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Seducing Her Aloof Ex.

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It's a story about four best friends Andrew Wesley, Dylan Park, Jack Austin, and Adrian Wiston. This is a story about their lives and their individual love stories. Andrew Wesley, the main ML of this story has always been hating women all over his life. Because he thinks women are all selfish and think of themselves first. Until... Until a girl entered his life. She has made Andrew's life different. He started to smile more. But what she did in the end? She broke up with him. Andrew again started to believe that he was wrong. Women really think of themselves only. But he couldn't get over that girl easily. He still thinks of her every moment of his life. What if that girl comes back into his life once again? Would he be able to forgive her? Or will he take revenge for playing with his life? What if that girl is one of his best friends' sister? Will he still be able to ignore her? What if Andrew's best friends chose their dearest sister over their friendship and help her seduce Andrew once again? Zoey Park, who is the FL of this story has made a mistake in breaking up with Andrew Wesley. Now she regrets her decision. And so she has come back to this country to seduce her Ex Boyfriend once again. Will she be able to do so or Andrew Wesley will make her way more difficult? If you want to know the answer then join the journey with the Author Rockbison. There are a lot of characters and their individual love stories and so readers won't feel bored reading only the MCs problematic love life but also other side stories as well. Special note: The cover is not mine and English is not my first language. So l hope you will ignore the small grammar mistakes. Thank you...

Chapter 1 : First meet..

Chapter 1: First meet..

Looking at the lighthouse a boy with grey eyes and dark black hair was sitting on a bench.

It was heavily raining the boy didn't care about that. In the past, he never liked rain at all and used to hated rain a lot until she came into his life.

Two years ago....

A car got damaged in heavy rain. Andrew Wesley was sitting in the car with a deep frown waiting for his men to come and pick him up.

He was staring outside the window and cursing at the rain coming at this bad time. He was going to meet his friends.

He was getting annoyed waiting for his men until a girl passed by his car. Andrew would not care to look at the girl if she wouldn't wet.

But what surprised him the most was she had an umbrella in her hand but still was fully wet from head to toe.

" Tsk..What a stupid girl." Andrew said while looking at the girl from inside his car.

Suddenly an Audi A9 stopped beside the Range Rover and a man get down from there with an umbrella.

It seems like Andrew was waiting for them. The man then opened the door for Andrew and hold the umbrella over his head.

Before getting into the new car that was brought by his men, Andrew again looked at the girl who was still standing in the rain.

" Who would stand under the rain when she has an umbrella? Is she crazy?" Andrew said while shaking his head as if only a crazy person would do that.

But somehow Zoey Park heard what Andrew said and so she turn to look at the boy who almost got into the car.

" Hey", Zoey came near Andrew's car.

" Can you stay in a sauna if there hasn't any hot water? l think no. Just how l can't stay without getting wet in the rain", After saying that Zoey gave a sweet smile to Andrew and then started to leave.

Andrew was standing there for some time. He was very confused about what has happened just now.

That girl didn't even give him time to answer but talked by herself and left.

Then suddenly Andrew thought that girl might be crazy...

Present time ....

Suddenly Andrew's phone rang and so he took it out of his pant and saw the caller id and decided to pick it up.

"Where are you ?" Jack Austin asked.


"Don't tell me An you are in the rain right now.?" Jack again asked but still didn't get any reply. " Huh~ we are waiting for you at our base. Come quickly."

"Hmmm", finally Andrew replied with a single word and hang up the call.

After putting his phone back Annyu realised that he was sitting there for almost 2 hours in that heavy rain.

Then he left a big sign looking up at the rain and decided to leave the place and go to the base where his best friends were waiting for him.

When Andrew Wesley came to their base Jack Austin and Adrian Weston was talking about something but seeing him they both stopped talking and stare at him surprisingly.

" Why are you so late? Where were you?" Jack asked.

" My car got damaged" Andrew replied while taking out a towel from one of the cupboards.

"You must have fixed your car yourself and so you are so wet", suddenly Adrian Weston said in a taunting way because they all knew that Andrew is lying.

Andrew Wesley is the young master of the very prominent and powerful Wesley family. So there were a lot of people to do this work for him so he never had to bother with those.

And so his friends all knew that he was lying to avoid their questions that he won't want to answer.

Chapter 2 : She is coming back..

Chapter 2 : She is coming back..

When Andrew was wiping his wet hair someone came to their base and when he saw Andrew, his reaction was also the same as the other.

It seems like he also thought the same thing as Jack and Adrian. But he didn't say anything about that.

Instead, he said something else that shocked everyone even more than seeing Andrew wet.

" Zoey is coming back".

Hearing Dylan, Jack and Adrian become shocked but the first reaction they give is to see what Andrew's reaction is.

Because no one knows what is going on in his head after hearing that.

"She is also going to transfer to our university." Dylan Park said when he saw that no one is saying anything.

The room got chilled for some time. Everyone didn't speak but looked at Andrew to get some reaction from him but unexpectedly he didn't say anything but left the room.

That left everyone even more curious to know how he t


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