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Rising Phoenix

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"Mark my words, Mr. Rout, I will bring you on your knees for marrying me under false pretense." she roared. The corners of my lips lift in amusement as I replied, "I will gladly go down on my knees but only for the thoughts I have in my mind for our first night together, my phoenix.And don't always challenge me otherwise I will make you regret it." "I will bring you on your knees and make you bow in front of me out of respect towards me and that's an oath," She cut both of our palms at the same time, reuniting our hands with blood. A fierce battle erupts when a girl finds her life falsely accused of murder and spends her 5 years of imprisonment, but now she is out for revenge. A story about betrayal from her closed one, revenge for her wrongful imprisonment, and ultimately finding unexpected love along the way.

Prologue; Reawakening Of Demon

The massive iron prison doors creaked open, unveiling a sight that would leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to witness it. A young woman emerged, her determination palpable as she stepped out into the world, ready to reclaim her life and seek justice for the grave injustice done to her. In her eyes, which had once overflowed with helpless tears, now gleamed a fierce resolve and newfound courage. The memories of her time behind bars lingered, a haunting reminder of the entrapment, abuse, and torture she endured. Though concerns still gnawed at her, she found herself propelled forward by the burning desire to clear her name, prove her innocence, and satiate her thirst for revenge.

In that instant, as the sun bathed her face in its radiant warmth, a surge of empowerment coursed through her veins. The years of suffering under a veil of injustice would no longer be tolerated. She made a solemn vow to hold those who had wronged her accountable, ensuring they faced the consequences of their heinous actions. The road to vindication would be fraught with unexpected twists and turns, threatening to break even the strongest spirit. But despite the looming devastation and the shattered fragments of her being, she remained resolute—she would not back down, nor would she retreat.

As she moved through the bustling crowds of people waiting outside, eager to welcome the recently released prisoners, she couldn't help but feel a profound sense of solitude. The magnitude of her injustice made it difficult for her to trust anyone. She understood that she couldn't navigate this treacherous path alone, yet her sole focus remained on the annihilation of those who had turned her life into a living nightmare. Only their destruction could bring her the peace her tormented soul yearned for. The realization dawned upon her that this journey to clear her name would be anything but easy as she made her way closer to the heart of the city. She waged a battle against those who had orchestrated her imprisonment and a justice system that had failed her. With nothing left to lose, she summoned every ounce of bravery and tenacity, prepared to confront her adversaries head-on. Being robbed of her identity, freedom, and dignity had been the ultimate blow, an agony she vowed to overcome.

Undeterred by the barriers in her path, the girl moved forward, a blazing fire burning within her. Unbeknownst to the world around her, the girl who had emerged from that prison cell was no longer the naive and innocent creature they once knew. She had transformed into a force of reckoning, driven by an insatiable thirst for vengeance. An electrifying energy crackled in the air around her, a dangerous thrill that sent shivers down the spines of those who caught a glimpse. Her resolve grew stronger with each step, minute by minute, as she edged closer to the precipice of their destruction. Until she witnessed their downfall, whether through the judicial system or by her means, the dormant demon within her would not be silenced.

But she would not allow herself to forget the harrowing ordeal of her imprisonment. She had a mission—to make them understand that the deadliest warrior in history was not a mythical figure, but a young woman bearing scars upon her soul. She aimed to challenge the prevailing belief that girls were helpless and weak. Through her example, she would shed light on the immense power and strength that resided within them. Like the formidable goddess Durga, she personified an embodiment of unwavering resolve and grace. Yet, she understood the perils of retaliating with a blind vengeance, fully aware that it could unleash an unending cycle of violence and destruction. In this war, she stood at the forefront, a warrior with a cause. And while she knew she would pay a hefty price for her revenge, she welcomed it, for her innocence and freedom had been ruthlessly snatched away from her.

As if guided by an unseen force, her legs carried her to the entrance of Miller's shelter—a place imbued with countless memories. In the days of yore, she had spent blissful weekends in this very sanctuary. Little did she fathom that her return would be marked by her brokenness and vulnerability, as she stood before the gates of what was once her refuge.

Overwhelmed by the cruel hand fate had dealt her, tears welled up in her eyes. In her wildest dreams, she never imagined she would revisit this haven, stripped of her former glory, a mere shell of her former self. The place that had once been her paradise had now transformed into a personal hell, each corner a painful reminder of what she had lost.

After mustering the strength to calm herself, she surveyed her surroundings, taking in the familiar sights. The shelter appeared almost untouched by time, but an undeniable sense of loneliness and hopelessness permeated the air. Her time in prison had left her unrecognizable—severe malnutrition had caused her to shed considerable weight, and a scar on her jaw forced her to conceal half of her face, rendering her a stranger to herself.

Approaching the reception area, she found herself face to face with a young woman of similar age. The receptionist, with a scowl on her face, looked her up and down, her gaze dripping with disdain. In an obnoxious tone, she asked, "Cash or card?" Her probing gaze made it clear she was sizing the girl up.

In a hoarse voice, the girl replied with a perplexed expression, "Isn't it free to stay here?" She couldn't comprehend the meaning behind the receptionist's question.

The receptionist regarded her as though she had grown a second head before retorting, "Oh, this is a charity program we've set up for repulsive creatures like you?" Her face twisted in disgust as if she had stumbled upon something foul.

"But I thought it was a charitable initiative started by the Miller group?" the girl ventured, seeking some clarity amidst the confusion.

The receptionist's incredulous gaze met hers, and with a hint of exasperation, she explained, "That was before the new chairman took over the Miller group."

A surge of anger ignited within her, fueled by the realization that they made decisions as if they were the ones who had poured blood, sweat, and tears into building the empire that included her parents. They showed no remorse as they transformed charitable endeavors into profit-driven enterprises. Their audacity further fueled her disdain, providing her with the utmost justification to dismantle their lives completely. The day would come when they would rue every action and crime they had committed, all thanks to a girl who had been shattered by the very people who once claimed to be her family.

The flames of revenge burned brighter within her as she reflected upon the suffering inflicted upon her and the erasure of her parents' benevolent legacy. She felt an indescribable sense of betrayal at the hands of her flesh and blood, and her anger ignited a ferocious desire to seek retribution.

Once she was finished with them, they would label her as a demon. In her mind's eye, she envisioned herself as a fierce, vengeful force, stopping at nothing to make them pay for the pain and torment they had inflicted upon her. There would be no escape from the hell she would unleash upon them—a hell far more excruciating than anything they could ever fathom.

If only they had considered the consequences before crossing her, awakening a side of her that had long slumbered. Fear no longer held sway over her, for she had nothing left to lose. And yet, she would ensure that they lost everything, even the very things they held dear. They would be haunted by their actions, unable to meet anyone's gaze. Every waking moment would be a torment, a constant reminder of the gift she had bestowed upon them—thoughts of death. For in death, they would find release from the torment she had meticulously planned.

Every one of them would be ensnared in her game, mere pawns in her grand design. She would use them just as they had once used her, dismantling their lives beyond repair. Let the game of destruction commence, for a phoenix was rising from the ashes, ready to exact her revenge

Chapter 1; Veiled Intrigue

4 Years Later

Reyansh's Perspective:

Life has a knack for throwing unexpected twists our way, leaving us adrift in a sea of uncertainty. It can be a roller-coaster ride, taking us from cloud nine to rock bottom in the blink of an eye. Such was the case for me after the devastating loss of my only family. I became a hollow shell, struggling to piece myself together and forge a new path forward. With the passing of my parents, I found myself cast into a world of solitude and loneliness, where the absence of their presence was keenly felt.

Lost in my thoughts, the blaring horn of a car jolted me back to reality. An impatient driver gestured brusquely, urging me to move my car as the traffic light turned green. I took a deep breath, shaking off the fog in my mind, and refocused on the road ahead.

As I made a turn, something caught my eye—a figure I never expected to see so soon. She was supposed to remain imprisoned for another year. Although I had never cau


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