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Naughty Love (Love In Sondrio)

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Ellakor
  • Chapters: 123
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.5K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 4


Serena Constanza is often bullied by her classmates just because she can study at that elite school thanks to the scholarship she gets. Her meeting with Luigi Triad Clain changed everything. The young man is the school's most wanted, he is crazy about the girls despite his sloppy appearance. And who would have thought that this bad boy would always help Serena when she was bullied, like a hero. But Luigi's kindness, slowly but surely grows a feeling of love in Serena's heart. Meanwhile, Luigi always acts normal as if Serena is only a friend to him. So, how did Serena get through her friendzone-trapped relationship with Luigi? Could their friendship turn into a love story?

Chapter 1 Encounter

This morning the sky looks bright as if to witness a special day for me which will take place soon. I looked at the beautiful view of the day from the window. Butterflies danced around the flowers that were blooming beautifully. I touched the window glass that separated me from the beautiful scenery outside. I can't deny how much I want to join the butterfly to inhale the fragrance of the flowers or just to touch the flower petals that are blooming beautifully.

An object attached to the ring finger finally succeeded in diverting my gaze from the beautiful flowers. A golden-colored object coiled around my ring finger at this time. This thing is small but very charming in my eyes. Three gems adorn this object, but what made me so fascinated with this object was not because of its elegant and luxurious shape. But because this thing was given by someone very meaningful in my life. Someone I love who will soon be my life companion.

I looked at my body which was now wrapped in a beautiful, pure white dress with various decorations that made this dress look elegant. I left the window by stepping my feet into a place. This is where I am right now, in front of a mirror that is large enough to show me completely.

I stared at my body in awe. I didn't expect that I looked so different from my usual appearance. The beauty of this dress makes me look beautiful. This crown-shaped ornament on my head made me even more unrecognizable from my current figure. Is it me? I was only able to hide a smile on my lips to respond to my stupid question.

If I remember all the bitterness that I have felt so far, I never thought that the moment I had been waiting for for a long time would finally come. Being side by side with the man I love is my biggest dream since a long time ago. My gaze shifted to a large clock hanging on the wall. Why do I feel like time is running so slowly today? That was just an excuse, of course, time went on as usual. I just can't wait to see him soon, that's why I feel time goes by so slowly.

My patience seemed to have reached its limit when I stared back at the object coiled around my ring finger. I have a reason why I don't want to wait any longer. I'm just afraid ... afraid that he will leave me again. Leaving this fragile me alone. I would only feel at ease once I saw his figure standing there. Standing waiting for me greeted my arrival with a helping hand.

"Serena, get ready. The time has come.”

Nervousness began to hit me as soon as I heard that voice, which announced that the moment I had been waiting for had finally arrived. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. I stepped out of the room I'd been in since earlier. Soon I will reach my happiness that was delayed for a while.

My name is Serena Constanza. I'm 24 years old. And here is my story...


Seven years before...


I got up from my chair when I heard my name being called. I approached Mrs. Carla who had called me and was now sitting in her chair. She handed me a piece of paper covered in scribbles and a number circled at the top. My gaze fell on the number and it instantly made me feel relieved.

"Congratulations Serena, you got a perfect score again," said Mrs. Carla while showing me a very friendly smile.

"Thank you, Mrs," I replied, smiling back at her kindly.

"I'm sure you'll be the class champion again. Keep it up,Serena."

"Okay, Mrs," I replied, nodding my head. After that, I walked back to my chair with a gaze that never left the paper containing the scores for the math test I took about two days ago.

After sitting down in the chair, I still stared at the number 100 which was written at the top of the paper that I was holding now. I'm happy and satisfied to see it, with this my hard work studying all night has sweet results. I do have to work hard to maintain my grades to stay good. I have to do this to maintain the scholarship I get at this school.

I study at this school. Sondrio International High School is the name of my school. Sondrio is my hometown which is an Italian town located in the Province of Sondrio, Lombardia region of Italy. This school is an elite school in Sondrio where only rich people can afford to study here. The cost of studying at this school is very high when compared to other schools. However, it is very commensurate with all the luxurious facilities that this school has. In addition, the teachers who teach are also selected teachers who have been strictly selected beforehand. The quality of students who graduate at this school is certainly very high. Many companies are competing to recruit students who graduate from this school. In short, students who graduate from this school will certainly get a bright and glorious future.

However, this, of course, cannot be simply obtained. Students who study at this school twice as much have to study harder. If it's not like that then we as students will not be able to keep up with the learning system at this school which is going very fast. Apart from that, this school also often has sudden exams that require students to study every night, anticipating that whenever a test is held, we are ready to face it.

The rules are very strict, three times a violation will be immediately expelled from school. Usually, students who are expelled from this school will find it difficult to be accepted at a new school. That's because other schools consider students who are expelled from this school to be very bad. Neither in abilities nor in personality, although not all of them are like that. That was the opinion of the other schools therefore there wasn't a single student in this school who wanted to suffer such bad luck. It has a good impact on students because it makes students study hard every day. However, this became a difficult situation for me. All the students who study at this school are very intelligent so I, who was able to study here because of a scholarship, had a hard time maintaining my ranking in the class.

I don't come from a wealthy family like the other students, I come from an ordinary family. My father passed away when I was in junior high school. Now mothers work to meet our needs. Mother works as a secretary in a company. The salary is not too big so it will not be able to finance my expensive school. Luckily since elementary school, I always excelled so I also got a scholarship. But because of this, none of my classmates are willing to be my friend. They often even look down on me. I think that's a natural thing because it's clear that my status is not comparable to theirs. I've never had a problem with it, for me to be able to study at this school is a fortune. I will never waste it. I will continue to work hard until I graduate from this school and in the future will be able to replace my mother to earn money to meet our needs.

As soon as the bell rang, the signal for recess had arrived, all my classmates left the class, and so did I. I intend to eat the lunch that my mother deliberately makes every day. I walked alone to my favorite place. Not a special place, just an empty lot behind the school where there are shady trees with thick leaves. Because it was very quiet there, almost no one passed, I also chose to eat my food there every afternoon break.

Upon arrival, as usual, I sat under a tree which felt shady because the thick leaves protected me from the hot sun. I stared at the sky, the sun dazzling my eyes so that my reflexes narrowed my eyes. Today the weather is very sunny but the wind blows quite warm.

Not wanting to waste any more time, I started opening my lunch box. But suddenly three of my classmates came for some reason. Could it be that they want to annoy me since it seems impossible for them to come to join me here?

I know they must have come with evil intentions. Not wanting to mess with them, I chose to go. I got up from my seat.

"Where are you going?" asked one of them, Alessia, in a curt tone.

Alessia Belladonna is my classmate, she is very pretty and popular at school. Besides that, she is also very smart. In class, you could say she is my main rival. If I get the first rank then Alessia will get the second rank. Since studying at this school, I was in the same class as her and she was always rude to me. Even though I always try to be nice to her but for some reason, she seems to hate me so much. This isn't the first time she's bothered me like this. Together with her two friends, Elara and Carina, they always find trouble with me.

"Asked instead of answering instead gawking?!" Alessia snapped, pressing my forehead with her index finger so roughly.

"I want to eat lunch," I answered slowly with my head down.

Alessia's clicking sound sounded loud in my ear. “Take her to the rooftop!!” she said. Elara and Carina immediately complied. They immediately grabbed my hand forcefully, forcing me to come with them. I also had no choice but to follow because if I resisted, they would treat me even more harshly than this. Past experiences have taught me many things.

Upon arrival at the rooftop, they started to treat me very rudely and inhumanely. They grabbed my hair. They didn't seem to care even though I was moaning in pain.

"Heeh, so child, don't be arrogant, just because Mrs. Carla praised you earlier!" Alessia shouted while her hands grabbed my hair tighter.

“W-what do you mean? I-I've never been arrogant," I said as I endured the pain in my hair and head that was starting to throb. If I'm being honest, I want to cry right now, but I'm trying to hold it in because I don't want Alessia to think she's won.

"Did you think I didn't see you smile to yourself after receiving a compliment from Mrs. Carla? Don't be too confident and pretend to be smart. Remember, you can study here because of a scholarship. You don't belong here. You should go to schools that are for kids like you. I'm sick of seeing you. If you don't want to get hurt, you better get out of this school!!” Alessia snapped at the same time as her hands grabbed my hair even more tightly.

But of course, I couldn't possibly do what she wanted, still, with the pain, I replied to her words, “I will never leave this school. I never bothered you or anyone. You shouldn't bother me either, what did I do wrong to you?"

Alessia hissed with a red face because her emotions were rising to the surface after hearing my answer. “D*mn you!!”

Alessia was very angry, she finally let go of her grab on my hair and now turned to take the lunch box that I was still holding.

"Return!!" I begged while trying to get my food back which was now in Alessia's hands. However, Alessia's two friends quickly grabbed me so that I couldn't even move.

Alessia opened my lunch box and with a look of disgust on her face, she spilled the food that mom made on purpose, right on top of my head. Her two friends just laughed at me. My eyes watered until finally, I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. Now, these tears are flowing so fast and running down my face. My uniform was dirty with the food Alessia spilled on it.

"Open the shirt!!" Alessia's order, which of course Elara and Carina immediately complied with.

I screamed for help. This time I do not want to remain silent about their outrageous treatment. I can already guess what they want to do to me. I kept screaming without holding back the tears that never stopped flowing. Seeing my condition, Alessia and her two friends looked even happier. They laughed loudly even no less loudly with the sound of my screams.

“No one will hear your screams in this place, you idiot!!” shouted Alessia, who was now helping her two friends take off my clothes. The sound of my crying was getting louder when I felt my uniform being torn.

"What are you doing? Noisy you know."

Instantly Alessia and her two friends stopped trying to take off my uniform and looked towards the source of the sound, and so did I. Right in front of me now, he was standing. Popular student at my school with a handsome face and tall athletic body. His long, red hair made him even more handsome. There's no way I don't know him, that man is idolized by almost all the girls at my school.


Alessia and her two friends stuttered to say his name, with a nervous expression on their faces that was so obvious.

Chapter 2 Be My Protector

Luigi Triad Clain, that's his name. The student I estimated was 18 years old like me because he was also in the 3rd grade like me. It's just that we're not in the same class because, at this school, boys and girls are placed in different classes. I think this is done to maintain the concentration of students in learning. Luigi is also a transfer student, he studies at this school starting from the beginning of this semester.

Luigi is very popular and even his popularity beats students who used to hold the title of most wanted before Luigi's arrival. It's no secret that almost all the girls at this school idolize him. Not that I idolize him either because I've never even spoken to him. Often I looked at him from a distance but I did not dare to approach him. Although very popular but Luigi is a naughty student, in my opinion. I say this because seeing his sloppy appearance proves that he isn't a good student. Just by looking at his appe


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