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Mafia King's Endless Obsession

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Shizuka
  • Chapters: 175
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 22
  • 7.5
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aren't you ashamed" "never prince" "stop following me" "I will follow you because you are my prince charming" "hooligan" she is from a highly rich family she is the only daughter to her parents she is the most pampered one and rich spoiled kid, arrogant, badass, perfectly a tomboy type she is a carefree and jovial girl where he is an orphan for whom study is the most important thing he is more determined towards his carrier and studies what happens when this arrogant girl falls for a handsome nerd what if she is obsessed of him more than anything and what happens if he hates her for her clingy nature will this couple gets united will this opposite poles attract to eachother will this handsome nerd fall for this pretty hooligan what happens when a beautiful girl chases a boy can any guys resists himself will this obsession will become love even if they are united what if destiny has some other plans for them can they escape from this deathly trap, can they live happily together can she accept another person what if she becomes obsession to the most powerful guy can she able to escape from his obsession can she imagine her life with another person other than her love "what do you want" "I want you kitty" "I don't love you" "I don't need your love I want only you" "please I beg you leave me" "in your dreams sweetheart" "why" "you are my obsession" who is this mysterious powerful guy how she became obsession to him why he wants only her to know more about the story join the journey of ENDLESS OBSESSION NOTE : this story contains mature content, BDSM, drugs, abuse and violence strictly for 18+ readers

Chapter 1: Prologue

What is love??

Is it just a four letter word

I know it's something more

Its held deep within

Concealed behind a door

Love is complication

It seems at manytimes

Unlike music you can't read between the lines

Like lightning that strikes when unaware

Love is like life......its not always fair

Love is the sun giving light to our darkest day

Love is the feeling that helps someone to know

What is love????

Did you ever fallen in the love with the person who hates you....

Did you ever felt hatred from the person you love....

Did you ever hided flowing tears within yourself while acting normal infront of everyone....

The blooming of love from hatred is it possible....

The love from many hurdles will it have a happy ending....

Viranica : I love you prince

Karthik : did you ever know what is meant by love playgirl like you never liable for love

Viranica : didn't you ever feel love in my words

Karthik : I feel only disgusted of you

Viranica : my love is true for you

Karthik : my hate is true for you

Viranica : I love you

Karthik : I hate you

Did you ever felt the pain when hearing the word hate from your loved ones.....




The story of two different mindset people

One is rich spoiled kid for whom everything is fun who never known the seriousness in life

She is beautiful, attractive, rich she has everything she owns everything which she likes loving mother and loyal friends perfect princess lifestyle......

Other one is a orphan who is hardworking career oriented person who owns nothing except his handsome features no family no friends he is simply a nerd and broken who works hard to fill his stomach

Can this playful girl learns the seriousness when she falls in love with a handsome nerd

She is obsessed of him he hates her what happens when obsession and hates collide will love bloom or turns into more hate .....


You asked if I love you ..

I said I don't ...

I don't love you...

I hate the way you talk to me...

I hate it when you stare at me...

I hate the way you read my mind...

I hate you so much ..

it makes me sick ..

It even makes me rhyme ...

I hate it....I hate the way you're always right..

I hate it when you lie ..

I hate it when you cry ..

I hate it when you make me laugh even when you're crying ..

I hate it when you're not around...

And the fact that you didn't irritate me...

I hate it when you didn't miss me..

Am I hating you or am I falling for you?? ♡♡

But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you...

Not even close

Not even a little bit

Not even at all ♡♡♡♡


I didn't fall in love with you..

I walked into love with you♡♡

With my eyes wide open

Choosing to take

Every step along the way

I do believe in fate and destiny

But I also believe

We are only fated

to do the things together...

That we'd choose anyway ...

And I'd choose you

In a hundred worlds

In any version of reality

I'd find you

And I'd choose you

I never believed in destiny

Until it led me to you

Never put much stock in wishes

But you made mine come true

Didn't think soulmates are existed

Then I saw you and I knew

That dreams became reality

With magic by two ...

You and me together born to create magic of love ♡♡




Two different worlds ...two different personalities ...two different status ....can they become one... ¿¿¿

We seen boy chasing girl for love everytime but for a slight change girl chases boy for love♡♡♡

The love through hate

the obsession through hate ...

Is the hate is going to play a major role in their life ...

What the destiny planned for them..

Destiny where do I find you?

Destiny where can I look for you?

Destiny where are you hiding?

Why are you hiding from me?

Destiny what are my options?

Destiny which door is open for me?

Destiny do you have anything for me that I might want?

Many question...they both have to find their answer...will they???

we might be heard about a triangle love story or one side love story but this story is totally different

viranica loves karthik

parv loves viranica

sarah loves parv

krish loves viranica

when you are in love with someone but if there are others who are head over heals in love with you and very obsessed...will they let you have a peaceful life???

let's see where this different angle of love story leads to and what happens in their life, who will win their love and who will sacrifice their love will this love story ever have a happy ending let's know about that in the journey of strings of fate......

Chapter 2: Introduction

♡Viranica Roy♡

Female lead

19 years old

Beautiful, Attractive, talented, intelligent, arrogant, rich spoiled kid

Only daughter to Mrs.Suvarna Roy who is biggest business tycoon

She loves to win at any cost she hates to loose she bullied many people but no one dares to raise a finger on her or raise voice against her

She is born with silver spoon, loving mother and loyal friends Parv, Rithik and Sarah

her pet Rio was the best buddy and little brother to her he is rare type of Australian breed pink parrot such a talkative bird

She is the leader of devils gang the other three friends of her follows her each and every orders no one is allowed to decline these four people's orders


Age : 10 years old

pet of viranica roy

he is the rare Australian breed pink parrot he is expensive and talkative

he is the little brother of viranica

though he is a pet he is the most pampered one after viranica



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