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Seducing Her Aloof Ex.
  • Author: Rockbison
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 3.6K
  • 6.8

It's a story about four best friends Andrew Wesley, Dylan Park, Jack Austin, and Adrian Wiston. This is a story about their lives and their individual love stories. Andrew Wesley, the main ML of this story has always been hating women all over his life. Because he thinks women are all selfish and think of themselves first. Until... Until a girl entered his life. She has made Andrew's life different. He started to smile more. But what she did in the end? She broke up with him. Andrew again started to believe that he was wrong. Women really think of themselves only. But he couldn't get over that girl easily. He still thinks of her every moment of his life. What if that girl comes back into his life once again? Would he be able to forgive her? Or will he take revenge for playing with his life? What if that girl is one of his best friends' sister? Will he still be able to ignore her? What if Andrew's best friends chose their dearest sister over their friendship and help her seduce Andrew once again? Zoey Park, who is the FL of this story has made a mistake in breaking up with Andrew Wesley. Now she regrets her decision. And so she has come back to this country to seduce her Ex Boyfriend once again. Will she be able to do so or Andrew Wesley will make her way more difficult? If you want to know the answer then join the journey with the Author Rockbison. There are a lot of characters and their individual love stories and so readers won't feel bored reading only the MCs problematic love life but also other side stories as well. Special note: The cover is not mine and English is not my first language. So l hope you will ignore the small grammar mistakes. Thank you...

My Boyfriend Is A Hidden Mafia Boss??
  • Author: Rockbison
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 230
  • 7.5

What if one day you came to know that the person you loved with your whole heart is none other than the murderer of your parents... Would you still love him or would you take revenge for making you all alone in this cruel world? Era Steve is an orphan who doesn't like violence and wants a peaceful life. She is naive and innocent. She always wanted a life partner with whom she can live an ordinary life. Very far away from rich people's diplomacy. That's why she has fallen in love with Daniel Makenzi who she thought to be the perfect match for her liking. The kind of person who also doesn't like violence and has a very calm personality. But is it really the true??? No.... Daniel Makenzi, the famous mafia who is dominating the whole world at this present time. He is the person whom the whole underground people are afraid of. He is the most cruel man in this world. But... Then why Era thinks that he is the opposite kind of person? Did he hide his real identity from her? Yes, he did... Daniel Makenzi has hidden his real identity from Era Steve to become the person she wanted. But why?? Is it because he loves Era and knows what she wanted her soulmate to be? Or.... There is a hidden mystery behind it?? If you want to know the answer then join the journey with the author Rockbison. It is a comedy-based mystery story with a lot of characters and so readers won't feel bored reading only the MCs problematic life but also the side characters little little funny scenes and also love stories... Hope you guys will enjoy it and will comment what you think about my novel. This is my second novel and if you guys haven't read my first novel then go check out Seducing Her Aloof Ex...


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