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Seduction, A Prostitute's Slave

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“The only thing you love is the idea of me, you know nothing about me. You could die just by confessing. Go away!” but Erica was firm with her decision. “Are you frightened because of that jerk called Beast? I’d break and lose hell for you! I haven’t even started yet,” revolted Damien while looking at her with those fierce hazel-brown eyes. "Remember how I got rid of all those who set us apart? You are forever mine. You can never escape me. Stop dreaming, no one will dare to take you away from me," Beast demonstrated in his demonic mind. *** Natalia Audrey Perez, known as "Audrey" is forced to work under a hideous man called "Beast" after a tragic incident left her an orphan, nine years ago. She is known as the best asset of the Lotus Bar, a prostitute, and a s*x slave. She tries to unravel the truth about that night while deviating her vengeance against her boss. Damien Torres, a man with a strong sense of justice transferred to investigate all the heinous crimes and underground transactions of Lotus Bar. In search of the truth, he falls into Audrey’s trap and becomes obsessed with a sweet girl named Erica–a woman of pretense. Is it possible for a man with a strong sense of justice, and a woman whose life is full of immorality, to find love in each other's hands? What else can they give to stay together? Which is more important, vengeance, freedom, or happiness? Which is heavier, the call of duty or the voice of the heart? The biggest question is, what if destiny had already drawn their ill-fated encounter and made sure love isn’t enough, will Damien be able to outlive a haunting past?

1- Nothing But A Slave


Beast's unfathomable sexual desire engulfed the whole area. I could feel his overwhelming sexual drives deepening into my skin as his nails dug deeper and deeper while he conquered me.

There was no greeting, no warm-ups. The moment I entered his special chamber, he charged toward me. As soon as he secured me to the position he wanted me to be in, he rounded his tongue around my ear and licked every corner of it.

My body as expected responded to everything he did until I reached my peak as he s*ck*d my neck and his hardness brushed between my thighs.

He pinned me to bed, rougher than I can imagine. He held my two hands upward using his right hand, smelling every aroma my body has.

He put my feet on the bed as he climbed like a mad person eager to reach the apex of the highest mountain there is.

He explored my body like a diver would explore the depths of the ocean with his tongue and what do you expect? Of course, I moaned. I moaned like every crazy woman in this f*ck*ng town.

Uncontrollable lustful sounds escaped my mouth as I succumbed to his lustful desire.

I closed my eyes, convincing, rather, forbidding myself to enjoy even a bit of this moment, but then every time this monster uses me, there is always a question in my mind,

"Am I really enjoying this?" the thought haunted me as tears fell from my eyes.

How would you expect an adult woman to react to this sensual feeling this beast is giving me?

I don't know. I'll be a fake if I say I don’t. Maybe?

Let me put it this way.

As a woman who has a d*mn good partner in bed, yes I enjoy it so much; he's the best when it comes to bed, rough, creative, and always pushes me to my limit.

He is rough. He is gentle. He is everything but boring.

What else can I say, s*x is his hobby, and he nurtures his sexual skills by collecting young innocent girls, raping them, and exploring them at his pleasure. Just like what he did to me a few years back.

He is a demon in bed. He is a demon in every way.

His saliva was all over my breast, like a child drooling at the sight of something sumptuous.

Moments later, the warm liquid squirted all over me. He was indeed a beast. He satisfied himself once more.

All he cared about was to satiate his sexual hunger pangs.

My body, on the other hand, is trained to fake moans and orgasms to please the male species: men's narcissistic ego in bed. It was the first thing they educated me on.

He climbed down from the bed and stared at my womanhood.

I was about to stand when I thought he was done, but instead, he spread my legs exposing my whole being in front of his glittering eyes.

"Aren’t you satisfied?" I asked him, trying to divert his attention.

But his eyes fixated on my being like a predator to its prey. Then he hissed, smiled devilishly as he thrust his fingers on me roughly, “Not until I see you c*m!”

"Not again," I pleaded inwardly. But my voice within can never be heard, not in the presence of this monster.

I couldn’t do anything but follow him.

The last thing I want to do is provoke him.

Beast won’t let me out of his bed until I come. That's one way of feeding his maniac being.

My stomach couldn’t take the fact that my body is about to explode and reach its climax again in the hands of this monster.

The tension on his finger grew firmer and faster. He reached for my G-spot and I saw his face savoring the victory. My face was burned because of this sensation and my whole body twitches non stop trying to endure the pleasure his fingers were giving.

After many rounds of stopping and hanging my climax, he finally got to hear the words he was dying to hear, me begging him to please me.

I surrendered and begged him, “Make me satisfied, please, Beast!”

I kept on literally begging him, scratching and holding both his arms, and forcing him towards me.

This is what he wants, for me to beg.

"Why, Audrey? Why?" I blamed myself while my arms continued to force him.

"Yes, I'm a disgusting woman who begs in front of this monster," I admitted.

He started moving his fingers at a wild pace wearing a victorious smile. Enduring the sensation, my hands grabbed the sheet as I was about to c*m, I let out a loud moan, a moan of desperation, a groan of disgust, a cry of regret.

My face turned red, I felt toned and my heart was beating fast. Beast licked his fingers making me want to vomit. But I had to endure the sight.

"Now I am more than satisfied", he said with his lascivious eyes, and he laughed like a maniac.

I stayed in bed for a few minutes trying to catch my breath. He sat on his throne beside the bed while drinking his favorite bourbon.

As soon as I found my composure, I said, "Can I leave early tonight?" I asked him a request in a sweet manner–a manner he could never resist.

He examines me and touches my face, pulls me in, and kisses my lips, "Alright, go get some rest.".

I went to his closet and got some of my clothes.

I took a bath, fixed myself, and went out of the bathroom.

"What's with the jeans and shirt, you look pale", he says while scrutinizing me from head to toe.

"I am still pretty whatever it is I'm wearing", I answered confidently, "I told you, I need to go somewhere else tonight."

"Tsk!”, his firm answer sounds more like a warning.

I didn't look back and stormed out of his room.

"Another night as a s*x slave passed once again," I exclaim in a very sad manner.

2- The Lotus Bar


"People used to praise me for my beauty. People worshiped at my feet because of my angelic face. Every youth envied my finest skin; every youth wanted to be me. My hair was the most graceful and would love to possess it. I had the most elegant eyes that could enchant any man within a second. In short, I had the best features,”

I was reminded of the younger version of myself.

“I had the best family, and most of all, I loved who I used to be, pure and incapable of hurting someone else."

My body folded as I crouched and held my knees tighter. I leaned my back on the side of my bed. The rainfall, lightning, and thunder, everything reminded me of that night, that one horrible night.

I buried myself and my tears ran down automatically. I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop it from flowing. I was alone again.

It felt like I was about to throw up. The disgusting feeling circled me when I was reminded of that fuck


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