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Mind Controller

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When the special task force welcomed a new colleague, they never anticipated she'd be a poverty-stricken young woman of merely twenty years, yet possessing a doctorate in criminal psychology with a remarkably high intellect. Expressionless, reticent, and entirely cut off from the world of smartphones and computers, she found herself moving into the home of the head of the task force. Under her involvement, the team repeatedly cracked a series of perplexing cases. Yet, gradually, they began to uncover the hidden enigmas surrounding this young woman. Her mysterious origins, the enigmatic identity of her father, the elusive whereabouts of her mother, and the confinement of her brother within a psychiatric institution—all these details formed a labyrinth of mysteries. The leader of the task force couldn't help but get entangled, desiring to unearth the truth while unwittingly becoming intertwined with the intricacies of this young woman's life. Unfolding an unknown tale, veiled family secrets, and deeply buried truths seemed to shroud this young woman like an enveloping fog. The task force leader embarked on a quest for truth, only to find himself sinking deeper, realizing that this case was far more complex than he had ever anticipated, entwined intricately with human emotions and complexities. This journey became a tumultuous exploration filled with danger, uncharted territories, and secrets buried within the depths of the family's history. The mist around the young woman thickened, forcing the task force leader to delve into the labyrinth of mysteries, only to discover that the case was not just about solving puzzles but a profound exploration of human nature and destiny. In this convoluted tale, they realized that unraveling the mysteries was not merely about the case but a profound dig into human nature and destiny. This enigmatic woman wasn't just a key to the case but a psychological whirlpool into which the task force leader found himself inexorably drawn. Their relationship would inevitably lead to a climax of suspense interwoven with psychological duels, where the lines between truth and deception blurred, and the fate of all involved hung in precarious balance.

Chapter 1

[I don't deserve the light, but I can dominate the darkness]

Early on Monday morning, Zhao Qiang strolled into the office, holding a warm cup of soy milk in one hand and nibbling on a meat bun.

As he entered, Zhao Qiang immediately sensed an unusual atmosphere in the office, different from the usual upbeat energy. Perplexed, he took a few steps back and checked the sign at the door - "Special Cases Unit." He hadn't mistaken the office, but considering their recent success in solving a serial taxi murder case, he couldn't fathom why the current ambiance felt so peculiar. Was there a new case? Yet, he hadn't received any call from the captain.

Puzzled, Zhao Qiang ran his hand through his hair, surveying the room once more. The once lively team members were all seated, even Blue Xiao Ya, who usually spent most of her time in the forensic room, was now carefully observing something at her desk.

Confounded by the situation, Zhao Qiang walked in, his steps involuntarily lighter due to the prevailing atmosphere. Taking his seat, he subtly shifted his chair closer to Xiao Ya's desk, though she remained engrossed and oblivious.

Perplexed, he glanced in Xiao Ya's direction again, still unable to comprehend. He lightly tapped her shoulder to inquire, startling her and, in turn, surprising himself. Quick to react, he settled her back into her seat.

Once Xiao Ya composed herself, she sighed upon recognizing Zhao Qiang. "Zhao Qiang, are you trying to scare me to death?"

Realizing he had indeed frightened her, Zhao Qiang quickly tried to alleviate the situation. "Oh my, I didn't expect you to be so startled. You're the type who can laugh even at a skull. This shouldn't have rattled you."

"Is it the same? Scaring someone can be pretty serious," Xiao Ya retorted, rolling her eyes, grabbing Zhao Qiang's untouched soy milk, and sipping it through a straw.

Eyeing his abandoned drink, Zhao Qiang shrugged and asked, "By the way, what's the situation? Why is the atmosphere so oppressive?"

Sipping her drink, Xiao Ya gestured toward an isolated office inside. "Director Gong arrived early to see Captain Qin. No idea what they're discussing, but the captain's mood seems to worsen."

Seated nearby, Shi Yuanfei pulled up a chair for Zhao Qiang. "Exactly. Tang Yi wanted to bring them tea earlier, but the captain flat out ejected him."

"Really?" Zhao Qiang swallowed and noticed Tang Yi sitting in a corner, looking disheartened, while Hong Mei comforted him. "This might be Tang Yi's first scolding from the captain."

The three looked sympathetically at Tang Yi. Captain Qin Yuan, at first glance, exuded the aura of a perfect man - handsome, well-built, from a reputable family, and having solved numerous major cases. However, prolonged interaction revealed a temperament entirely incongruent with his appearance - quirky, slightly irascible, and virtually uncontrollable except by the director. He was incredibly serious about work, a workaholic. If one encountered trouble at work, especially during high-stress major cases, one was in deep trouble, particularly if lacking resilience. Captain Qin had a way of making individuals feel utterly guilty. Hence, even the office's flirtatious ladies ceased their antics after witnessing others get scolded.

Shi Yuanfei redirected his gaze, whispering, "Have you seen the young lady sitting by the door? The director brought her along."

"Young lady?" Zhao Qiang was bewildered. He had just roamed around and hadn't noticed anyone, let alone a young lady.

Understanding his confusion, Xiao Ya lightly tapped the back of his head and pointed to the door. "Blind? She's right there, by the door."

Following Xiao Ya's gesture, Zhao Qiang saw a small girl sitting on a chair, dressed in a white top, with straight black shoulder-length hair framing her face. She seemed petite and unassuming. However, Zhao Qiang, being somewhat oblivious, hadn't noticed her existence.

Observing the girl for a while, Zhao Qiang found something unsettling about her gaze.

Teasing him, Shi Yuanfei nudged him, "Zhao Qiang, what's up? Are you enchanted by the girl?"

"Stop it," Zhao Qiang ignored him and couldn't resist commenting, "Hey, seriously, doesn't it seem eerie how she's fixated on the printer, motionless?"

The printer near the door was running, spitting out paper continuously, while the girl's expression remained blank, absorbed in something on the paper.

After observing for a while, Shi Yuanfei rubbed his arm, "Now that you mention it, it's strange. Wonder who this girl is. Hey, could she be the director's daughter?"

"Impossible. The director has a son who's about to take the college entrance exams," Xiao Ya instantly dismissed Shi Yuanfei's speculation.

In a surprising remark, Zhao Qiang suggested, "She might be an illegitimate daughter."

The moment the words left his mouth, Xiao Ya's left hand slapped the back of his head again. "If you dare say that in front of the director, he'll scold you to death."

Zhao Qiang rubbed his head, thinking it was just a casual remark.

Suddenly, a door opening behind them made the gossip trio startle. They quickly dispersed, returning to their positions, pretending to review files.

Director Gong stepped out first, wearing a friendly smile, followed by a grim-faced Captain Qin. Everyone understood that regardless of the earlier discussions, the ultimate decision was that the captain had once again been reined in by the director.

"Attention, all members of the Special Cases Unit, we have a new addition to the team from today," Director Gong announced.

With his words, the team speculated about the new member. Calling out toward the door, Director Gong said, "Mu Jiu, come over here."

Zhao Qiang couldn't believe it. Could it be the young girl sitting by the door? He quickly turned to look, only to realize that the girl was still fixed on the printer. Upon a moment's thought, it dawned on him that it couldn't be her. Whether she was of legal age was still questionable. With her small, slender figure, she didn't resemble a police officer but rather someone closer to being a victim.

"Mu Jiu, Mu Jiu," Director Gong called out a few more times, noticing her complete lack of response.

At this moment, the girl sitting beside the printer finally reacted. She turned her head, her pitch-black eyes fixed ahead with a vacant, expressionless gaze. Under everyone's scrutiny, she slowly stood up and in an unwavering tone said, "My name is Mu Jiu."

The sudden appearance of Mu Jiu left all the team members momentarily stunned. The office of the Special Task Force fell into a brief silence. Promptly, Zhao Qiang, outspoken as ever, voiced his doubt, "This girl doesn't even look like she's of legal age."

Glancing at Zhao Qiang, Chief Gong cast a glance, prompting him to fall silent. Continuing, Chief Gong introduced Mu Jiu, "Mu Jiu is twenty years old. Despite her youthful appearance, she holds a doctorate in criminal psychology. Her expertise will greatly assist in solving cases. From today, she officially joins your team."

Twenty years old? A doctorate in criminal psychology? These revelations struck the team members successively. Tang Yi, considered a prodigy in their team, graduated with a Ph.D. at the age of twenty-four. This seemingly unremarkable girl appeared to be a prodigious genius in her own right.

"Qin Yuan, I leave Mu Jiu in your care," said Chief Gong before departing, leaving an intense atmosphere behind.

Qin Yuan stood silently. The other members refrained from speaking, observing the scene. He glanced at Mu Jiu still lingering near the door, rubbed his brow, and addressed Shi Yuanfei, "Stone, she's seated next to you. Whatever your background, do your job well. If you were allowed in, you'll be let out the same way."

This last statement was directed at Mu Jiu, indicating Qin Yuan's straightforward nature. Surprisingly, Mu Jiu remained calm, seemingly unperturbed.

Once Qin Yuan returned to his office, a collective sigh of relief filled the room. Hong Mei, empathetic as a mother herself, approached the solitary figure standing by the door, comforting, "Mu Jiu, don't worry. The Captain might seem strict, but as long as you're dedicated to your work, he won't give you a hard time. Let me introduce the team members to you."

Pointing to herself, Hong Mei said, "Hong Mei, everyone calls me Sister Mei, the liaison officer here."

Mu Jiu looked up at her and obediently greeted, "Sister Mei."

Hong Mei smiled at her and continued, "This beautiful lady is Lán Xiǎoyǎ, our forensic expert. You can call her Sister Xiǎoyǎ. Then, sitting beside you is Shi Yuánfěi, our tech expert, a computer whiz. We call him Brother Stone; you can call him Brother."

She went on to introduce the others, describing their roles, leaving Mu Jiu to greet them in her characteristically flat tone. The team observed the 20-year-old Ph.D. with curiosity and a touch of apprehension, noting her robotic demeanor, even in conversation.

Zhao Qiang, after observing her for a while, suddenly clapped his hands. "Right, Mu Jiu, as a criminal psychology doctor, do you analyze what we think or the kind of people we are?" His query piqued the curiosity of the team, unaccustomed to dealing with psychologists, except through television dramas, finding the field intriguing and powerful.

All eyes turned to Mu Jiu, a sense of anticipation arising. Encircled by them, the young girl replied in a deadpan manner, "I don't analyze the people around me."

Mu Jiu's blunt refusal created a tense atmosphere. Hong Mei swiftly interjected with a playful comment, "Of course, Mu Jiu primarily studies criminal psychology. Don't tell me you all want to be studied like criminals?"

Her joking tone diffused the tension, and everyone laughed, relieving the awkwardness. "Alright, everyone, don't crowd around Mu Jiu. Let's get back to work. Stone, sit next to her, and help her if she needs anything."

"Understood, Sister Mei," replied Shi Yuánfěi, as Mu Jiu settled into the chair beside him. He pointed to the dark rectangular object on her desk and said, "Mu Jiu, let's start by turning on the computer. I'll transfer some files for you."

Mu Jiu stared at the dark object on the desk and asked, "What is a computer?"

"Eh?" Shi Yuánfěi was taken aback. He repeated the question twice, failing to discern any hidden meaning. Finally, he said, "This is your computer. Feel free to use it."

"I've never used it," Mu Jiu replied firmly.

"Then, do you know how to turn it on?" Shi Yuánfěi was astonished. He wondered if she came from another era or planet. How could a Ph.D. not know how to use a computer?

However, in response to Shi Yuánfěi's query, Mu Jiu suddenly stood up, looked around, and then lifted her foot with a "thud."

"...," Shi Yuánfěi was left speechless by the unexpected turn of events. Mu Jiu, with her pitch-black eyes, stared straight at him. Even after a while of staring, he couldn't detect a hint of jest in her expression. "No, you've never used one?" he stammered.

Mu Jiu shook her head decisively.

"Well, do you know how to power it on?" Shi Yuánfěi was thrown off balance. He couldn't comprehend how a person with a Ph.D. could have never used a computer!

Facing Shi Yuánfěi's question, Mu Jiu suddenly stood up, glanced around, and then lifted her foot with a "thud."

"...," Shi Yuánfěi was speechless at this unexpected action. After a moment, he shouted to someone nearby, "Zhao Qiang, how many times have I told you not to turn on devices with your feet?"

"Yáng Lì, lead your team in through the front door. Wáng Hǎifēng, take the rest around to the back. Once Wáng Hǎifēng's team is in position, proceed inside."

Shortly after, the commander listened to the walkie-talkie and signaled Yáng Lì to advance.

With a single command, everyone burst in, conducting a thorough search of each room.

"No one!"

"No one!"

"Yáng, there's a little girl here tied up all over her body! Get the medical team here quickly!" The male officer holstered his gun, carefully untying the ropes binding the girl. He spoke to her gently, "Little sister, how are you? Don't be afraid; Uncle is here to rescue you. We'll get you out soon."

The girl with exceptionally dark eyes gazed at the person squatting in front of her, remaining silent. Assuming she was scared, the officer, after untying her, petted her head and handed her a doll that had fallen to the ground, trying to sound gentle, "What's your name, little one?"

The girl's eyes flickered slightly. Slowly opening her mouth, she spoke evenly, "I'm called Little Nine."

Chapter 2

[Tear off that layer of shackles and I will help you break out of your cocoon and become a butterfly and gain a new life]

In a swift and clean motion, Qin Yuan fastened his seatbelt, casting a sidelong glance at the person seated next to him. With a furrowed brow and a frosty tone, he questioned, "Was it your idea to stay at my place?"

"Yes," came the succinct reply from beside him.

"Reason?" Despite agreeing to the chief's request, Qin Yuan wanted to understand the rationale behind this girl's insistence on residing in his home. Even though providing her accommodation posed no issue given her homelessness, he detested not grasping someone's intentions. Maintaining control was Qin's principle as the team leader.

Wood Nine blinked, turning to face him. Qin Yuan met her gaze, waiting for her to speak.

"In Chief Gong's home, there are a father, mother,


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