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Selom's Tale; Pregnant Virgin

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Selom a celebrity and an independent lady was shocked by the news of her pregnancy. "How on earth can I be pregnant?." Being pregnant at 24 wasn't a shocking news at all but for Selom it was. She was still a virgin, she never went through the process of IVF or surrogacy, so how was she pregnant? Isn't it funny to be pregnant without knowing how? And also without knowing who the father of the child is? Would she accept the unexpected pregnancy and raise the child all by herself or would she do otherwise? There's still more to come, how would Selom feel when she finds out the truth behind her pregnancy? What conspiracy led to her being pregnant? Find out more in Selom's Tale; Pregnant Virgin

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: 'How can I be pregnant?’

"Ma'am congratulations to you. I have good news for you. You are 12 weeks pregnant" The Doctor said smiling happily giving me the result of the pregnancy test.

Boom! My world came to a stand still. Me? Pregnant? It seems someone wants to play a prank on me.

(Laughing) " Doctor, you must be joking or something right? Where are the cameras?" I said looking around, to see if I was being tricked or filmed. Looking around I couldn't even spot one of those hidden Cameras. I became lost in thought, if there were no cameras, it only means just one thing 'This Is Real'

(Looking confused) " Ma'am are you alright?" He said observing her. Looking at her shocked state he assumed she was overwhelmed by the news.

(Laughing) " That result must be bogus. How on earth can I be pregnant? I can't be pregnant" she said repeating those words " you would have to take another test" stretching forth her hands she immediately grabs the result from him and goes through it. "12 weeks pregnant? (Laughing) you guys are insane, this is impossible. You would have to run another test"

"Ma'am there's nothing wrong with the result" The Doctor said, sounding very confident. He had run the tests all by himself, so he was very sure he didn't make any mistakes.

Hearing the confidence in his voice, I got so angry. Who was he to say that?"You're beginning to piss me off, just do as you are told, take another God d*mn test and bring me a better looking result, trust me this result is completely bogus,it can't be real" Looking at the strange way the doctor was looking at me, I felt like giving him a hard kick on the head. 'Why on earth does he look at me like am the one trying to convince myself that I wasn't pregnant?'

"Even if we do that, those results would still come out positive. There's no mistake in the result. I don't need to use a pregnant test kit before I get an accurate test" He said proudly. What this meant in another language in English is ' I know a pregnant woman when I see one, I am over qualified' Hearing this statement, I couldn't help but give him a deadly glare, he was courting death.

Seeing the looks he was getting from her, he felt helpless, it seems she didn't believe him at all. "This Hospital is one of the best and trust me we don't tolerate even a 1% error on tests and reports. So this result you see here is 100% accurate" Steve said trying to convince her

"Shocked" " Then I would have to change hospitals, if I have to go to a million hospitals and get a negative result I would do that"

"Speechless" " Ma'am why are you so shocked about your pregnancy?" That is a question he wanted answers to. Being pregnant is a good news but looking at the way she took the news he became so shocked. It wasn't as if she was an underage child, she was a mature woman. Why was she not happy? Being pregnant is every woman's dream, it's one of the best news ever.

“That shouldn't be your own problem, just take the blood and urine you need and run another test. The bill is on me anyways, so get back to work" she said twitching

"Okay ma'am but just have it in mind that you were told. The right word to use is that you've been warned" looking at her one more time, he left the ward. Outside the ward, he pauses for a second and sighs, he knew how capable he was so there was no reason to re-run the same tests, but since she insisted, he was left with no other choice.

Seeing him leave, she immediately sat up on the bed. "How can I be pregnant? I never saw an angel in my dream did I ? God please what could be happening? You know it's impossible for me to be pregnant. What mess have I gotten myself in?"she couldn't help but lay her hands on her stomach. Observing her stomach carefully " If I was really pregnant, you should be big. I don't see any difference in size, that doctor must be drunk or better still someone must have replaced the neutrons in those things he calls brains. I need to call mom"

Checking her purse, picking up her cellphone "Here we go". She said dialing her mother's number.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: "Prank"

(Phone ringing)

Beep Beep Beep

"Hello dear, hope you're feeling better now?"

“Better? Hell No" she said sounding very annoyed.

“What's the matter darling? You sound very angry, what happened? Did anyone get on your nerves darling?"

“Mom, where are you?" She said without answering any of her mother's questions. She just wanted to go straight to the point. This matter was not something she could joke with.

"l am in the Hospital, Stop scaring me darling. What happened? How did your medical checkup go?"

"The results ain't pleasing at all, guess what?" She said creating an atmosphere of suspense.

"Why the suspense? Just tell me what the doctors said?"

"Mom, the doctor came to give me the test results and guess what?"

"Tell me dear, don't keep me in suspense. Is everything alright? My heart be


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