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  • Author: Shizuka
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 71
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aren't you ashamed" "never prince" "stop following me" "I will follow you because you are my prince charming" "hooligan" she is from a highly rich family she is the only daughter to her parents she is the most pampered one and rich spoiled kid, arrogant, badass, perfectly a tomboy type she is a carefree and jovial girl where he is an orphan for whom study is the most important thing he is more determined towards his carrier and studies what happens when this arrogant girl falls for a handsome nerd what if she is obsessed of him more than anything and what happens if he hates her for her clingy nature will this couple gets united will this opposite poles attract to eachother will this handsome nerd fall for this pretty hooligan what happens when a beautiful girl chases a boy can any guys resists himself will this obsession will become love even if they are united what if destiny has some other plans for them can they escape from this deathly trap, can they live happily together can she accept another person what if she becomes obsession to the most powerful guy can she able to escape from his obsession can she imagine her life with another person other than her love "what do you want" "I want you kitty" "I don't love you" "I don't need your love I want only you" "please I beg you leave me" "in your dreams sweetheart" "why" "you are my obsession" who is this mysterious powerful guy how she became obsession to him why he wants only her to know more about the story join the journey of ENDLESS OBSESSION NOTE : this story contains mature content, BDSM, drugs, abuse and violence strictly for 18+ readers


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