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Lolitha Sparks

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About me

I am a romance novel writer. (Billionaire, Mafia, Dark, Y.A, Werewolf)


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“The only thing you love is the idea of me, you know nothing about me. You could die just by confessing. Go away!” but Erica was firm with her decision. “Are you frightened because of that jerk called Beast? I’d break and lose hell for you! I haven’t even started yet,” revolted Damien while looking at her with those fierce hazel-brown eyes. "Remember how I got rid of all those who set us apart? You are forever mine. You can never escape me. Stop dreaming, no one will dare to take you away from me," Beast demonstrated in his demonic mind. *** Natalia Audrey Perez, known as "Audrey" is forced to work under a hideous man called "Beast" after a tragic incident left her an orphan, nine years ago. She is known as the best asset of the Lotus Bar, a prostitute, and a s*x slave. She tries to unravel the truth about that night while deviating her vengeance against her boss. Damien Torres, a man with a strong sense of justice transferred to investigate all the heinous crimes and underground transactions of Lotus Bar. In search of the truth, he falls into Audrey’s trap and becomes obsessed with a sweet girl named Erica–a woman of pretense. Is it possible for a man with a strong sense of justice, and a woman whose life is full of immorality, to find love in each other's hands? What else can they give to stay together? Which is more important, vengeance, freedom, or happiness? Which is heavier, the call of duty or the voice of the heart? The biggest question is, what if destiny had already drawn their ill-fated encounter and made sure love isn’t enough, will Damien be able to outlive a haunting past?


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