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Secretly Submissive

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In the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada, two young lovers begin their love story and ultimately the journey to the rest of their lives. With a dark secret both have held within themselves for years, their secrets finally come into the light. Secrets and a strong love with determination brings Evangeline and Philip closer together as they start planning their future with each other and the ranch they now reside on together. Where will the story of Evangeline and Philip go? Will these two lovers finally get the life they desperately need and deserve? Join us as we move forward on their journey together.

Chapter 1

Evangeline had been left behind by her family. The man who took her in was all she had. As grateful as she was for him she had no idea of what was about to transpire in her life. As Evangeline grew up, her life was filled with abuse and trauma. After all, she was the black sheep of the family. As a young teenager she had been bullied at school. She never really did fit in anywhere. Despite her long blonde hair and bluish-grey eyes, she was always the black sheep everywhere she went. As time went on, she was forced to fend for herself.

After many years of suffering in silence and trying to survive, her little piece of heaven was found in a job posting. "Wanted. Ranch hand. No experience necessary. Room and board on the ranch available. Pay is $500 per week." The ad was short, but it was a steady job with a place to live. She wouldn't have to go far, and relocating wasn't a bad idea. She loaded up her truck and headed to the location her new boss told her to go. Tucked away in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta was a large cattle ranch. Her only tasks were to check fences, feed cattle and make sure the smaller livestock were fed.

She arrived at the ranch early in the morning just as the day was about to start. " Mornin' I'm Evangeline. I spoke with you last night about the job posting. I can head over and start feeding animals then go and check the main fence line on the way into the ranch. I noticed a few wires were down." She told the ranch boss as she shook his hand. "That sounds like a good idea. The tractor is hooked up to the shredder and parked by the barn. Go ahead and get started. Dinner is at 6pm in the ranch house. When your done feeding and checking the main fence you're free to do as you wish." he replied as he started heading for the barn. Evangeline jumped in her truck and headed over to the barn. The shredder was loaded with a bale and ready to go. She fired up the tractor and started the process of feeding the cattle. All she had to do was drive down the alley and make sure the feeders were full.

Evangeline had been at the ranch for a couple weeks before another new hand was hired. Little did she know, the new hired hand would be the biggest change in her life. Many days after she was done her work, Evangeline would head down to the creek. It was the only place she could be alone to calm the demons and ghosts that haunt her in her mind. The silence and tranquility allowed her to think about the traumas and events of her life that created her nightmares. They made her feel worthless and helpless, broken and depressed. The warm summer breeze whipped her long blonde hair away from her face as she dried her tears. Evangeline got up off the creek bank and slowly walked across the field towards the farmyard. It wasn't a long walk. The creek winded around the back of the property. All she had to do was go across the field and up the short hill. As she walked towards the house she could hear the dog barking as an unfamiliar pick-up truck headed towards the yard. That must be the new ranch hand, she thought to herself as she reached the top of the hill.

She headed to the house for dinner paying no attention to the unfamiliar truck. Evangeline walked into the house and sat at the table with the other ranch hands. The ranch boss came in and talked about the usual business from the day. She paid little attention as she ate her dinner. Time seemed to drag on and on. Evangeline couldn't help but ponder why she went through the things she did. She couldn't understand. She was just a helpless child that needed someone to rely on. As she thought about all these questions she didn't notice the tear running down her face. "Hey are you ok girl? You got a tear running down your face and you haven't really been eating much for the last 10 minutes." a strange, new voice said to her. Evangeline mumbled some unrecognizable words under her breath. Even she wasn't sure what she was trying to say. She got up from the table with her plate and put in on the kitchen counter. Evangeline headed up to her room and grabbed her shower kit.

She knew she didn't have to shower that early on, but it was the only thing she could do in the house where no one could bother her. She grabbed a clean pair of jeans and a clean t-shirt then headed to the bathroom. It wasn't your typical ranch house bathroom. The shower was larger than most with a stone floor and tile walls. The rest of the bathroom had a heated tile floor. It was quite spacious and luxurious considering the rest of the house was a bit smaller. She undressed and started the shower to warm it up as she unpacked her shower kit and hung her towel up on the hook. As she walked into the shower, the steam and hot water hit her skin. She let out a deep sigh as she reached for her shampoo. As she washed her hair, she thought about the voice that asked if she was all right during dinner. She hadn't even looked to see who it was but she what she did know for sure, it wasn't a voice that she recognized. It must have been the new hire. As Evangeline finished up her shower, she thought about what fences she had to check the next day. She had already made sure the main fences coming into the yard and the ones on the other side going out. The only ones left to check were for the horse pastures. I could take my horse Salem out to check those fences. He's pretty good around all the horses. Evangeline had bought a young black Friesian gelding from the neighbor. No one had any use for Salem. He was too gentle for roping and wasn't a horse that anyone could get along with so Evangeline bought him and brought him to the ranch. She started working with him and got him to work with her. She never had any issues with Salem but everyone else did. Evangeline quickly finished working the shampoo into her hair and rinsed all the soap off her body. She didn't use body wash since she couldn't afford much. All she had was her lather from the shampoo to wash the rest of her curvy, hourglass shaped body. She jumped out of the shower and headed back to her room.

She laid down in her bed and turned on her tv. She didn't know what to watch so she turned on the first show she saw. As she was watching she slowly drifted to sleep. Since she came to the ranch, Evangeline had been working on her traumas. They had gotten better over time but there were still a few things she needed to clear up with herself. She had still been getting nightmares about the abuse her father handed to her. None of it was easy for her to get through but she was a strong woman. After all she made it this far, she was sure she could handle anything else that came her way. Little did she know...... fate had other ideas.

The sun came up over the hill behind the house. The cows were getting ready for their morning feed and the chickens were ready to be let out of their coop for the day. Evangeline woke up to the sound of her alarm clock. Well, I guess it's time to go feed the cows. She got up and put her jeans on with her tank top and button up shirt. She slipped on her socks and headed downstairs for breakfast. They always had bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast with a glass of juice. It was always a good-sized breakfast and helped her make it through the morning for lunch. After finishing up her breakfast, Evangeline headed out and fed the cows. The chickens were to follow but that was easier. All she had to do was make sure the automatic waterer was working and double check the feeder to make sure they still had grain and pellets. It was pretty simple.

After making sure her other duties were done for the day, Evangeline headed to the barn and saddled up Salem. He always gave her gentle nudges whenever she would tack him up, after all, she was his last option. She led Salem out of the barn and mounted her horse. They headed out across the pasture towards the creek. Once they got across the creek they rode up the hill and down the path on the right-hand side. It was only a five-minute ride to the pasture where they were checking fences. There was only a mile left to check. As Evangeline approached her section of the fence she noticed another horse and rider. She had never seen the horse before, nor had she ever seen the rider, but she rode up to greet the stranger. "Excuse me Sir, are you lost?" she yelled out towards him. The short, black quarter horse and her rider turned around and walked towards Evangeline and Salem. "Sorry I wasn't told which part of the fence to check. My name is Philip. I'm the new ranch hand." the stranger said with a smile as he leaned forward in his saddle to shake her hand. "This is usually my area of fence to check but I assume the ranch boss didn't really tell you where to start." Evangeline said with a smile. "No, he sure didn't. What's your name?" Philip asked. "My name is Evangeline I just started here a few weeks ago. All I do is feed cattle and chickens, then come and check the fences surrounding the property." she replied with a grin. "That's not too bad at all. Well, why don't we go ride together and check these fences?" Philip suggested as he sat back in his saddle. "Sure, why not." she replied as she rode forward towards the fence line. Evangeline and Philip rode together for the rest of the afternoon checking the fence lines.

Normally, she would only be out checking the fences for an hour or two, but Philip seemed to keep the conversation going. She figured maybe it was time she got to know someone again. After all, He was her height by the looks of it, had short brown hair under his cowboy hat and seemed to have the upper body of a God. He seemed very well built considering the other men around the ranch looked like twigs. Not only did Evangeline have a partner to go riding with but she also had a handsome cowboy to look at. It had been a while since Evangeline had dated anyone or even talked to a man. She always had her private thoughts about the ones who she was attracted to. On the outside, she was having a normal conversation, on the inside however, she was imagining his hand firmly around her throat as he thrusted into her. Normally, you wouldn't be able to tell but Philip noticed a slight change in her body. "Is there something wrong?" he asked with concern. "No, I just had some thoughts in my mind and got distracted. I never stop thinking and sometimes I get caught up in my thoughts more than what's actually happening in the real world." she replied as her face flushed red. Philip nodded and continued to ride beside her. I wonder if she's thinking the same thing as me. D*mn her hourglass figure is something to admire. That beautiful blonde hair and those grey eyes with the slight tinge of blue. He thought as he admired her body. Little did Philip and Evangeline know; their greatest worries were non-existent in reality. They were both wondering if the other had been thinking the same sexually inappropriate thoughts as they were. There was no rule on the ranch saying hat you couldn't date a co-worker but both still worried and wondered what would happen if they did.

Evangeline and Philip were both similar when it came to relationships and falling too quickly for someone despite meeting them once and spending a couple hours with them. They could always notice the traits they loved and adored about someone, but it was very rare when the other person would feel the same. Evangeline had given up over the years on finding someone to marry and spend the rest of her life with. She always had a dark secret hidden inside her that prevented her happiness. Philip had always been used for his money and his ability to make it to survive. He also had a dark secret, but no one would even come close to trying the things he so desperately craved from his partner. Philip always suspected that he had a Dominant side, which was noticeable when a woman from his past called him "Daddy" and he growled. That day was unlike any other. He felt a force awaken deep inside him and since that day no one has ever been able to fill the void he had. Evangeline had heard about the submissive life from a popular movie, and she had done her research, but she never found anyone she could trust enough to try her newly found desires deep within. Evangeline was secretly submissive. After many failed attempts of finding a Dominant that would satisfy her sexually and love her more than life itself, she collared herself and became a self-owned submissive. The thoughts of their dark secrets rushed through their minds as they rode back to the ranch.

They rode down the hill and across the creek. Once they were on the other side of the creek, Evangeline stopped and dismounted from Salem. "I usually stop on my way back and let him have a drink before we go back to the barn. Ever since I got him I started doing some groundwork with him out here." Evangeline said as she took off Salem's saddle and placed it on the ground. Evangeline always had a long rope with her and Salem's halter so she could work him in the pasture. It seemed like a good place to stop. It was away from everyone and the other horses so they could bond together. She raised her arm and Salem walked to the end of the line. He was trained to walk until the rope was tight then back off and give it enough slack to drop the tension. He then would turn sideways and look to Evangeline for his next command. "Forward Salem." she said as she looked at Salem and moved her arm forward. Salem started walking circles around Evangeline and paying attention to her every command. Philip had paid close attention to the pair as they continued to work together. After about an hour, Evangeline saddled Salem up again and continued towards the barn. "It's the only way I can help keep the connection and make my bond stronger with him as we continue to work together." Evangeline said when she noticed Philip staring at her. "I can see it most certainly works." he responded with a grin. Evangeline smiled as she slowed to a halt and jumped down off Salem. She led him into the barn and over to his stall. All the stalls in the barn had saddle racks with three hooks for halters, bridles and lead ropes. It was the best way for all the riders to know which tack goes with what horse but since Salem had a rough start, Evangeline was the only one who dared to ride him. She grabbed her brushes out of the cubby on the shelf above her saddle rack. She made it into a habit to always brush and groom Salem before feeding him for the night. She gave him 2 cups of oats mixed with molasses and soaked alfalfa cubes every night before bed. It was the only way she could thank Salem for being a good horse and solid partner in the pastures. Evangeline hadn't noticed Philip watching her every move and Philip didn't notice the ranch boss walking up behind him. "Hey Phil, I assume you've met Evangeline and Salem. They usually check the fences up north but if you guys want to work together on the fences after feeding, it would probably work better that way." the ranch boss said as he put his hand on Philip's shoulder and grinned. "Yeah I can let her know if you'd like." Philip responded. "I can go tell her now if you want to head in for dinner. We will be over there shortly." the ranch boss said. Philip turned and head towards the house after letting his horse go in the paddock. The ranch boss walked over to Evangeline as she turned away from Salem's stall. "Hey you and Phil can check the fences together. Seeing as you two are still new, maybe you guys can work together on the yard clean up once all the fences good to go." he said with a smile. "Sure, that's not a problem. We just finished checking all the fences today. Everything looks good. I made sure to take staples, a hammer and a fence stretcher with so I could fix it when we did find a wire down. Everything is good to go and ready for the cattle." she said as she walked to wards the barn door with the ranch boss. "Glad to hear girl. You've really impressed me with your work ethic and drive that you've had since starting here. If you want, start finding other things to do around the yard. It'll help make things easier for the rest of us. Philip can help you. I'll write a list of stuff that needs to be done tonight and put it in your mailbox on your bedroom door, so you have it for tomorrow." he said as they reached the door to the house.

The two walked inside and washed up at the sink in the porch. Everyone would walk into the garage and take off their boots then go up the 4 steps into the porch. It made it easier on the owner's wife when it came to cleaning the house. After washing up, they headed down the short hallway and past the spiral staircase. One short step down and they were in the dining room. Evangeline sat down at the kitchen table across from Philip as the cook brought in a tenderly cooked beef roast, a big plate of baked potatoes and all the toppings, as well as a big bowl of salad and steamed vegetables. The cook's daughter followed behind her momma with two large measuring cups full of gravy. Evangeline's mouth watered at the sight of the delicious looking food. As usual, the group at the table started talking about the day and how everything went. At the head of the table, the ranch boss had his notepad and pen out working on the list of things that needed to be done all over the ranch. Evangeline started serving herself for her dinner. She ate two pieces of the roast covered in gravy, had a baked potato with a scoop of steamed vegetables beside. Normally she didn't have the appetite to eat this much, but roast beef was always Evangeline's favorite. As Evangeline ate her dinner, she noticed Philip looking at her every now and then. She ignored it at first but decided she would bring it up to him tomorrow while they checked the fences together. She finished her dinner then headed upstairs to grab her shower bag. She grabbed her pajamas and headed into the bathroom.

Evangeline stripped down and turned on the hot water. She always let the water temperature warm up before getting in, she was never a fan of the cold. She stepped into the shower and worked the water through her hair soaking down every inch of it. As she closed her eyes to put the shampoo in her hair, all she could think about was Philip. His sharp jaw line and short beard making him ever so handsome. His broad shoulders and well toned arms sparked the desire to be held by him. Evangeline always had a thing for solid built men who were soft and tender yet firm. She continued to think about Philip and how he looked on his horse. The smiles and grins he would give her while they exchanged in simple conversations always made her turn a shade of red that is difficult to hide. Evangeline couldn't help but think about the feeling of Philip's firm grip around her throat. The thought alone sent a rush through her body with a heat wave that was hard to ignore. The thought of him between my thighs, licking at the wetness he would find within. Mmmmm...... I wonder what he would taste like. Evangeline couldn't help but think about the little dirty secret she had. How she started getting a thirst for Philip. She was so caught up in the thought of him that she hadn't even realized she was touching herself and quietly moaning his name. Knock! Knock! "Hey Evangeline! Are you almost done in there?" a familiar voice yelled from the other side of the door. "I'll be right out!" she yelled back as she quickly washed the shampoo out of her hair. Evangeline jumped out of the shower and packed up her bag. She quickly jumped into her pajamas and headed for the bathroom door. Just as she was about to reach for the handle, she slipped on a small puddle on the floor and fell to the ground. She hit her head on the hard tile floor when she fell. Despite her attempt to catch herself, she hit the floor hard.

Evangeline woke up a couple hours later in her bed. Her dirty clothes were in her laundry basket and her shower bag had been neatly placed on her dresser where she normally has it. How'd I get to my room? What happened? She continued to wonder as she got out of bed. On her nightstand, she saw the list from the ranch boss with a note attached. When you didn't come out of the bathroom Philip, and I knocked but you didn't answer. We broke the lock and found you laying on the bathroom floor. We will be downstairs in the living room if you need anything. The list had a few items on it ranging from planting the garden and building the fence for it, all the way to removing garbage and scrap metal from around the yard. She set the list and note back down on her side table and headed downstairs for a snack. As she left her bedroom Philip had been coming up the stairs. "Hey girl, how are you feeling?" he asked her with a genuine look of concern. "I had a headache but other than that I feel fine. How'd I get to my room?" Evangeline asked with a confused and puzzled look on her face. "Well, I picked you up off the floor and the ranch boss helped me get you to your room." he explained as he looked in her eyes. She stood there for a moment as they were eye to eye with each other. "Thank you for bringing me to my room. I really appreciate it." she said with a smile as she continued down the stairs and to the kitchen for a snack.

She opened the pantry door and grabbed some chips and dip for her late-night snack. Evangeline took her snack up to her room and laid in bed. She decided she was going to catch up on her favorite tv show. It was about a young girl who had been homeless after her parents died from an overdose. It explained how she built her life up and became one of the richest women in the country. She loved watching this show and knowing how things can get better if you put your mind to it. Evangeline had tried for years to get herself into a better position, but every attempt led to failure. Evangeline ate her chips and dip then laid down and slowly drifted off to sleep. Just like it did every morning, her alarm woke her up. She got up, got dressed and ate breakfast then went out into the yard to do all her chores as she normally did. When she got to the barn, Salem was standing in the aisle, saddled up and ready to go. She looked around the barn but didn't see anyone. She shrugged it off and thought to herself, the ranch boss must've saddled him up for me when he saw that I was headed back to the yard. She led Salem out of the barn and into the yard. She mounted her horse, and they rode through the yard past the cows. Evangeline made a habit of it to start the day off by riding through the cows or by them at the very least to help Salem adjust to everything. It gave her a chance to bond with him even more. "Evangeline!! We need your help with rounding up cattle. They got out of the open gate. I don't know where the ranch boss is right now, but we better hurry up before they wander off." Philip shouted as he rode up to her quickly. The two took off on their horses at a high rate of speed and headed for the cattle. The last time cows got out on the ranch; some coyotes took it upon themselves to attack the herd. Salem started to slow down as they got closer to the cows but Philip's horse stayed at a dead run so he could get ahead and cut them off. Evangeline and Salem stopped and waited for Philip to bring the cattle back towards them. The two worked together as a team and eventually got the cows back through the gate. "Thanks for the help!" Philip yelled as he rode up to the gate. "Not a problem. Let's head back to the yard and start getting rid of that scrap metal and get the fence built around the garden." Evangeline said as she turned away from Philip. "Sounds like a plan." he said as they rode back to the yard.

They unsaddled their horses and turned them out into the paddock. Evangeline wasn't going to ask who saddled her horse, but she was starting to think it was Philip. She couldn't prove it, but she had a gut feeling it was him. They headed out of the barn and jumped in the truck. In a far corner of the yard, there was a big pile of wood. All different sizes of wood and different lengths. Philip and Evangeline grabbed what they needed for the garden fence and drove to the garden. As Philip unloaded the wood Evangeline looked in the garden shed and found all the different types of seed she needed to start planting the garden. Philip said he was going to build the fence so I can start planting these seeds while he does that for now. Evangeline thought to herself as she grabs a small shovel.

She headed out to the far corner of the garden and started to make small holes where she planned to plant all the seeds. She put small stakes in the ground at the beginning and end of each row, so everyone knew what was growing and where. Evangeline always enjoyed gardening. It brought her peace of mind and allowed her to run her fingers through the dirt. As she planted the seeds in the garden, Philip was watching over the fence admiring Evangeline's love for gardening. She can fix fences, ride a horse and start a garden. This woman is capable of a lot. I just hope she knows that. Philip thought to himself as he reached down for the next fence plank. What Evangeline didn't know was whenever she was caught up in her work and not looking, Philip would be watching when he was around. He would study her and learn what she liked to do, enjoyed doing and wasn't really interested in doing. He knew if he took every chance to learn about her, she might come around quicker.

Chapter 2

Evangeline continued to plant the seeds in the garden until she had used them all. She carefully covered each seed with soil and took great care of the task she was given. Evangeline had always taken great pride in her work. It was one of the many skills she aspired to improve as she continued down her life path. Once all the planting was finished, Evangeline walked over to the hydrant after putting away her tools. She turned the hydrant on and watched as the sprinkler system soaked down the soil. She wiped the sweat from her brow and took off her flannel shirt. As Evangeline cooled off from her afternoon of hard work in the garden, Philip walked over. "I bet this garden will look amazing once those seeds start to sprout." he said with a smile as he put his hand on her shoulder. "I think it'll do just fine. I want to put some straw down to keep the moisture in the soil." she said with a smile. Philip smiled back at her then turned and walked away. As Philip


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