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Sex Doctor

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“ We don't do things that way in this place, anytime you break a rule, you must get punished for it”. “ Since this is your first time, I'm going to pardon you but..” Karen Christopher, a naive nineteen year old girl comes in contact with a renown s*x doctor after having a brutal heartbreak. Her friends convinced her that he had just the right solution for her. On the first day of her lesson, he makes her try out alcohol for the first time. On the second day, he takes her first kiss. On the third day, he... Read to find out their journey together!

Chapter 1- Naive.

I looked at the faces of my friends lecturing me, perhaps they were right. I was too naive on a lot of things and I needed experience.

I had never lasted for more than two months in all the relationships I had been in, they always left.

My name is Karen Christopher but my friends called me ‘Kay’ for short. I am nineteen years old.

I was in my fourth and almost final year in highschool.

I was the only daughter and child of my parents and yeah, I have always been the perfect example of a good and perfect daughter they wanted.

I never broke any rule, never stayed out late beyond normal time, and always performed all my chores dutifully.

I always brought back the first position every term, won every competition I was in and brought glory to them.

And they were happy and proud of me.

Today, my friends had chosen to talk about the topic I had been avoiding for ages.

Tricia, Olivia, Brian and I have been best friends ever since we entered highschool.

It was just me, Tricia and Olivia at first, and then one of the girls, Olivia got herself a boyfriend, Brian and technically he joined our group and we have all stuck since then.

“ Are you listening to us, Kay?”. Tricia said softly, running her hands through my hair.

“ Honey, we have been friends for almost five years now and we always have your best interest at heart but at this point I think you need to listen to this advice we have to give you”. Tricia began.

“ Tricia is right. You have to listen to us”. Olivia chipped in.

“ Okay guys, I have heard you both“. I raised my hands up in surrender.

“ Can we just talk about this some other time? Please give me some time to think about this”.

“ NO!”. both girls screamed at once in unison.

Brian bursted into loud fits of laughter as he watched us.

“ It's now or never”. Tricia added stubbornly.

I released a sigh of frustration.

“ Okay, I give up. You guys, what do you want me to do?”.

“ Good girl”. Tricia winked at me.

“ We'll talk about it after the day closes, break period is nearly over now”.

And with that we all hurriedly finished up our meal and hurried to our various classes.

“ Hey, make sure you don't escape after school hours, wait for us!”. Tricia yelled.

Well.. goodluck she found out because that was exactly what i was planning to sure do.

I sauntered into the classroom tiredly.

Thankfully, we are having just three more subjects before school closes for the day.

I was also very curious to know what the so-called advice my friends had for me since they sounded really serious.

All the relationships I had been in, should I say I had always been at the receiving end..

The guys had always gotten tired of a ”nerd” as they called me, saying I was too dull, had nothing exciting to talk about apart from books and a forthcoming exam and I wasn't giving them what they all mostly wanted, s*x.

Well, it wasn't my fault either.

My boring life only centered around my education and my parents.

At age nineteen, I had still not had my first kiss.

I was waiting for the perfect guy, yes the perfect boyfriend who would be patient with me till whenever I was ready and till perhaps when we got married.

My last relationship however left me broken the most. It was with a guy named Frank.

He was the school football team leader and the dream of every girl in the whole school.

He was very handsome, rich in fact he was the definition of perfection.

When he first approached me, I was beyond shocked.

What would a whole football team leader want from an ugly plain girl like me?

But after months of consistent pestering by him, I was finally won over.

He brought me snacks, dropped me little letters on my desk so that was the first thing I saw every morning when I entered the class.

He also never failed to show me off to the whole school and whoever cared to know.

And so the once unpopular nerd girl became the cynosure of all eyes.

I was both admired and mostly hated.

A month into the relationship, Frank had taken me out on a date and I can say that was the first time in my life I had to ever lie to my parents.

To be able to get permission to leave the house I had lied to them that we were given a school project and I had to sleepover at Tricia's house.

My parents knew and trusted both of my girlfriends and so they gave me permission to go.

After the little celebration and mini party celebrating our one month relationship Frank had organized as a surprise for me was over and I was about to leave, he suddenly said he had an exciting gift for me and I had to follow him to his house to get it.

Of course, I had agreed immediately without giving any special thought to it.

I remember vividly one thing had led to another and in excitement for receiving my first gift from my boyfriend, I had almost forgotten myself.

Then, I had taken notice he was beginning to act weird and even pulled off his shirt.

He pulled me in for a kiss and that was when I snapped.

I didn't want that, at least not yet.

“ What do you mean not yet, that you are not ready?”. He asked, with a stunned expression on his face.

“ I mean it doesn't feel right. Can you please understand me?”. I pleaded nervously.

“ Karen, When will it feel right? this is already upto a month we have already been in this relationship”.

“ When are you going to believe I am so much in love with you?”. He had asked.

“ I know you love me..and i love you too, but please understand me”.

“ I want to give my first kiss and time to my perfect boyfriend who'll then turn husband”. I explained desperately.

“ So are you saying I'm not the perfect boyfriend for you? Have you found someone else? So you had never been in love with me all the while?”. He fired the questions all at once.

I could recall vividly, I was visibly shaking while all this was going on”.

His eyes had turned pure red with anger. This was not the Frank I knew, no!

He had never argued with me and had always gone with whatever I wanted without questioning me.

Things took a drastic turn when I looked up and found Frank on his knees in front of me, tears streaming down his face.

I rushed quickly to lift him up.

“ Why don't you believe I love you Karen?”.

“Just allow me this once and I swear I will be gentle with you if that's what your fear is”. He added, noticing the growing apprehension on my face.

“ I'm sorry, I can't”. I shook my head vehemently.

Frank had suddenly lifted me off with so much force that I felt myself going dizzy.

Chapter 2- It had all been a bet.

“ You don't have a choice anyway. If you are not going to allow me to, I am going to do it without your permission”. He roared, his face completely dark.

“ W-what do you mean?”.I stammered fearfully.

“ Please don't. Okay, I'll think about it. Just give me a few more days and you'll see”.

“It's too late”. He grunted

And just like that, he proceeded to rip off my blouse and tightened his hold on my neck to prevent me from screaming.

My body went paralyzed. No! This was happening. My ever gentle and loving Frank wasn't about to assault me..

My kicking and struggle had little or no effect on him..he was stronger.

This was the end...what I had been keeping all this while.

“ But why are you doing this to me?”. I asked, tears streaking down my face.

“ Do you want to know why? Because you are my girlfriend and I deserve this as a gift from you”.

He loosened his strength on me to pull off his trousers


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