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Master Brian's maid

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Jocasta
  • Chapters: 96
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 346
  • 7.5
  • 💬 5


Jane lost her family when she was young, she was captured by adopters and sold to traffickers. While on the run, Jane ran into Brian, who helped her escape the traffickers. Brian hires Jane as his maid but on the other hand forces her to submit unconditionally to his requests. A week has passed, Jane has gradually adjusted to life in the Lawrence mansion. Jane is used to Brian's irritation and scolding, she will not think much and be sad about it, Jane'll spend her time making things out of shells, which Jane enjoys most in her spare time. But Brian did not let her go, he forced her to stay with him. Brian looked at Jane with a ghostly smile and said: “Take off your panties and come closer.” Jane shyly took off her panties, she slowly approached Brian's side. He saw this and ordered further: “Sit on my lap.” Jane walked over to Brian and sat on his lap. Brian looked at Jane inquiringly, he continued: “Take off your shirt.” Jane slowly unbuttoned each button on her body. Brian looked at Jane without taking his eyes off her, he pressed his face to Jane's, reached out his tongue and lightly licked her cheek. He moved his tongue skillfully and gently down Jane's small lips. Then Brian touched her most private place, he used his hand to gently massage it, causing Jane to moan softly, slowly in and out. Brian whispered in Jane's ear: "Do you like it?" Jane shook her head: "Please stop.". Brian heard Jane say that and immediately laughed out loud, he stopped for a moment and then bit her shoulder hard, causing Jane to scream in pain: “Ah…Please, stop, I was wrong.”

Chapter 1. A Little Party

In the Granger mansion, Lady Matida was sitting in the garden, sipping a cup of tea and cake, take hand rubbing her stomach and smiling happily. While the maid Dina was busy baking cakes in kitchen, then out of nowhere, the cat Tom appeared, he snorted, smugly entered, he quickly jumped on the table, Tom noticed Dina's actions while using the table. His hairy hand wiped some butter and brought it to his mouth to taste.

Dina just brought the cake from the hot oven to the table, she saw Tom lick the butter on the small cakes and immediately shouted, the cat panicked and ran away, she caught the broom and immediately chased after Tom, run from the kitchen to the outside. The cat with a slender body and yellow-brown fur, he ran around the house, it made Dina tired to catch him.

When he ran to where the furniture in the house was, he threw it all over the place until Tom ran into the garden and broke the entire dining table prepared there, then the two of them, including Dina and Tom refused to stop. When Dina caught Tom, she kept the cat in her arms. Lady Matida rubbed her pregnant belly, stood up and said:

“Broken my whole little party, who will be responsible this time.”

Dina immediately brought Tom in front of Lady Matida, she saw this and said:

"Very well Dina, this time it's Tom."

Dina picked up the cat and locked it in one of the small cages, while she continued to clean up the battlefield. Lady Matida then said:

“We need more people here.”

So Matida called in Fern to help Dina clean, both of them quickly finished cleaning up in time to receive the guests. It was a small party to meet old friends of Mrs. Matida and Mr. Winston, and they wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the company's good business during the past year.

Finally, after a while of Dina and Fern working hard to quickly clean up after what the cat Tom caused, they also finished everything, they put the food on the table then it's also time for a few cars to come into the house, that are friends the two grandparents will welcome.

Mr. Winston came down from the house in a black suit and well-manicured hair. He walked over to Matida with a smile, gave her a half hug, and kissed her lightly on the cheek. He happily said:

"How's it going, honey?"

Mrs. Matida smiled and replied:

“There was a little bit of trouble from Tom but everything is fine now.”

Mr. Winston wittily said:

“Luckily Tom stopped in time.”

He stooped down, rubbed his hand gently on Matida's stomach, and asked softly:

"How are you, my Elise?"

Mr. Winston listened to the sound of his daughter's kick in wife's belly and smiled happily:

"She's probably very happy today."

The sound of cars coming into their courtyard grew louder and louder. Matida and Winston quickly went outside to welcome their guests. Everyone hugged and shook hands warmly, everyone was happy to receive the invitation to come here to attend this small party.

After that, everyone moved to the main gathering place of the party to chat and have a light breakfast. They chatted, laughed and laughed together, and toasted as Mr. Winston finished his small speech at the party.

The content of his speeches was simple, short and easy to understand, they included the fact that he invited everyone here today on the occasion of his meeting with an old friend Arlo after many years of separation and one more thing is congratulating their company have good sales.

Arlo was a dark-haired man with a tall, elegant build, he was dressed more politely than usual today, making him look even more like a rich man, equal to Mr. Winston. Arlo stood up with a smile, spoke with wings and full of affection to Mr. Winston, the kindest friend he knew.

Mr Wiston took him in while he was unemployed and became homeless when he was just released from prison last month for driving cause a fatal accident. He burst into tears while speaking to show his gratitude and affection to Mr. Winston.

Mr. Winston hugged his friend encouragingly when he heard his touching words. Everyone there clapped and cheered. They ate happily together.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a small bomb hidden inside the house exploded, fortunately Mrs. Matida and everyone were outside. Matida was provoked by the explosion and temporarily fainted, everyone ran out of the place in a panic. Mr. Winston immediately took his wife to the hospital while the surrounding was still chaotic.

Mrs. Matida woke up that night at the hospital, stroking her stomach with peace of mind after the doctor informed her that her health was fine. Matida happily says:

"Thank God, my daughter is fine."

She turned to Mr. Winston anxiously and asked:

“Is everything all right, Winston? Have you found the culprit yet?”

Mr. Winston shook head.

“It was a homemade bomb, no human damage was done. Maybe he just wanted a warning. I asked the police, they will find out soon. But one thing I'm sure the culprit is among our guests."

And a few days later, the police, after investigating all the guests at the party, could not find out who the culprit was. Then Mr. Winston tried to get Matida and his two servants to move to a new place to make them feel more secure.

It was a medium sized house in a rather quiet place, next to them there were several houses like that. Matida looked at the spacious house and said:

“This place is beautiful, I love it.”

Mr. Winston gave his wife a half-hearted hug and replied:

"It's all yours, Matida, and our daughter, Elise."

Matida looked at the room full of teddy bears in the room, she rubbed her belly and said:

"You'll love them when you're here."

The two of them lived happily in that house, everything was going very normally, until the day Matida gave birth to Elise. After a week of rest in the hospital, Matida returned to her home to be more comfortable.

Mr. Winston's work is getting busier and busier with short business trips, he is often not at home and that is the most obvious thing. Matida and her two maids together take care of Elise.

And one day, one of her housekeepers, Fern, received an important message from a cousin, who said their mother was seriously ill, so Fern had to take a temporary leave of absence to return to take care of her. Matida wasn't bothered or bothered by that. She can still take care of Elise with Dina. The maid Fern hugged her goodbye and got in a taxi to leave quickly. So now only Matida and Dina were left in the house, they took turns taking care of Elise.

Sometimes Dina's illness recurs, she often forgets the things that she did before, making Matida a bit worried, she intends when Mr. Winston returns, she will take Dina to the hospital for a check-up. As for now, normally, Dina still does not cause any trouble, she still takes notes every day to limit forgetfulness.

Chapter 2. Landlord Lawrence

Meanwhile, in a luxurious mansion, people living there are often referred to as the Lawrence family. One of the wealthiest families in that area, their fortune is estimated at trillions of dollars.

Brian is a five-year-old boy, he is naughty in the room, with a huge cake stacked high, below where he sits is full of expensive gifts.

Brian looked at his brother Matthew, ten years old in a chic brown suit, hurling arrows into the center of the circle. Suddenly Matthew looked at Brian and asked:

“Your birthday is pretty boring, Brian. Do you want me to do something fun?"

Brian was unpacking a present in a box with a bored expression, he threw a gift with a small teddy bear aside and replied:

“Tell me about it, Matthew.”

Matthew threw the name into the center of the circle and jumped to his young brother's side and said:

"Let's make a cake."

Brian understood what Matthew meant, the boy and his brother immediately ran inside the kitchen, mix


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