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Hello! Mr. Billionaire

Hello! Mr. Billionaire

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“Mmmn Zane” I moaned amidst the heat of passion. The s*xual urge was inevitable. “Imagine i’m right in front of you” He sounded soft, s*xy and seductive. “I can see you, shirtless with s*xy abs you’ve showed me” I imagined his naked figure in front of me. “Good. Now Imagine everything you wanna do to me. I can also see you with a s*xy red bra on, revealing those juicy b*obs” “Mmmn I can feel your hands on my b*obs” I moaned loudly. There was a sudden knock on the door, disrupting the s*x call that felt almost real and I was extremely aroused. I disconnected the call, to get the door. “Hmmn Finn” I moaned his name coldly; allowing him in. “Hi Rita” He smiled innocently. I stared at him seductively, I saw everything Zane told me to imagine earlier. Naked, hot and sexy! I drooled, heavily aroused and engrossed in my dirty imagination. I jumped on innocent Finn, pinned my body against him and began to kiss him deeply. Looks like Finn understood the assignment. He didn’t resist, he lifted me bridal style, laid me on the couch, yanked off my clothes. ~~ He satisfied my s*xual desires and made me feel like a woman. I gave Finn my body and I didn’t care but unknowingly to me, it was the greatest mistake of my life.

Introduction; The Spinster

Rita's POV

Is it just me or it’s generally difficult to find whom to spend the rest of your life with?

To start with, ‘I do not fall in love easily and now, love wouldn’t just go my way ‘cos I’ll never open my heart to anyone again’ It funny how this statement is coming from a lady in her late twenties yet still single. Ugh! that’s what brings about my presence at my parents’ place or their presence in my house.

Sadly, last summer I was in a relationship, drunk in love with Jared but this year, there’s no Jared, no new partner, and no feelings for anyone. I’m all by myself because

I didn’t hear from Jared anymore nor have I even met him in real life.

There was this dating app, ‘LOVE-STATION’ it crashed a few months ago and destroyed a lot of relationships including mine. I met Jared on Love Station, chatted, and dated till it was high time we met physically and take things to the next level. Perhaps, I would have been a Mrs by now but unexpectedly, the app malfunctioned and crashed abruptly, and this erased every single contact since it was all connected.

I lost all contact with him and my loved ones but it was easier to reach out to other loved ones because I have known them all my life; they were families and friends unlike Jared, a boyfriend whom I only just met.

Somehow, I strongly believe that one day Jake and I will cross-path again. So it’s difficult for me to move on or love someone else 'cause it’s almost like a rebound. I've waited and waited, whereas time wants for no one. Even pressure from parents and friends has hit me so hard, now I'm reluctantly hesitating to love again but definitely wouldn't be anonymous or on a dating platform like my previous relationship.

“Aargh" I spurred unwillingly and tiredly.


I arrived home, late and exhausted after a very hectic day at the studio that day.

My work alone makes me a jealous freak, like I see people getting married almost every day.

Today, after trying my best possible to make the newest Bride look kinky as ever. She returned for another layer of Makeover; guess what happened to the pretty face I painted earlier - It was ruined while her groom was crashing her lips.


Hmm, Maybe not Eww, 'cos I don't know how or what it feels and tastes like.


Aw, the life of a spinster. Welcome to my humble abode; where everything you'll find here is SINGLE; just one toothbrush in the bathroom, a single pillow on my giant spacious bed meant for two, and FEMININE too; my dresses, handbags, shoes...Not by mistake would you find a male belonging in my house.

Haven had dinner, I threw my wearily self on the chair and rested on it for a while before pulling off all of my clothes. I have the house to myself alone anyway.. so I do not need to flinch.

I reached out for my phone. Whenever I'm bored, when there's no one to talk to, here’s what entertains me.

I lay down on the couch comfortably, powered on my phone, and swiped through the screen randomly.

Back then, I was addicted to Love Station and I couldn’t wait to log in and chat with my lover. Now it’s all gone. Back to old Kikachat social media,  it’s for everyone and it’s not a dating app but I mostly chat with only two people here;  Adams and Evelyn. They are my colleagues and best friends probably because I communicate with them almost every day but unfortunately, at the moment the last time they were active online was a few hours ago.

I sighed; bored and tired, and I wasn't even interested in chatting with anyone else.

I scrolled and swiped up and down through the list feed category.

But then, the first post I came across was thus;

'  Happy First Wedding Anniversary. Do you remember what your Wedding pictures look like? Here they are; Look at you now. Marriage changes a whole lot of things!"

I scorned jealously yet I checked out the beautiful pictures though; The bride's long white gown was sweeping the floor.

Oh God! When would I get to wear a wedding gown to an altar alongside a prince charming?

I scrolled up ~ away from the anniversary post and there was another post about a wedding.

It goes thus:

~' Happy married life Bestie, It's time to stop searching for it here and there, and lucky you, You're getting it all in one

I scorned and checked out the pre-marriage photos, -At the beach, at a restaurant, and the last picture, they were sharing Salivas ~ Kissing.

I didn't know I was praticalizing it until my lips came in contact with the couch-throw pillow.

"Jeez, what am I doing? " I snapped at myself and threw away the pillow to the next couch.

I sat upright and continued to scroll up before I get pensive.

Next post;

“The newly wedded Bride and Groom were caught making out in the restroom while the wedding ceremony was still going on"

"What! " I covered my mouth, laughing out loud.

Well, Maybe they just couldn't wait for it.

But wait!

What's happening? Why is every post I scroll across all Weddings? Weddings here and there.

I screamed after I scrolled to the fourth post and noticed it was also saying something about a Bride. Then I suddenly remembered I intentionally followed a group yesterday and the group name is "Find A Partner

& Get Married"

Yeah, I joined the group intentionally but it's not like I joined the group with my intentions.

My Mom called yesterday, swore, yak, and yelled at me - saying there can't be two old ladies bearing the same last name. I must have been very frustrated to have joined the group.

I sighed  "But this isn't what I want” This wedding and marriage epistles are only fueling up the frustration.

“I gotta unfollow the group” I snarled.

And began to search for the "Leave group" option but a message notification popped in.

"Oh yes finally, they're active again; Evelyn and Adam. Here I come” I said happily, suspending what I was about to do. I anxiously clicked on the chat icon to reply to the message but surprisingly the message was neither from Evelyn nor Adam.

"Who's this woman? " I wondered.

Checking out her profile and biography.

Janet Johnson ~ That's her name and I would have ignored it if it were a guy. These days, I do away with online conversations with unfamiliar guys ‘Cos it might end up leading to a romantic one then boils down to proving avail like what happened between Jared and me.

~>"Aren't you gonna give me a reply, you've already seen my message" Another message from Janet Johnson popped in and I sighed and said aloud: “Alright, Alright"

~>"Hello dear" I sent back to her.

~>"How are you and how was your day? " She replied almost immediately.

It was stressful but I shouldn't say that to her because she might ask why it was stressful, what I do for a living and I might end up telling her all about myself without knowing her too well.

~>"My day was fine. Thanks" I replied, simply.

~>"My name is Janet" She introduced herself.

~>"Rita" I sent back, uninterested.

Well ain't good at chatting with strangers.

~>"Miss Rita or Mrs Rita or just Rita? " She asked and I begin to wonder if she was someone close to me or someone who knows me, and sent her to me.

I glared at the message thinking of what answer to give her, a lie or the plain Truth?

~>"Anyways, I'm Mrs Johnson and my maiden name is Janet. I'm married with four kids and to a loving husband" She sent this and I scorned her enviously; her photos look young and she was slaying like a lady but she's married even her introduction sounded like an old woman.

I'm married with four kids, I mimicked as if I could hear her voice.

What's my business with that? Who cares, why is she telling me?

I snubbed her message but she sent another.

~>"Well, I'm a member of the group 'FAP&GM' "

~>"What's FAP&GM? " I curiously asked.

~>" Find A Partner

& Get Married"

Oh. That annoying group I recently joined and it's bringing me videos and photos of the newly wedded couple.

~>"So are you married? " Janet Johnson asked me.

Questions like this freak me out and aside from that it hurts me emotionally, does my uploaded pictures look like I'm married or do I look old already? Seriously.

I huffed and made a little delay before responding with a sharp capital letter;


~>"Oh" She responded immediately.

Wait a minute, why does she respond quickly to my messages? Am I the only one she's chatting with right now?

I rolled my eyes and dropped my phone on the couch non-challantly but I had to pick it up instantly 'cos it beeped.

~>"Well, next year I'll be celebrating my 20th year in my sweet marriage" Janet Johnson sent.

"Oh well, Good for you. It's none of my business. Stay with your husband and take good care of your four children. End of story" I said aloud, I was so pissed off.

I wish I could type it down that way too and send it to her but you know... Sometimes, one has to be polite.

~>"Okay" That's all I could t

~>"Don't you think we need to know much more about ourselves? Like; why aren't you married? Your pictures don't look under twenty. So what's stopping you? " She asked, sounded like my mother.


~>"My very own private reasons!" I responded a bit rudely.

~>"Oh really? Just so you know and you can check if you want to. I'm in charge of FAP&GM. That's simply because; I'm a matchmaker, I can help you find Mr Right wherever he is, Like I've just said ... Nineteen years in marriage, I know much more about Love than Google or Wikipedia and I also can bring back together two separated lovers.

So by the way, do you already have a lover, perhaps there's an issue between both of you and it's probably what's stopping you from getting married. Tell me" Janet sent.

My eyes remained bulged as I read the long text. Didn’t I just tell her that It’s private?

Seriously! What's with this girl? Woman, Old lady.. whatever.

I don't even know her. She's tryna force words outta my mouth.

She's tryna make me tell her about my love life in a long-note form.

I don't care about how long she has been married or how good she is when it comes to the subject of LOVE. All I know is that It's none of her business and she's only trying to Poke nose.

~>"Well, right now I'm feeling so tired and sleepy" I lied.

~>"Good night" I included with a feeling-sleepy Sticker.

~>"Good night Rita, nice chatting with you, We'll continue from where we stopped at, tomorrow. Have a sweet night's rest" She said.

I swear! I’m not gonna reply to that last text nor will I chat with her tomorrow or ever again.

Instead, I checked up on Evelyn once again. She wasn't still online. What's with her and Adam, they both went offline at the same time. Also, they’ve been acting suspiciously at work today.

I was still bored and I wanted a friend to chat with, not Janet Johnson and not someone new.

I decided to just continue scrolling through the Gistfeed till Adam and Evelyn are back online but then my eyes caught something.

Janet Johnson was typing.

Oh For crying out loud;

no no no, not again.

I turned off my network signal connection instantly, powered off my phone, switched it off, and threw it on the next couch.

Free me, please. Who the hell is this Janet Johnson?


To Be Continued

A strange guy

Rita's POV

I didn't know when I fell asleep on the couch... With my phone carelessly on the floor.

I slowly opened my sleepy eyes and my glance stopped exactly at my mini wall clock.

" Christ! " I exclaimed and jumped up immediately.

10:25 am?

How can it be 10:25 am already? when I'm supposed to be at work by 9 am?

"Oh My God"

I stood up, confused about what to do first...

Is it to run into the bathroom or to quickly make my breakfast?

“What am I thinking of, Breakfast should be the latter or I should just forgo it,” I said rushing into the bathroom, pulling off my undies and littering them on the floor.

Life of a spinster, I'm careless with my undies and panties.

No guy visiting is the key assurance.


I ran out of the bathroom almost immediately, sure that my body was no longer soapy, wet but yes! Clean.

I hurriedly put on simpler cloth; a baggy top and somew


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