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Joy Oluwaseun

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Lylla is the first female Alpha, she is a werewolf having an Alpha gene and the gene of a powerful Witch. She is a child known as that 'Abominable Child'. Her father is An Alpha of the Moonlight pack, he had control over two packs, his founder pack and the one he took over from his Father who was also an Alpha. And he never regretted falling in love with Slim, the princess of a Witch coven. But seeing Slim die by her own mother's hands had given him a strong demand to kill any Witch he lays his hands on. Lylla was to take over the Pack as a practitioner Alpha when she turned sixteen on her first Shifting but things got more complicated. What could be expected from a werewolf who also had Witch genes? Legend had it that werewolves and witches were enemies. Would Lylla be able to lead the pack as a late bloomer? What would happen later after she finds out that her mother was still alive?

Selom's Tale; Pregnant Virgin
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Selom a celebrity and an independent lady was shocked by the news of her pregnancy. "How on earth can I be pregnant?." Being pregnant at 24 wasn't a shocking news at all but for Selom it was. She was still a virgin, she never went through the process of IVF or surrogacy, so how was she pregnant? Isn't it funny to be pregnant without knowing how? And also without knowing who the father of the child is? Would she accept the unexpected pregnancy and raise the child all by herself or would she do otherwise? There's still more to come, how would Selom feel when she finds out the truth behind her pregnancy? What conspiracy led to her being pregnant? Find out more in Selom's Tale; Pregnant Virgin


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