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His Identity

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Rita Anderson is the daughter of the billionaire Lawrence Anderson. She was engaged to Edmundo Brabra, the Son of the Senate President Wilson Brabra.But she got acquainted with her chauffeur, Rodrigo Campbell. She fell in love with him and made him her personal guard. She discovers she can't live without him but he is poor, his identity no one knows except that he has a poor and sick mother that he spends his entire Income to take care of. When Edmundo discovered his fiancee was in love with someone else and not him,he investigated and discovered the fellow is her personal guard.He sent his men to take him off and his story was forgotten. Somehow, Rita discovered that Edmundo Brabra was responsible for the sudden disappearance of Rodrigo. She cut off her engagement with Edmundo against her parents wish until a secret was revealed. One day, Rodrigo returned, Rich, handsome, sweet and attractive with his true Identity to reveal. Who is he? Is he a hidden billionaire beyond the scene? Read to find out.


Rita Anderson walked smartly into the office building dressed in a grey skirt over a light blue chiffon blouse. Her jet black hair swished about as she responded to greetings from her staffs. She was the cynosure of all eyes, a typical example of beauty with brains. Not only did she come out with distinctions in school, she was also the best graduating student among her peers.

Rita was the daughter of one of Spain's most richest men, Lawrence Anderson. Lawrence was the chairman of the Anderson's group, a conglomerate that dealt with general merchandise and the beautiful Rita was a board member and also the current President.

At only twenty six years of age, Lawrence began his empire with a little income lent to him by one of his business associates. Steadily, he grew to become a force to reckon with in the business world. He was the ruler of an empire larger and more powerful than most countries.

He had no title or official position but was simply known as a business tycoon. He was one of the ten most wealthiest men in the world and his status was legendary. He could also boast of many assets he acquired over the years which includes large fleet of cargo ships, an airline, gold mines and newspaper agencies.

His tentacles were everywhere, inextricably woven throughout the woof and warp of the economic fabric of dozens of countries. The Anderson name was one everyone recognized, a name that everyone wanted to be associated with and this family was the one the beautiful Rita was born into.

"Good morning ma'am", her receptionist smiled, bowing a little.

Rita gave her a dazzling smile. She wasn't one to frown or nag her workers like most of her associates do. She had a heart and a good one at that. Her chaffeur, Rodrigo Campbell stood dutily behind her, holding her bags.

"Good morning Yasmin, how are you?",she said, signing in.

Yasmin was a beautiful blonde of medium height, slanted eyes and a gap tooth. She had been working for the Anderson cooperation for the past two years and she enjoyed every bit of it. As Rita signed the register that was compulsory for all workers, she waved a bit to Rodrigo who winked.

"Okay, I'll be in my office in case you need anything", Rita said.

"Yes ma'am", Yasmin said.

Rita nodded, making her way to her office. She walked into the elevators that took her straight to the topmost floor where all the executives of the organization had their offices. On getting to the lobby leading to her office, she met a face that she desperately did not want to see.

Edmundo Brabra, son of the Senate President, her supposed bethrothed. Rita sighed as she walked slower and she could tell that Rodrigo sensed this change of mood.

"Are you going to be alright with him?",he asked.

Rita loved this about him apart from his handsome face which was to die for, she loved his sensitivity towards issues like this. For sometime now, she had been looking closely at him, a little bit too much and she wondered if he even noticed.

"I'll be fine, thank you. Just drop the bags, I'll take it from here", she sighed.

Rodrigo hesitated a bit before doing as he was told. He left soon and Rita was left all alone with the man she disliked.

"Edmundo, how lovely to see you", she said, putting on a fake smile.

Edmundo was a tall man with brownish hair that was explicitly cut to suit his muscular face. Though he was handsome, he was a pompous and arrogant self centered man who changes girls like he changes his suit. Rita knew all about his escapades with different girls and some of the stories behind it. She shuddered to think about what those girls had passed through in his hands.

"Lovely to always see you Rita", he said, kissing her hands.

Rita tried as much as possible not to cringe but she could hardly keep the look of disgust on her face. She ushered him into her office much to her displeasure but at that moment, there was nothing she could do. She didn't want to appear rude as that wouldn't speak well of her and her family.

"So, how is business?", she asked, once they had settled down.

"Fine. Father is gradually handing over some of his businesses to me since he's almost at the age of retiring", he said.

"I see", Rita said.

Rita couldn't imagine what it would be like running the Senator's business. Even though she hated Edmundo's guts, she had to give it to him. He was a very good business man, one of the best.

"There's this dinner with some expatriates holding tomorrow evening at the Mansion, I would love to take you along", he smiled.

Rita couldn't help but think of that smile as a shark's. It was all teeth, no warmth. Sometimes, she wondered what women saw in him. Yes, he was handsome but she had a feeling that he had no joy in him.

"I think i might pass on that offer. You see, I have a lot of things to do and I'm not quite certain I'll be able to attend. I'm sorry", she said, politely.

"Oh come on Rita, tomorrow is the weekend. Surely you can make out a little time", he pressed.

Rita was at a crossroad now. She didn't know what to do. True, she was free but she just didn't feel like going out with him.

"Alright, fine", she said finally.

"Great. I'll pick you up by 6 p.m. Is that okay?", he said.

"Sure", she said, absentmindedly.

Edmundo rose to his feet, giving her a light peck on her cheek. She was horrified but she stayed put, there was no use being rude since he was about leaving. It would only extend his stay here if he took offence.

"Ciao my darling. I can't wait till we get married", he said, walking out of the office.

She sighed, staring out of the window while twisting her engagement ring absentmindedly. The ring was given to her by Edmundo a few weeks ago and the only time she put it on was when she was sure she would see him.

Rita shook off her gloomy feeling, going back to work. It was the last day of work for the week and she wouldn't waste it thinking about somebody as inconsequential as Edmundo.

"Ma'am, you have a guest", Yasmin said, through the intercom.


"Miss Theresa", she said promptly.

Theresa was Rita's closest friend all the way back in highschool. She was the daughter of a member of the Senate. Theresa was the only person she could count on to always tell her the truth. She was somebody she relied on, a friend indeed.

"Sure, send her in", Rita said.

"Right away ma'am".

Rita smiled, at least there was one person who could make her not so gloomy day brighter and that was Theresa. She couldn't wait to tell her all about Edmundo's visit, she knew that they would laugh over it. Theresa didn't like Edmundo. According to her, he was a self centered b*st*rd who cared for no one else except himself.

Rita was happy to know that she wasn't the only one who disliked him. It made her feel better.


"Honey, is that you?", Mrs Anderson said.

"Hi mum, yes", Rita said as she walked into the living room.

Her mother was watching a rerun of her favorite movie show, one that never seemed to grow old on her.

"Hey sugar, how was your day?",she beamed.

"Fine mum, I'm glad it's over for today. Edmumdo came over then Theresa arrived much later", Rita said, slumping on the large couch.

The living room was adorned with a sparkling chandelier that rested in the middle. The tiles on the floor were black but they sparkled when the powerful rays of the chandelier gleamed on it. This was the Anderson's Mansion, a building boasting of so many facilities and equipment one could hardly value the house.

"Oh how is Theresa? I saw her mum yesterday at the fundraising", May Anderson said.

Her mother's name was one they usually talked about often. True, she was born in the month of May but asides that, her parents thought it wise to give her that name based on ho


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