master Damien's book.

"A guard walked forward with a long strip. He stroked her bare skin and her pierced scream was heard across the hallway.

She screamed in horror as the strip landed on her back. Pain seeps through her tearing her back apart.

He continued landing heavy strokes of Cain until she lost consciousness.

They poured water on her, woke her up, and continued torturing her. Her screams of agony filled the room.

After giving her heavy 30 strokes, they untied her and she slumped on the floor.

They bundled her towards the farmland and pushed her on the floor.

"Would you want us to hit you more or would you rise from there" they had asked her and Swifty rose her body too heavy for her to carry.

She was given a rake and was asked to clear the horse's defecates.

Master Damien returned to his chambers, anger still seeping through him.

How dare he think of setting his captives free and think he would spare him should he find out.

Those people came into his castle to steal from him and he had locked them up only for the stupid man to go set them free.

He got what he deserved and his wife would continue serving punishments till she dies. That is the punishment for his sins.

Master Damien picked up his pipe and filled a cup up with wine. Gulping down a large quantity of the wine, he went out to his terrace.

"My Lord a man is here to see you," Robin said bowing as he came into the chamber.

"Who is he?" Master Damien asked not sparing him a glance.

"He said he's from the Gida clan and had come for a business" Robin replied and Master Damien turned around to face him.

"What business does he want here? Master Damien asked staring intently at Robin.

"I have no idea my Lord but he said he preferred to see you himself to discuss it" Robin replied with a bow and Master Damien kept mute.

Taking one last gulp from his cup, he dropped the empty cup on the table and walked out of the room with Robin following behind him.

Chapter 2


"Galene hurry up we would be late to the stream if you keep wasting time" Diana called out to her friend placing her pot on the floor.

"I would soon be out Diana just a few more minutes to get all the water out from the pot" A meek voice replied from inside. 

"Ok just be quick"

"Let's go" Galene said tapping her friend who was lost in her gaze. She blinked and stood up adjusting her corset.

" You are so beautiful Galene that at times I wonder if you were created by the goddess of beauty herself" Diana retorted and Galene gave out a soft Chuckle.

"Don't tell me you were fantasizing of me moments ago Diana" she laughed lightly

"Of course I was, I mean who wouldn't? Your beauty has no comparison and no lady could measure up to you; I'm really grateful you were my friend and I get to be seen with such a beauty

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