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Seducing my professor

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Two Strangers. One night. That was the plan. Kyler showed up soon after I got my heart broken, and he was what I needed at the time. One night with no strings, no personal details, just names. Someone to take my mind off things. It worked. We would not need to see each other again. Wrong! Come Monday, I walk into class, and there he is! What are the chances that the man I believed I would not ever see again is standing right there, as my new Professor? I wonder what his thoughts are on having a repeat of our night together? I think I may want to break some rules!I don't think either of us realized that the first night we met would be the start of both of our lives changing!

CHAPTER 1 Paisley

I am hitting the town with a couple of my girls tonight. I have had the week from hell, and our night out was planned to try to make me feel better. Not only that, but it was our last weekend of freedom before Uni starts again on Monday.

“You need to get laid tonight, Paisley,” my best friend Leona suggests, “I second that. You were with that d*ck for three years. You need a new d*ck,” My other best friend, Isla, giggles.

The first d*ck she referred to was my now ex-boyfriend of three years, who I caught screwing some skank on his bed. Yes, our relationship was far from perfect. We were wild and slightly toxic, but it worked for us. It got us all fired up. Though we couldn’t live together, we tried that once. It was a disaster; we didn’t try it again. But, not once had any of us cheated. Or so I thought since we agreed the moment one of us did, the relationship was over. I never expected to catch him doing it, but I did. Now I am single!?

“It depends if someone catches my eyes,” I shrug.

I don’t plan on looking tonight, but if it happens, it happens.

“In that dress, you are going to be catching a lot of attention.” Isla states, a smirk is resting on her lips.

I am dressed in my favourite short, tight red dress. I didn’t choose it to get admired by men. I chose it because I feel good in it. And to be honest, it doesn’t matter what I am dressed in. I get attention wherever I go. On that note, getting attention doesn’t bother me at all. When I was with my ex, I didn’t even acknowledge all the interest. Maybe tonight I will enjoy it. Anything to make myself feel better and get over that prick!?

“Maybe,” I giggle.

“There are no maybes about it!” Leona laughs, “Tonight, the three of us are going to have fun. Make the most before we start back at Uni on Monday,” “Hell yes!” Isla agrees.

The taxi we were in pulled up to the bar where we were starting the night since the clubs don’t open for a couple of hours yet. I am looking forward to that. I am ready to dance my *ss off! Music and dancing always made me feel better. Doesn’t it make everyone feel better, though??

I pay the fare, the three of us heading inside. It would be busy since it is the weekend and many students, just like us, wants to have a good time before classes start again.

We looked around and finally spotted somewhere—Isla and Leona were going to claim it. The first round is one me. We take turns paying for taxis and buying first rounds, and tonight was my turn. I swerved through everyone, getting to the bar and taking a spot between two guys. Many people were waiting to get served, but only two bar staff. Clearly, they needed more.

I glance around, seeing what is going on. I am nosy, and I will be the first to admit to it. I look at the guy on my left, he is playing with his phone, and then I turn to the right. The guy on my right happens to be staring at me.


Oh my, who was this handsome bloke? He is beautifully sculpted and at least six feet tall— he works out for sure. I let my eyes wander over him, and when my eyes fall back on his face, I swear, there is a tingle between my legs. He has what I like to call ‘come to bed eyes’: dark and alluring, his hair dark too. I bet it doesn’t take him much to get women throwing themselves at him. His jawline is firm and perfectly shaped, and his lips, well, they look very kissable, if I may add.

I watch a smirk starting to rise on his kissable lips, and I finally make eye contact with him again.

“Hi there,” he chuckles.

Hmm, he wasn’t from around here. He doesn’t have a Scottish accent. In fact, he sounds American.

“Um, hi, sorry for staring,” I giggle, “I was admiring the view,” I add, smirking.

I am not one to shy away. I will tell you what I am thinking. I am an honest person, and that is something that has always been important to me. I hate liars! There is no d*mn need to lie.

“And what was your verdict?” he chuckles, “Very nice.”?

I flash my best smile at him when I answer. And in response, he let out a loud laugh. Oh, that is a great laugh. I swear, if there were such a thing as perfect, I am sure he would be at the top of that list.

“I am glad you approve,”?There is a cheeky smile present on his lips, telling me he is enjoying my attention.

“I do,” I wink, “And you are beautiful. I love your red hair.”?

I think most people love my red hair. I do too! I hated it when I was a kid, but I learned to love it the older I got. I wouldn’t be me without it.

“Thank you,” I grin.

This is a weird conversation to have with a stranger. Neither of us spoke a word after that. We were too busy sharing some sort of silent exchange. This was all getting way too strange. I quickly pull away.

“You aren’t from around here, are you?” I question, “No, I moved here for the States just at the start of the summer.”?

Bingo! I thought he was American.

“Cool,” I state simply.

I don’t want or need his life story. One of the bar staff came towards us.

“What can I get you, gorgeous?” he smiles at me, “These guys were before me,” I say, pointing at the two of them.

The guy on the left shrug.

“Ladies first.” the American says.

I don’t know what else to call him. I don’t know his name. The handsome one? The guy that could easily make my underwear wet. Hmm, many options, after all.

“Thanks, handsome.”?

I gave the barman my orders, and he went to make my drinks.

“So, are you going to at least tell me your name?” “Hmm, I will make you a deal: if we run into each other again tonight, I will tell you my name.”?I keep my response simple.

What is the point in exchanging names? As soon as I get my drinks, I am away anyway. The beautiful stranger laughs and shakes his head at me.

“Deal,” he announces.

I nod, paying the barman and taking my drinks, “Maybe see you later, handsome.”?

I walked away before he got a chance to respond. I feel his eyes watching me as I go. I smirk to myself, getting back to my girls.

“What are you smirking about?” Isla questions, “Just some s*xy man I was talking to.”?

They pester me for more details, but I didn’t tell them anything! There isn’t anything to say to them yet. They huff and complain but finally give up. I don’t want them making a big deal over nothing.

“Now, shut up and drink,” I say, waggling my finger between them.

“Aye, mother,” the sarcasm is dripping from Leona’s voice, “Good girl.” I snicker.

We grab a shot, taking it, followed by another, and another. What can I say? We Scottish girls know how to drink. I stole a quick look around to see if I could see Mr Come to Bed Eyes, but he was nowhere in sight. Oh well! Our bantering was fun while it lasted.


We were waiting outside for a taxi to take us to the nightclub, we were not walking in these heels, but we weren’t the only ones. A lot of people were ready for the club. I hadn’t run into Mr Come to Bed eyes again. It would seem we will not ever know each other’s names after all.

Thankfully the line is going down quickly since many taxis were waiting outside the bar, anyway, knowing they would get a fare that way. I am talking to my girls about, well, nothing really. Suddenly I see them look over my shoulder.

“I will take that name now.”?I hear a familiar voice say from behind. I turn to face him, and he is looking at me slyly.



Just like earlier, a silence came between us, but our eyes were connected. There was some unspoken sexual tension between us.

“Is this the s*xy man from the bar you mentioned?” Isla asks.

The girl has no filter. I love the girl, but she forgets to think before speaking most of the time.

“S*xy uh?” Kyler said smugly.

“Yes, now wipe that d*mn smug look aff your face,”?“What now? What is aff?” he laughs.

“Off your face!”, “Oh, get you now. I knew you wanted me,” he smirks.

It would seem we have a cocky one here! I think it is time to mess with him a little. I step in closer to him, resting my hand on his chest. I hear him gulp, his eyes watching me curiously, wondering what my next move was going to be.

“If I wanted you, I would have had you by now,”?I confidently say. Kyler cocks his brow at me, resting his hand on my hip.

“It isn’t nice to lie, Miss Paisley,”?

Yup! He was definitely a cocky f*ck! I like it, though.

“Maybe in your dreams,” I respond, patting his chest, “OK, sweetness, if you say so.”

He then turns and walks away, heading back to his friend. I stood there thinking, what the hell! I watch after him, and he turns to face me, winking. I flip him off and snickering.

“Taxi,” Leona announces.

Huffing, I get into the taxi, my girls slipping in next to me.

“What the heck was that back there?” Isla asks, “You two were staring at each other like you wanted to rip each other’s clothes off,”?

“Don’t know what you mean,” I shrug.

“B*llsh*t! You should have gotten his number,” Leona counters, shaking her head, “Nah, it was only a little flirty banter.”?

They look at each other, rolling their eyes. I stick my tongue out at them both, making us all laugh.

Who knows, maybe I will run into Kyler sometime, somewhere again. And even if I don’t, it doesn’t matter. The last thing I need in my life is a man and the drama that comes with it.I have had enough this week to last me a lifetime.

Tonight, is about me and my girls having fun. I plan on doing just that.


“Why the hell would you walk away from a woman like that?” my friend Jeff asks, the shock evident in his voice.

I am not that stupid! I heard Paisley and her friends mentioning what club they were going to, and it was the same one we were going to.

“I will see her at the club,” I chuckle, “She just doesn’t know that.”?

I am glad I ran into her again because I had been thinking about her. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. With her beautiful red hair, chocolate brown eyes, freckles, and a body that is just wow! Her curves were gorgeous, and her ass too, and those legs, they were enough to make a man hot under the collar. She is stunning, and her confidence and feistiness makes her even sexier.

“Are you sure about that? It is a big club,” he questions, “Positive, I will find her,” I say confidently.

I knew her name now, so that was something. Hopefully, she will let me buy her a drink, and if I am lucky, have a dance. I need some fun tonigh

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