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Lovely Error

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Tricia Donald, the only child of her late mother remembers her death with anguish because she lost two things at the same time. First, she ignorantly gave her chastity to Hilary Stones, the future President of a leading cosmetics company that night to raise funds for her sick mother's hospital bill. Secondly, to her despondency, she returned to the hospital in the morning with so much funds she got from him only to discover that her mother was dead and she hated men and the will to live. Likewise, she went into hiding while carrying Hilary's pregnancy. She delivered a baby boy afterward and named him, Hilary. To her chagrin, three years later, she could not stop thinking of him. Unknown to her, Hilary hated women too especially her stepsister, Stephanie who lured her to him and could not think of another woman but her. She got tired of missing him and returned with his son that morning only to discover that he was getting married to her stepsister, Stephanie.

Chapter 1 Sisterly Deceit

At The Hospital

“Good morning, Dr. Wilson,” Tricia greeted him when she walked into the doctor's office.

"Have you raised the money for your mother's treatment, young lady?” He asked with levity.

“Not at all, doctor, and I wish you could assist further," she pleaded with a melancholic tone. The doctor was bored with her incessant plea for help and ignored her. After waiting for his response and getting none, she walked dejectedly to her mother's ward to check on her. She was still lying helplessly just as she was the day she was admitted five months ago. Afterward, she left in despondency. Oblivious of her environment, she trekked back to her house. She only realized that she walked a distance of three kilometers when she heard Stephanie's voice, “What? You look deranged, Tricia. Where are you coming from?” she asked with fake concern. With a worn-out voice, she responded, “From the hospital, of course.”

“This is crazy. Did you journey from the hospital to the house on foot?”

Presently, Tricia needed to rest before attending to her father. She sat on the balustrade on the balcony and answered, “Whatever.”

“I see. If I may ask, how is your mother's condition?”

“I wish it is good.”

“I understand how you feel, Tricia but I can be of help if you permit me,” Stephanie proposed. Instantly, Tricia's eyes widened with expectations and she asked, “Really?”

“Certainly. If only you are ready to accept the offer.”

At that point, she got down from the balustrade and inched closer to her, “You can count on me, Stephanie. I will do anything legitimate to raise money for Dad's and my Mom's health,” she promised.

Nevertheless, Stephanie sized her up. When she determined her level of desperation, she stated casually, “Well, I pray that you don't mess things up," and tried to walk away.

To stop her from leaving, Tricia held her dress tightly and pleaded, “Stephanie, I promise that I will not. Just let me know what to do.”

“I'm only trying to be helpful. Did you get me?"

"I got you. Let me hear the offer, please."

"Okay. A friend needs a cook and would pay handsomely. If you are willing to accept the offer, I will link you up," she stated and threatened to walk away again but Tricia held her. She smiled softly and accepted, “This is good to hear, Stephanie. I'm ready to resume at once.”

She scanned her again and advised, “In that case, you need to compose yourself and tidy up. He will not accept a disheveled cook.”

“A he?" She asked in bewilderment. Stephanie furrowed her brow and answered, "Yes of course. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Not at all. I will get ready at once,” she accepted and ran off. Likewise, Stephanie scowled at her and smirked in triumph, "Stupid girl. I will see how you would be seen as a good girl by Father after this."

She left for her room to dress up too. Afterward, she returned to the balcony. Tricia joined her after a while and met her on a call. Instantly, she summarized, “Okay, Hilary. We will be with you shortly.”

Thereafter, she looked critically at the dressed-up Tricia and commended, “Better but you need some fragrance.”

Tricia gave her a puzzled look and asked, “Do you mean cookery book or fragrance?”

To avoid unveiling her plans, she smiled, “Oh, Pardon my forgetfulness!" she apologized and said, "Let's go."

"I hope we won't be long. Father will need my attention soon."

Stephanie frowned and answered according to her belief, "Of course."

The desperate Tricia followed her without more questions.

At Hilary's Apartment

After his call with Stephanie, the twenty-two-year-old Hilary Stones, the future President of a leading cosmetics company, left his office at once with his strong security squad. Soon, they were at his expensive, impressive, and large estate. Although Stephanie was his girlfriend and had been sleeping with her that day, he desired someone else because he discovered that she had been cheating on him. To hurt her, she must get the girl for him. However, she frowned at it, "I thought we were through with this after my apologies. Why are you bringing it up again?" She pointed out but he insisted, "If you won't a girl for me, I will get one for myself and the relationship will be over."

To sustain their relationship, she had to get her naive half-sister whom she could manipulate for him. Meanwhile, his Assistant walked them into his lavishly furnished parlor that was richer than a palace and he received them happily, “Welcome and kindly take your seats,” he said and motioned them to the three-tier couch. Tricia looked on and Stephanie walked up to him and greeted seductively, “Hi, Hilary,” and he shoved her aside.

Without any fragrance, his interest was captured by the naturally beautiful Tricia who was nervous about the rich environment.

“Hello, beautiful lady,” he greeted Tricia without responding to Stephanie's greeting.

She looked at Stephanie for a signal and she nodded positively. Thereafter, Tricia looked at his handsome face and smiled softly.

“Good morning, boss. You can call me Tricia,” she stated and sat down.

Now, Stephanie's jealousy was aroused when she noticed the lecherous look in Hilary's eyes because she never expected such an emotional attachment. All the same, she took her seat.

“Wow! What a beautiful name. Stephanie said you are a good cook,” he praised and sat beside her. Instantly, she shifted away from him and moved closer to Stephanie.

“She is right. Thank you for the compliment,” she responded. Although Hilary had seen many girls in the past, he saw something special in Tricia and it gave him a different feeling. He looked at her nervous face, inched closer to her, and requested, “As a good cook, what will you serve me when I return from work?”

Tricia smiled and answered nervously, “I would serve fruits and nuts while I prepare your dinner.”

Now, her s*xy voice gave him a great arousal and he ordered, “You can leave, Stephanie. Her work starts now.”

The disappointed Stephanie who expected that he would sleep with Tricia for only a few minutes, send her away, and continue with her, was furious. She gave him a hateful look but he was obsessed with the beautiful eighteen-year-old girl beside him to notice her.

"What did you just say, Hilary?" She asked with anger. Tricia shuddered and looked at her angry face. To rub it in, Hilary did not look away from Tricia to spare her a glance but declared, "I don't wish to repeat myself."

Notwithstanding her feelings, she understood what he meant and to avoid more trouble, she got up at once and said, “See you later, Hilary.”

“Later,” he responded perfunctorily while concentrating on Tricia's attractive eyes. Meanwhile, she looked at her sister and said, "See you later, Stephanie."

At that moment, she was too angry with her and Hilary to respond. For that, she ignored her and walked away. Nevertheless, Tricia was uncomfortable with his dominance and inched away.

“Can I start my work now?” She requested, just to avoid his closeness.

“Oh! Certainly but you have to change into kitchen wear.”

“Okay, boss,” she accepted and attempted to get up but he was faster. He got up before her, helped her to get up, and demanded, “Come with me.”

She picked up her old purse and followed him to a luxuriously equipped kitchen.

“Here we are,” he announced cheerfully.

“Wow!” She exclaimed, “What a big Kitchen,” she commended. He was elated, looked at her, and asked, "Do you love it?"

"Yes. It is beautiful," she remarked cheerfully. He smiled happily and appreciated, “Thank you. I'm happy you love it."

Instantly, he unhung an open-back apron that was hanging on the wall and requested, "You can change to this.”

She collected it and said, "Thank you, for this."

Likewise, she tried to tie it at once but he objected, “No. You need to pull off your clothes or you will soil them.”

Chapter 2 Sisterly Deceit 1

The bewildered Tricia gave him a questioning look and he volunteered, “I can help you,” and began to unzip her dress. To fulfill her promise to Stephanie that she would not mess things up, she cooperated. He pulled off her clothes and left her with only inner-wear.

“Oh, My God?” he exclaimed when he saw her soft skin. Likewise, he began to pull off her inner wear and she showed discomfort.

“Don't be shy. It's only us," he urged.

Meanwhile, he noticed that she was still troubled and continued, "I'm only being helpful,” he comforted her. She looked into his smiling face and had no reason to doubt him. To prove that she was not a wrong choice for the job, she consented and appreciated, “Thank you, boss,"

“Good. I will teach you how to serve me. Are you willing to learn?”

“Yes, boss," she answered enthusiastically. Now, she was bare and covered her breasts with the apron. Hilary lifted her and kept her on the cab


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