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My Horny Brother-In-Law

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Noorie
  • Chapters: 50
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • πŸ‘ 30.2K
  • ⭐ 5.8
  • πŸ’¬ 29


Bedroom, washroom, living room, office, elevator, there wasn't any place left where they didn't make out. However, everytime she did that* with him, she felt guilty, disgusted as the person was her sister's husband. She tried hard to avoid him, but he didn't let her escape from him. It wasn't she who wanted to cheat her sister by making out with her husband, it was he who continuously forced him on her and she simply couldn't resist him. This story is about Dimple who was having s*x everyday and night with her own sister's husband, and her sister, Twinkle was completely unaware of her husband and sister's betrayal. Read the story to know what will happen when Twinkle finds about her husband and Dimple's sin.. How will she react? More importantly how will Dimple face her own sister? So, at last who will ends up with the playboy Arav singhaniya, who was messing up with these sisters, marrying to one sister, and having relationship with another?

Chapter 1

Dimple's POV

β€œ Dimple! This is our ritual, we must fulfill it, I'm not asking much, it's just a package of gifts that you need to bring to your sister, why are you being so unfilial child? ” my mom started nagging at me as I was refusing to bring her gifts to my little sister Twinkle. According to her, it's a ritual to send gifts to the girl after one week of her marriage.

Now, how could I make her understand why I didn't want to visit my sister's home, she wouldn't understand me.

β€œ Mom, why don't you understand, I just don't want to.... ”

β€œ You need to understand Dimple, because of you so much drama has been created at her wedding, your Dad is still mad at you, fortunately, he didn't scold you much, so try to be a filial child as much as you can do ” she said while raising her eyebrows, I sighed and nodded as she wasn't saying anything wrong. I had put my family in plenty of accusations and guilt. I can't avoid making my Dad angrier so it was better to be a filial child.

β€œ Okay.. I guess I have no choice now ” I mumbled while she smiled and threw a bundle of gift packages at me.

β€œ Ah.. ” I grunted, and then threw these gifts to the back seat of my car, and then finally came back to the driver seat.

I looked at my watch while thinking,β€˜ If I go there too early, it would be a great chance of him being slept and by this way, I can avoid him ’

I took a deep breath, preparing myself to drive the car in the direction of the villa where the nightmare of my life used to live.

After arriving at my sister's home, it took me at least ten minutes before deciding whether to knock at her door or just left these gifts outside the villa.

β€˜ Ah... Just forget it Dimple, Mom would have already called Twinkle that I'm coming to send her gifts, it's useless to avoid the situation, let's be brave, go, give her gifts and come fast ’ I thought and then finally knocked at her door.

As soon as the door opened, I saw the bright face of my sister showing her whole teeth to me.

β€œ Sis, you finally came, I was waiting for you for thirty minutes, what took you so long to come here ? ” she said excitedly.

β€œ Seems like I was right, Mom already informed you!! I just got stuck in the traffic ” I made a perfect excuse.

β€œ Oh no.. ” she hissed.

β€œ What happened? ” I frowned at her reaction.

β€œ Sis, my pancakes would have been burned, I didn't check it, If you don't mind let's chat in the kitchen,” she said in haste and rushed towards the kitchen.

β€œ Er.. actually, I don't have time, I'm not staying.. ”

β€œ Sis come, help me please, these cakes are completely burnt ”

She didn't hear me at all and yelled from the Kitchen.

I sighed, I didn't want to stay here, not even for few minutes, but I knew my sister very well, she wasn't good at any household chores, she must be cooking to impress her husband and now she needed help, I couldn't help rejecting her, so I walked up to her kitchen.

She was throwing all her pancakes in the dustbin while making an ugly face

β€œ Ah.. why is it so hard to bake some pancakes.. ” she murmured which made me laugh at her.

β€œ It's not that hard. It's just being careful, you should have checked it at the time ” I commented while she sighed.

*Ding dong*

β€œ Ah.. I think the plumber has arrived, sis would you not mind putting other pancakes in the oven, I need to go with the plumber as the tap in our washroom is leaking ” She said with pitiful eyes as someone knocked at the door.

β€œ Er.. actually Twinkle, I'm getting late and... ”

β€œ Sis, it will not take too much time, I will come back in ten or fifteen minutes, and you know nahh Arav is fond of sweets, as his sister-in-law, can't you bake some pancakes for him, hmm ” she cut me off and said while winking.

She passed a joke to me, but she didn't know what I felt when someone describes our relationship as brother-in-law and sister-in-law because it made me feel guilty and disgusted towards me. I smiled faintly and nodded in 'yes'. However, I wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

β€œ Come fast, okay,” I said while she was already out of the kitchen.

I sighed, and then started putting all the pancakes in the microwave. After putting all the pancakes inside, I was waiting for her arrival so that I could bid her farewell, but she didn't show up, not even in twenty minutes, and I didn't want to go to her bedroom, never.

So, I decided to leave the villa without seeing her off and came out of the kitchen. I was heading towards the entrance of the villa when I felt a force pulling my waist backward and soon I fell on the couch, placed in the hall.

My heartbeat became faster when I realized that I wasn't sitting on the couch, but in someone's lap.

β€œ Planning to leave without seeing me, babes ”

I closed my eyes with disgust as I heard the voice of a man who was the last person I wished to meet in my life.

Chapter 2

Dimple's POV

β€œ Leave me.. leave me Arav,” I said without looking at him, tried to be cold to dominate him and not letting him do what he wanted. However, it was also one of my failed trials.

β€œ Leave you, umm, probably after fucking you,” he said as he pushed me on the table, I fell on the table while he held my both hands from my back.

β€œ Arav.. leave me, please, this is your home ” he made me change my tone just in seconds as I requested him with a pleading voice. I was scared to death now, and can't help begging him to let go of me.

β€œ Yes, I know, this is my home, and I can do here whatever I want or I say fuck here whoever I want,” he said near my earlobes, I pursed my lips.

β€œ You are disgusting, Arav!! ” I yelled at him.

β€œ Well, I'm, but aren't you the same, huh ? ” he said while I bit my lips.

He then unzipped his pant and moved his hands over my ass.

β€œ No, Arav, please, not here, What if Twinkle saw us like thi


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