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licia khelanie

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About me

I love my readers and i love engaging with y'all! Give all my books a read. you will be glued it every steamy page and some scenes will surely make you smile. thanks for your endless support. XOXO


His Blood Vessel
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Saratan: I lost everything when my celebrity boyfriend decided to dump me for a more…popular actress. I lost my dignity, my safety, my apartment, my savings… you name it. I was at rock bottom and then sunshine came flooding my way. Do I call it sunshine though? Being recruited against my will as a blood vessel and then indebted to a recluse vampire who ‘saved’ my life, is that sunshine? Dregen: My kind decided to make our existence known to humans and offered a ‘hand of friendship’ which they more or less grumblingly accepted but I do know for sure that the Vampire Royalties wants a little more than to just co-exist with what we call, “Preys.” Power…Power is their Ultimate target, but I don’t care. My hands are too full investigating the disappearance of vampires. Then she came barreling into my life. Saratan Credi. I don’t want her, but I’m stuck with her. My vampire hates her, but my wolf craves her presence like a man starved of water in a desert. She thinks I’m a good man…tsk… but what she doesn’t know is I don’t have a heart. It shriveled up and died right after I ran away from home, renounced my pack, my wolf, and embraced my vampire, my darkness.

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“I am positive Dylan”. She wailed, breaking down in tears and he ripped the envelope open still staring at her in confusion His eyes speedily skimmed down the content of the envelope and he dropped back on the chair, lost in thoughts. Love can’t be washed away easily, Dylan loves his wife immensely and would he literally do anything for her or not? His love for her was tested when the very basis of their relationship was broken and her dark past comes to haunt both of them. Vanessa a beautiful newly wedded who wants nothing more than to grow her new family in love and passion gets thrown off her course when the result of the HIV test she took comes out positive. What would Vanessa do to keep her marriage? Will she leave Dylan and go back to her ex or would she fight for her marriage and the man of her dreams. Dig into this page turning book and find out Dylan’s wife past.

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“Yes, I am Dom. Your dom.” Did he say that last part or I imagined it? Letting out a shaky breath, I slid away from his lap. The front of my panties, scraped against his lap slowly as I slid from him and his light grey eyes darkened. I had no idea my pussy was so drenched that it left a mark on his pants. Jesus! Who is this man and what has he done to me? Soon I was seated beside him, his thighs pressing close to mine as we both drank. Electricity kept shooting tingles up my legs and I felt light-headed. He was silent and I suddenly felt nervous like I needed to speak to this deliciously fair man that sat brooding. Clearing my throat, I tapped his leg—unconsciously on the spot my pussy left—and he looked up, smirking at me. My mouth went dry immediately. “Is there something you want?” he asked. “Uh…No, I mean yes. Is this normal for you?” His handsome features morphed into a frown, “Having a girl leave a wet spot on my pants or taking wine in a bar?” I just discovered that my poor, useless, and filthy father who died a month ago left me a luxurious Cabin in Bakersfield. HOW!? Wish I insisted on that question. I shouldn’t have taken the plunge and moved into that house, but I am a broke, poor virgin and will soon be homeless, so I did. It might as well be the worst or best decision I have ever made because, in 12 hours, my life changed. COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER ON THE BOOK COVER!!!! contact the author for it to be removed if there is an issue


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