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M. Selby

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About me

I'm a small town girl who grew up on the farm. I enjoy working with animals and helping out anyone in need. I first started writing in high school. I started with poetry and composing songs then moved to writing novels. Currently, I work on novels and music. I've always written novels just as something to do and have decided that this year I would look into ways to publish them. I plan to use any money made to help build a local ranch and arena in my current hometown as a way to help the community in different forms. Donating farm produced food to the local food bank as well as teaming up with schools and community programs to teach children how to work around horses and get into rodeo events that they may like. I knew the greatest way to help my community was to get my creative works out there so I can use my writing to help fund something the community could use. I care very much about what's going on locally and internationally. I've always told myself that as long as bills are paid that's all I need. I want to use my income to help others who are struggling, whether it's food or a form of employment or something as simple as helping today's youth learn how to garden, how to fix vehicles or handle livestock. I've always stood for the greater good in life. Things can always be worse but if I can help someone overcome their biggest challenge, I'm happy just seeing their smile after. I always try to write novels and characters based on personal experiences or based on traits I've seen in others that I can put together and form a character. Often times I find myself jotting down notes for different parts of different novels. I find sometimes it's easier that way when you don't force a thought. This is just a little bit about me.


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