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Mafia King's Secret Temptation

Mafia King's Secret Temptation

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Tina, a girl with ambition and dreams ran away from her hometown to secure her future. Started her career from scratch but she was doing well. However, everything changes after her encounter with the mafia king of the City, Jordon Roy who knows nothing but to kill everyone who offends him. She faces countless difficulties and hardships, even violence because of him. She loathes him but too long before she finds out.................... the face which he hides from the whole World but couldn't hide anymore from her..... Despite his cruelty and ruthless nature, would Tina love Jordon or Will it turn into a dead end for them?

Chapter 1


Tina’s Pov

“Is this how your policy works? How can you guys be so indifferent about my situation? I am asking for nothing big but the information about my own bank account and it’s you guys whose responsibility is to clear me about it, am I wrong?” I demanded an answer as I showed my dissatisfied face to the manager.

I was anxious and furious at the same time. Plus the behavior the bank staff was showing to me was completely unacceptable. It was my account, in my name with my money and how dare they say nothing about the money being credited to my account every month for five months. Also my fifth visit to Bank.

As far as I know, that’s not my money, not in my dream I would have five million dollars in my bank account. Also, why am not being investigated for that money? Isn’t it how the law works but why was I not interrogated?

No, No I can’t do that, what’s the use of interrogation I, myself didn’t have an idea where the money came from. I had no idea who was sending the money.

And that’s the reason why I am here. The Bank where I have my personal and sole saving account of my life which has only a few thousand dollars has five million dollars out of nowhere which almost had me heartache.

But it was even weirder to deal with the bank officers. I came here to sort out about a person who sent me the money, taking a half day's leave from work which was so hard to get and here I was empty-handed. God, I hate my boss but more than him I hate these people. Totally useless freaks.

“Sorry mam, but we have already told you we can’t disclose the name of the sender, it’s against the privacy policy of our bank.” The Bank manager muttered while I was damn irritated with his same answer again and again.

“Wait, what? Privacy policy? Don’t you think my privacy is invaded, my account has been credited by someone I don’t know and you are talking about privacy policy? Don’t you think my privacy should be protected too?” I added as my head was going to burst because of their nonsense clarification which didn’t clarify even a bit for me.

No matter what I said, the Bank manager was not listening to me at all. All I can read from his head was to chase me away. I can’t find a single reason not to sue them.

“Listen, Sir, I need your help desperately. It is my right to know every transaction information about my bank account and you know it well. You might not know how much these heels are hurting my feet for standing and waiting to meet you for whole two hours so please understand my situation.” I know it would be no use to convince him but I tried in case he changes his mind.

“I do understand your situation mam we won’t be able to help you even if we want. Also, mam, you should be happy after receiving such a huge sum of money. Why are you complaining instead?” He said with an annoyed face and grumpy tone.

Argghhhhhh this man… He didn’t give me the answers but the bullshit.

“Excuse me. If it’s not my money then why should I be happy for someone else money? Sorry but I am not the type to use others' property. “I replied as I stared at him deadly.

Bank manager smirked as he shook his head. What an annoying brat! He just smirked at me, me. Well, that’s enough. I had enough and they did enough to make the maddest person in the world. He needs to pay for his behavior.

Before I said something, the telephone beside his table rang and he went busy on phone knowing I was there.

His expression was changing simultaneously as he looked more serious than before. I mean very very serious. But why should I even care? I only care about my business so he better get back to me on the topic.

And yes, he was taking way too much time on the phone. Who was it anyway? His girlfriend? Maybe his wife? No no, he looked too young for a wife. Must be his girlfriend but why was she calling on the bank telephone? Great, both of them are unprofessional. Made for each other.

“Hey, hey…..I am still here. Can we please get back to business?” I called him as he was completely ignoring my existence.

I was repeatedly calling him but he didn’t listen to me at all. That’s it. I thought it was time to show who I was. The legendary gang leader of a dreamless teenager back in my hometown. He was going to be dead meat now.

“Enough” I shouted to the manager as I stood up and bang at his desk. Well, that might have shocked the whole bank because everyone was looking at me like I was a weirdo. Oh, I forgot there were other people too.

Bank manager raised his right eyebrows and shrugged his shoulder demanding my behavior but I thought my action was needed.

“What? You are ignoring me for 20 minutes. Also, I did call you nicely but you seem to like someone who loves to be scolded. So don’t look at me like I have done something wrong.” I answered him and sat down.

“Actually Miss, you indeed did something wrong. You know what? I was talking to the manager of our VVIP client. And you just messed up everything. I had to drop the phone just because of your stupid ‘enough’. Now tell me, Miss Evans, how I am going to fix this?” he seemed angry, politely but yes angrily.

“How would I know? It’s none of my business. Also even though I am not your VVIP client, I am still your client. You should be concerned about my complaint too.” I backfired too with my eagle-gawking glance.

“No mam… I am sorry to say that I can’t help you anymore. Actually, you can go now. Our VVIP guest is soon arriving at our bank. So please kindly leave for today, Miss. You can visit next time.” Wow, that was so rude of him. My jaw dropped as he responded,

He told me to leave, not only he ignored me but he straightly told me to leave on my face. My jaw was almost falling from the insult he was dumping on me. Seriously, man, I was nowhere respected as a client.

I stood up again and started shouting at him, “How dare you to tell me to leave? You guys have respect for your customer and you preach customers are your first priority to you. you liars. Fuck you and your bank. Go to hell, you idiots.”

Before I would swear on them, guards came to me and grabbed my arm, and forcedly dragged me from them. All I was being dragged, the environment suddenly went busy when all the staff started being busy on phone and running here and there. Security was busy clearing the bank area and pushing all other people away from the entrance.

What’s going on? Was the manager telling the truth? Was their VVIP guest coming here for real? No way……. Because if it’s true, Tina dear, you were not in the state to face them. Literally, I was being dragged like a thief from there. Oh no, I was going to be the queen of laughing stock, even for their so-called VVIP guest.

Chapter 2


Tina’s Pov

“Take your hands off, I will go by myself” I shouted at the guards who were holding me like I was the culprit.

But they were not listening to me at all. It was just a matter of time before my whole self-respect was at stake. Though I wasn’t rich, I still had my pride and self-respect.

Well, I don’t think they would let me go, so I stayed still and hopeless. I could do nothing but make myself laughing stock. Once I reached the exit, I saw every individual halt and order us to halt too. Looked like their VVIP has arrived.

Bless yourself for humiliation Tina. Numbers of cars began to stop outside the bank, not a normal car but each of them was a Mercedes, Rolls Royce, or Lamborghini. No wonder, they were VVIP. Don’t look at them, I talked to myself and duck my head.

While I was staring floor, I could clearly hear the sounds of bank staff sugarcoating their voice to VVIP guests. So cheap people. They were the perfect example of mo


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