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E.L Shorthouse

  • 👁 28.7K
  • 7.9
  • 📚 2


The two souls series
  • 👁 13.1K
  • 7.5

You are enraptured by me. I am stained by love. Two souls series is a series of love, heartbreak, challenges, and acceptance. Ryland and Gracie have struggled their entire lives, both fighting their demons and keeping their secrets while just trying to make it through life and high school. They would rather pretend to be okay than share the truth with the ones closest to them, but that all changes the moment they meet. An instant connection turns into a strong bond. One that can't be broken. No matter how many people try to tear them apart.The love between them is something they never knew they needed

Seducing my professor
  • 👁 15.6K
  • 8.3

Two Strangers. One night. That was the plan. Kyler showed up soon after I got my heart broken, and he was what I needed at the time. One night with no strings, no personal details, just names. Someone to take my mind off things. It worked. We would not need to see each other again. Wrong! Come Monday, I walk into class, and there he is! What are the chances that the man I believed I would not ever see again is standing right there, as my new Professor? I wonder what his thoughts are on having a repeat of our night together? I think I may want to break some rules!I don't think either of us realized that the first night we met would be the start of both of our lives changing!


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