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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: EL JHAY
  • Chapters: 63
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 765
  • 7.5
  • 💬 16


Thousands of years ago, the Supreme ruler banished Lucifer and his two brothers, Lucien and Lucius, from heaven. They were casted down to earth as a result of their treacherous activities in heaven. The Supreme ruler placed a curse upon Lucifer because he was the one who led the those treacherous activities. The curse was that Lucifer would not find a soulmate on earth and even if he does, the soulmate would die. Lucifer regarded the curse as nothing until 3000 years later, when he finally met his soulmate. Rita Montero, a 23 years old lady, blessed with beauty and an endowed body. Lucifer was determined not develop feelings for Rita but he fell deeply in love with her. He got drowned in the ocean of love. The both of them loved each other so much that they couldn't live without each other. Lucifer became scared of the curse coming to fulfilment. He was scared of losing the love of his life. He was scared of losing the only person that added meaning to his life. Would the curse ever come to fulfilment or would their love prevail over the curse? Read this novel to find out.

Chapter 1

- New York City - (8:15am)"Leave me alone! Let go of me!" Rita shouted as two security men dragged her out of the company.She kept struggling to release herself from the men's grip but they were too strong for her.The two men finally released her when they got outside the company. A few people stopped by to take a look at what was happening and that infuriated Rita the more.Rita carried her handbag which fell down when she was being dragged out of the company. Then she packed her messy hair into a bun.She actually came for a job interview at the company but the CEO of the company couldn't resist his lustful desire when he saw how endowed Rita was.He tried to molest Rita but she almost beat him up and that resulted into her (Rita) being dragged out by the security men.Rita dusted off the dirt on her handbag while glaring at the two security men that dragged her out of the company.Her looks alone sent shivers down the spine of the two security men but they didn't let it show on their faces."Your perverted boss was lucky that the two of you came on time or else, he would have been rushed to the hospital" Rita said as she walked closer to the security men."But he won't be lucky the next time I meet him. I will make sure cut off his manhood and feed it to him then he will learn not to force himself on any lady" she added and the security men shifted back in fear."Make sure you deliver my message to him" she hissed loudly then she turned around and faced the people who were watching her."And what are you all still waiting for? Are you also jobless or what?" She asked angrily then the people started leaving one after the other."She is crazy" one of the security men said as Rita walked off. Rita waved down a taxi then she got in."Silver resturant" she said to the driver then he turned on the ignition and drove off.Rita kept mumbling some incoherent words and judging by the look on her face, one could tell that she was still angry.Rita stopped mumbling when she heard her phone's ringtone. She took the phone out of her bag then she checked the caller's ID.Alexa was displayed on the screen then she swiped green and placed the phone on her ear."Hello best friend" Alexa greeted cheerfully."Hey Alexa" Rita replied dryly."What happened Rita, you do not sound okay?" Alexa asked when she noticed the sadness in her friend's voice."I am fine but I didn't get the job" Rita replied with a soft sigh."Why? What happened? I mean, you've got the qualifications for the job then why were you not employed?" Alexa inquired."The CEO of that godforsaken company told me that he would not employ me unless I have s*x with him" Rita replied with an irritated tone."That's shameless of him, who on earth does that?" Alexa asked rhetorically and Rita scoffed."Anyways, where are you presently?" Alexa asked."I am on my way to another interview at silver restaurant" Rita replied."Alright then, I wish you the best of luck" Alexa said."Thanks a lot" Rita replied then she ended the call.Rita kept staring outside the window till she got to her destination."You've arrived at your destination ma'am" the taxi driver said then Rita got down from the vehicle.She paid the driver then she adjusted her black gown and her hair. She stared at the restaurant in front of her then she proceeded into the restaurant.She walked to the reception where she met a light skinned lady, who wore a red T-shirt with the name of the restaurant boldy designed on the shirt."Good morning ma'am and how may I be of help to you?" The receptionist asked with a smile."My name is Rita and I applied for the post of a waitress in this restaurant a few days ago so I came for the interview" Rita replied."Alright ma'am, this way" the receptionist said as she walked forward.Rita followed the receptionist till they got to an office. Manager was boldly inscribed on the door of the office.The receptionist knocked on the door twice then a masculine voice replied inside the office."Come in" they heard then the receptionist opened the door and the both of them walked inside the office.A man was seated on a chair with piles of files on his desk. He had a grey hair and he looked like someone in his early fifties."Good morning sir" the receptionist greeted the man, who was also the manager of the restaurant."Morning Bella, what brings you here and who is the lady behind you?" He asked, diverting his gaze towards Rita."Her name is Rita and she came for the job interview" Bella replied."Alright then, have your seat" the manager gestured at Rita."If you would please excuse me sir, I have to return back to my post" Bella said "Thanks Bella, you can leave" the manager replied then Bella walked out of the office."Good morning young lady, my name is Mr George and I'm the manager of silver restaurant" the manager introduced himself with a smile on his face."My name is Rita and asthe receptionist said earlier, I came for the job interview" Rita replied."Alright then, your CV please?" Mr George requested and Rita handed it over to him.Mr George flipped through the pages of the CV then he returned it back to Rita."From what I saw in your CV, your qualifications surpass the post you're applying for and that got me surprised" Mr George said and Rita chuckled lightly."Thanks a lot sir but qualifications don't matter these days because it's quite hard to find an appropriate job with those qualifications" Rita replied and Mr George nodded in agreement."I wish I could help you more than this but if you still want to work as waitresses then you're hired" Mr George said."Thanks a lot sir" Rita replied with a bright smile."No problem, you're to resume tomorrow by 8:00am" Mr George added."Alright sir, have a good day" Rita said then she stood up and walked out of the office.She got to the reception and she met Bella, the receptionist."Hey Rita!" Bella waved."Hi Bella, thanks for earlier" Rita replied."So, you got the job?" Bella asked and Rita nodded in reply."That's great!" Bella exclaimed."See you tomorrow" Rita replied then she walked out of the restaurant."Finally, I got a job" Rita said with a loud sigh. She took out her phone from her handbag then she dialed Alexa's number.Alexa picked the call after the the third ring."What's up Rita?" Alexa greeted."Guess what Alexa?" Rita asked."You know I'm bad at guessing" Alexa scoffed."You could have at least tried to guess but anyways, I got a job as a waitress at silver restaurant" Rita broke the news and Alexa squealed excitedly.Rita was so engrossed in the call she was making that she did not notice the oncoming vehicle."Ahhh!" Rita screamed in fright as the black Bugatti almost hit her.She fell on her butt as result of the fright. Her phone also fell on the floor.The driver of the Bugatti rushed out of the vehicle with a worried expression on his face."Are you alright ma'am?" The driver asked and Rita simply nodded in reply.The driver helped her stand on her feet then he carried her handbag and gave it to her."I'm so sorry ma'am" the driver apologized."It's okay, you don't have to apologize, it was partially my fault so it's fine" Rita replied then she continued walking to her destination.The driver returned back to the car and inside the car was Lucifer, seated with a stick of cigarette in his mouth."I'm sorry for the delay sir" the driver apologized in fear."Let's go" Lucifer replied with a deep and masculine voice, which sent shivers down the driver's spine.The driver turned on the ignition and continued driving.A low growl escaped Lucifer's lips as he remembered Rita's face.He puffed out a ring of smoke and waved the thought off his mind as he stared outside the window.

Chapter 2

Rita got to her apartment a few minutes later. She raised the flower vase at the side of the house then she took a key.She opened the door of her apartment then she walked in and closed the door.The apartment was quite wide and it was spacious enough to make her live comfortably. It also had a bathroom, kitchen and a toilet.Rita dropped her handbag on the couch then she laid on the bed and took her phone.The screen was a bit cracked as a result of the accident she almost got into on her way home."I hope it's still working properly." she said as she switched on the phone and fortunately for her, the phone was still functioning well."Thanks goodness!" she sighed then she placed a call across to Alexa."Are you alright Rita? I heard you screaming then your line suddenly went off, what happened?" Alexa asked worriedly immediately she picked the call."I'm fine Alexa


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