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His Blood Vessel

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Saratan: I lost everything when my celebrity boyfriend decided to dump me for a more…popular actress. I lost my dignity, my safety, my apartment, my savings… you name it. I was at rock bottom and then sunshine came flooding my way. Do I call it sunshine though? Being recruited against my will as a blood vessel and then indebted to a recluse vampire who ‘saved’ my life, is that sunshine? Dregen: My kind decided to make our existence known to humans and offered a ‘hand of friendship’ which they more or less grumblingly accepted but I do know for sure that the Vampire Royalties wants a little more than to just co-exist with what we call, “Preys.” Power…Power is their Ultimate target, but I don’t care. My hands are too full investigating the disappearance of vampires. Then she came barreling into my life. Saratan Credi. I don’t want her, but I’m stuck with her. My vampire hates her, but my wolf craves her presence like a man starved of water in a desert. She thinks I’m a good man…tsk… but what she doesn’t know is I don’t have a heart. It shriveled up and died right after I ran away from home, renounced my pack, my wolf, and embraced my vampire, my darkness.

Chapter 1

Saratan’s P.O.V"I own you, little vessel." His breath was icy against my neck as he leaned in, “Every drop of the blood thrumming through your veins belongs to me… and when you bore me, I’ll drain and stuff you."My pulse thudded erratically and I couldn't help the helpless tears that slid from my eyes, "P-please don't kill me, I don’t want to be a blood vessel…" I whimpered, feeling my bladder give up on me and wetness flooded my thighs.God, I didn't come here to f*ck*ng die. I came here to find a reason to live."Disgusting!" I heard his voice shriek as the pungent odor of my urine reached his sharp nose.I didn't dare turn my head to see his face, scared out of my mind that he would snap my neck if I did.Thank God I had left my hair down, it hid from sight the pulsing vein at the base of my neck."I'm... I'm sorry," I finally choked out, praying to whatever supreme being that sat on a throne in the sky to help me.A scream ripped from my lungs when I was yanked forward, my arm almost snapping off from the brute force.I came face to face with the evilest eyes I had ever seen and fangs that peeked from sneering lips. He had a scar that ran along his papery left cheek to his chin bare of any facial hairs.I thought vampires were supposed to be good-looking and kind… that's what you all portrayed in the books and movies.But this man looked like he dined and slept with Lucifer himself, probably his fifth brother (seven brothers of hell).Okay fine, maybe I exaggerated a little but this man was damned scary and ugly, he'll give Freddy Krueger a run for his money."Do you know one thing I'm f*ck*ng glad to be relieved of when I was turned?" He asked me, trailing a finger down the side of my face and I bit my lip to hold back a revolting gag.How am I supposed to know that, you idiot? I didn't say that though…"Answer me when I speak, dirty human!" I whimpered as he yelled into my face, his other hand wrapped around my arm, digging into the skin.What it sir?" A sob made my voice catch and seeing my weakness pushed the corners of his thin lips in a smirk.I wasn't always this crying mess but I don't think anyone would retain their bravado in the face of death."The disgusting excreta that leaves the human body." He leaned in and took a long hard sniff of the skin on my neck, causing spiders to crawl down my spine.He suddenly tsked, “You bore me already.”“What--?”My eyes bulged when I felt sharp blade-like teeth dig into my neck, slightly missing the tendons as they ripped off the tender skin.Pain shot through my entire being and I choked, tears spilling from my eyes as blood sprayed out of the wound, onto my face, and soaking every inch of my cashmere top.I got that cashmere top as a Christmas present from Alex… the f*ck*ng b*st*rd that put me into this situation in the first place.I am dying…and it's only fair that I tell you everything from the beginning and how I became vampire food.March 19th of 2012 was the day the supernatural made themselves known to the human world."We come in peace." They said, a warm smile on their cold, eerily pale yet stunning faces.They looked like they were from another timeline and walked with so much grace they competed with the British Royalty.Opposition from humans arose and the citizens of the United States rioted and protested for weeks.They didn't want the bloodsuckers to dwell among them."Why is it now they are making themselves known?" This was said by the aggrieved professor Mark during a TV interview, "What do their kinds want from humans?"That question spread like wildfire and before long it was spewed hatefully from the lips of Americans.What do they want from us?! They remained hidden for centuries so why are they making themselves known? Why now?!The vampires, with their elegance and superiority, answered, "We come in peace and it is time for us to cohabit with humans."Humans who were naturally scheming and hateful weren't to be persuaded so easily.And so they said the vampires were abominations from the pit of hell and should be cast right back.I initially thought that the humans were simply terrified of ‘shacking up’ with another race that was stronger than them. They were threatened by the grace and beauty of the creatures of the night. But in hindsight, they were right to be scared.Anyway, Anti-vampire groups were established, most belonging to the religious sect but the one with the most hate and power was the "Path to Light Church."Only they were no church. They hunted vampires and experimented on them… using their weakness, "blood," to lure them into their snares.In the daytime, Path to Light Church was simply an Anti-vampire group that wanted the best for the human race but at night, they became the terror that hunted innocent vampire children or younger vampires.The "vampire hunters" tried the mythical method of flashing a cross in the face of the vampires in hopes that they would be set ablaze but that was proven to be a fluke when vampires attended church services with them.They strung garlic around their doorpost but that didn't faze the vampires either. Unnecessary if you ask me because a vampire can't come into your place of abode without your explicit invitation.No one could ever guess that underneath the beautiful structure of the church laid silver dungeons where the abominations were kept.The guards poked at them with silver rods, as though they were wild animals with no emotions.But could these guards be blamed? The church told them that bloodsuckers were dead humans that came back to life, therefore they have no heart and weren't capable of human emotions.Aka Zombies, only better looking.The church operated successfully for three years until after so many meetings with the United States government and the beautiful Madeleine, the representative of the vampires–she is like their senator–they all finally came to a consensus.Vampires would be allowed to Cohabit with humans but on a condition.The vampires were forbidden to hunt humans and vice versa.Any vampire caught with human blood will be publicly executed by beheading… one of the few ways to kill a vampire.For the law to be properly enacted, human scientists and a few vampires collaborated and created a new lab-processed blood.During the initial stage, it went through lots of tests and reforms until the vampires said it was filling and was almost similar to real blood.It was called, "The Essence."It became legalized and distributed to all parts of the country.Within a year, Essence could be gotten in a local bar or from the grocery stores."It is working." Madeleine flashed her perfect set of gleaming white teeth at the balding congressman, 'I told you my kind was peaceful.'"Well," the man grudgingly agreed as he took her slim hands in a shake. They both walked out of his office, coming to a stop in front of the office building, a grey, depressive color. "We shall see.""Oh trust me, Flip," she winked at him as she settled into the Bentley parked close to the sidewalk, "Essence will be enough for my kind."But… in the dark recesses of their minds, everyone knew it was a lie.Nothing could equal the euphoria of tasting the warm blood of panic-stricken prey as it fought for its last breath.The church knew this too but because of the new law… their unlawful and wicked operation had to be done even more secretly.The old vampire council also knew how hard it'd be for their kind to adapt to that shitty mixture, so they secretly created "The Blood Vessel."Simply put, black market human blood.But unlike, the wicked ways of man, Vampires didn't hunt humans or coerce them with vampire magic…they simply recruited willing humans who wanted to serve vampires as their blood slaves.So this is where I come in… Saratan Credi, the stupid human girl with a death wish.

Chapter 2

Three months ago

Do you know that feeling when a lot is happening around you…like you are seeing so many things occur but it’s as though you are watching from the sidelines? It’s as if you are not directly concerned nor affected by those things because let’s be frank, your life is going pretty well, right on track and you don’t give a shit about the world?

Well, if you can relate to that, that’s exactly how I feel.

I have somewhat my dream job, and a dream relationship and so I am happy.

I’m not where I want to be but hell, I’m not where I used to be so a win, is a win!

The Vampire Apocalypse—as termed by the media—that occurred five years ago has nothing to do with my life and I couldn’t care less about it.

I have never come in contact with a vampire and I don’t wish to.

Not that I have anything against them. Ha-ha, let me let you in on a little secret. I, Saratan Credi, the most straight-faced goal-getter in RainCloud Works secretly harbor


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