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Living together, I fell in love with a rugged man!

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Rugged landlord vs. impoverished heiress, mutual pursuit + unrequited love becomes true + redemption + sweet and sour" When Chu Cheng first met Ye Wanwan, she accidentally damaged his car while fleeing for her life. With tears in her eyes, the innocent girl begged him to take her in and offered to work as a maid to compensate for the damage. Unable to resist this soft approach, Chu Cheng became her landlord. Living a rough life and speaking in a wild manner, Chu Cheng boasted an eight-pack abdomen, a burst of sexual charisma, and a pair of long legs enough to entice Ye Wanwan for a year. Accommodating in everything else, he was especially attentive to Ye Wanwan, never allowing her to settle. Whether it was about eating, dressing, or playing, he gave her wings to fly high, pampering her to the point where outsiders couldn't bear to watch: "Brother Cheng, you've spoiled her.

Chapter 1

" The night fell, and the bed began to creak, exuding passion.

The homestay in this small town is operated by Chucheng. Today is the weekend and all the rooms are fully booked.

The soundproofing in the rooms is not good. Chucheng was lying on the bed watching short videos when he heard the sounds of revelry coming from the next room, shaking the walls along with the ground. He couldn't do anything as he was the boss, so he could only grumble and get up to take a cold shower.

When he came out, the commotion next door had intensified even more. The heat that had just subsided surged back up. D*mn it, why is a single dog being troubled by this! Just then, he received a notification from the warehouse that a batch of goods had arrived. Chucheng picked up a black T-shirt and put it on his sturdy body.

Broad shoulders, strong muscles, distinct lines, and a few scars added a rough charm to the man. Beneath his flat stomach were a narrow waist and long legs.

At twenty-six or twenty-seven, with a crew cut and sharp features, he was a handsome man with a somewhat fierce look. His eyes were free-spirited and defiant, with a cigarette hanging from his lips. After getting dressed, he blew out smoke rings, and a hint of casual arrogance in his eyes added to his ruffian aura.

I can't stay here any longer, let's go to the warehouse! The long night dragged on, loading and unloading goods, sweat dripping down his muscles, until the heat in the air finally decreased slightly in the early hours. A gust of wind accompanied by barking dogs blew in, and Chucheng glanced at the time, which showed it was past three in the morning.

Meanwhile, in the old residential building. 

After being beaten by her father and locked in the storeroom, with no means of escape, Ye Wanwan, on the verge of collapse, climbed onto the window sill. This was the third floor, in a town without nightlife, with darkness all around. Looking down, the night seemed like a at any moment.

"You school? Do you think you're still the young lady of the city? You should accept your fate. Don't you want to cure your mother? Your father has found a good family for you, do you know the wealthy Zhang Xingwang in the town? You will marry him tomorrow, and the bride price is two hundred thousand. Your mother's treatment, your brother's education, and paying off the family debts, it's all settled! After that, you can continue to live a comfortable life. I've done my best for this family."

"In our countryside, what's the point of going to school? It's much better to marry well and support the family! When your brother has a future, will he still remember you? Tomorrow, you will just wait for the Zhang family to come and fetch you for the wedding."

The words of Lin Wancai, the gambling addict, were still echoing in her ears. Although she had only been in this family for seven days, he was not worthy of being called "Dad" by her.

As dawn approached, Zhang Xingwang, old and ugly, she didn't want to marry him! She had to escape, or she would be finished in the hands of that old man!

Trembling, Ye Wanwan stood on the window sill. Her hands, unaccustomed to the trials of life, tightly gripping the window frame. The wind lifted her plain skirt, and the chill seeped in along her snow-white thighs, while she was drenched in sweat, her beautiful face pale, her nerves taut to the extreme.

She was very afraid, incredibly afraid! But she had to jump to have a chance at escape. She didn't want to marry, she wanted to go to school; she didn't want to be a burden to her brother, she refused... Her life had to be controlled by herself, not by marrying just anyone!

With determination, Ye Wanwan closed her eyes and leaped.

Bang! Bang! Thud! Ye Wanwan's body hit a cardboard box, bounced off, and landed on the ground. The sound of her fall was particularly loud in the quiet night. Before she could feel the pain, she heard a coarse voice nearby: "D*mn!"

In the morning at eight-thirty, at the town hospital. 

Luckily, the examination results showed that Ye Wanwan had only suffered minor injuries. When she fell, the carton and van underneath had absorbed most of the impact.

It was already morning, and the sun was rising higher. Amid the blinding white light, Ye Wanwan saw a tall and imposing figure approaching, the man who had saved her and helped pay for her medical expenses.

"Are the results out? Did you break any bones?" 

Chucheng's deep voice, much like himself, gave off an intimidating vibe.

With broad shoulders and a narrow waist, his muscular body under the black T-shirt exuded a rough, masculine scent that was different from any of the male classmates Ye Wanwan knew from the capital. While asking, he reached for the documents in Ye Wanwan's hand.

Feeling somewhat anxious around him, Ye Wanwan shook her head reservedly. Chucheng saw that she was fine and tossed the doctor's gibberish aside, beginning to scold her.

"It's best that you're okay. You're so young, do you find jumping off a building fun? You're lucky to be unharmed, but my car and cargo suffered a big loss. The repairs, along with the cargo cost and the medical expenses I had to pay for you, add up to over ten thousand. So, tell me, how are you going to compensate?"

Chucheng's harsh questioning made Ye Wanwan feel very uneasy. With her head lowered and her body dirty from the fall, even though she landed on the car and did not suffer severe injuries, her elbows and knees were grazed and sore.

"I don't have money," she said timidly.

"I know you don't have money. Call your parents and have them come to pick you up, I'll talk to them too."

Chucheng looked at the young girl with a heart-wrenching expression, considering her injuries, and pulled out his phone, pressing the dial button and waiting for her to provide the number.

Unexpectedly, tears were welling up in the girl's misty eyes. "I don't have parents either."

Tutting, after an all-nighter and a huge loss, Chucheng's temper flared. "What's this, you're relying on me?"


Ye Wanwan really had no money, and she didn't want to avoid compensating him.

Not far away, his companion Xu Jie pulled Chucheng aside. He glanced at Ye Wanwan with a glint in his eye and lowered his voice, "Brother Cheng, she's a beauty! A beauty falling from the sky!"

"I'm not blind!" Annoyed by the deadbeat fair maiden, Chucheng glared at Xu Jie defensively. "What's on your mind?"

"What do you think? A beauty like her is a rare find around here. Does she not look like that celebrity we saw on TV yesterday? What was her name? Brother, give me a chance, or shall I help you solve..."

Chucheng smacked Xu Jie's head, "She's too young. You are shameless!"

Seeing his big hand, Ye Wanwan felt like it could make her cough up blood if it landed on her. Nearby, footsteps approached rapidly, and then, before she could even exchange any greetings, Ye Wanwan saw the sly face of Lin Wancai.

"Someone said they saw her enter this hospital."

"Mr. Zhang, I'm really sorry, but rest assured, I will definitely persuade my daughter..."

Wide-eyed and feeling cornered, Ye Wanwan had no time to exchange pleasantries. She immediately ran upstairs.

Conferring on a plan, Chucheng and Xu Jie, watching her actions, were momentarily stunned. "D*mn! Brother Cheng, she's running!"


Chapter 2

Chu Cheng's dark eyes sank, and his long legs had caught up. In the morning, the township hospital exuded a lazy atmosphere. Some patients had just gotten up, and the doctors were yawning as they came to work. The voices of Lin Wancai and Zhang Xingwang came and went in the corridor. Ye Wanwan was extremely afraid, ignoring her injuries and running upstairs desperately. Every thud of her footsteps felt like a stab at her heart. Suddenly, a large, rough hand grabbed the back of her collar and dragged her to a nearby corner.

"Running? You're running again! Ten thousand bucks, and you're scared like this, even daring to jump off the building. I thought you were tough," Chu Cheng said. With a strong grip, he held her slender swan neck with his large hand. His towering figure pressed against her like a mountain, and Ye Wanwan's back hit the cold wall, almost unable to catch her breath.

Then she heard the voice that made her despair.



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