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At this point Habitah could feel his little man poking her which made her feel a little aroused. “I’m sorry, are you upset with me?” Ace asked her in a relaxed tone which obviously turned Habitah on. “No I’m not” she said calmly leaning fully on his body. After hearing that, Ace slowly took off her bra and loosened her underwear. While he did that, he gave her a long and passionate kiss as he continued to take off her underwear until she became bare in the tub with him. Habitah looked at him directly in the eyes and whispered to him saying “I thought you said you weren’t going to touch me today?” “Do you want me to stop?” Ace asked her in a relaxed tune as she shoved her head slowly.…. In a world where mistreatment and despair define her existence, Habitah Henshaw battles against low self-esteem, depression, and shattered relationships. When her father's passing throws her life into disarray, she musters the strength, aided by her loyal friend Aisha, to secure a job at one of America's most influential companies. There, she encounters Ace Carter, a charismatic and affluent billionaire who becomes her boss. Desperate for money due to her dire circumstances, Habitah engages in a clandestine affair with Ace, who compensates her handsomely. As their forbidden relationship deepens, Habitah falls passionately in love with Ace, even though he is already married to the callous Chanel Carter, a woman determined to destroy Habitah's life. Will Ace save Habitah from his ruthless wife's wrath? Can their love withstand the trials that lie ahead? Uncover the gripping tale of sacrifice, passion, and survival as their fates intertwine in an epic struggle for love and redemption.

Chapter 1

Habitah’s POV My name is Habitah, yes I know, in this modern day time I still answer a name which sounds like that of an acient goddess. Well who am I to complain? I am the only child and daughter of Mr and Mrs Henshaw. My life went smoothly until I lost my beautiful and caring mother in a fatal car accident. As usual my mom comes over to pick me up from school, but unfortunately, one day, on our way home, we got involved in a ghastly car accident between two trailers. How this accident occurred, I can’t remember vividly, all I can remember is that my mom’s break failed and I could see ourselves heading towards the two trailers. We (me and my mother) were both rushed to the nearest hospital, the people who rushed us to the hospital, saw my moms phone and immediately called my father who was busy at work, it was easy for them to identify my father’s number on her phone because she never placed a password on her phone and she had save my father’s number as “My Love” she’s such a romantic woman. My father rushed immediately to the hospital after receiving the call only for him to receive the bad news that he had lost his wife and only me survived. My father had become so depressed since then, after my medications and all that, I became better, but my father never did, I would always go to his room to see him but whenever I go there, I would see him talking to my mom’s picture which was really sad to watch and to be honest this broke me, it destroyed me real bad. Sometimes at night I intentionally go to his room to sleep with him so he wouldn’t feel lonely. There was a particular night I went to his room to sleep with him like I usually do and he opened up to me about getting me a new mom. “Cupcake?” my dad said calling out to me with the nickname he had given to me. “Yes daddy” I answered him lying on his laps. “How would you feel if I told you that I got you a new mom?” My dad asked me as I raised my head from his laps and sat up properly. “A new mom? Do they sell moms? I thought you could only have one mother in your entire life and that’s the woman who gave birth to you” I said being all confused from what my father asked earlier. “No hunny” my father said laughing. For the first time in a while I saw my father laugh and this immediately made me happy too. “So what is it daddy?” I asked my father with a smile on my face. “Your mother could be any woman who shows you the love and affection a mother shows to her child. It doesn’t have to be the person who gave birth to you. It could be any woman who shows you that motherly love. Once you’re comfortable with her, you can then refer to her as aunt or mother if you want” my father said smiling as he rubbed my hair lightly. “Ohhhhhhhh, that’s nice, then aunt Lulu is like a mother to me because she treats me like her own daughter” I said smiling. “Exactly my love” daddy said as he smiled at me. “So daddy did you get me a new mom?” I asked being naive. “Well Daddy met someone he loves, and he thinks she would also be the perfect mother to you” he said as he smiled. “Daddy really?” I asked feeling excited. I love my mother but seeing my father this happy again made me even more happy. Everyone feels lonely sometimes and they would also need someone to be there for them. I know my mother would be happy in heaven seeing how happy her husband is after being depressed for a very long time now. “Yes my love” my father replied to me. “Okay when do I get to see her?” I asked my father. “You’ll see her very soon I promise” he said as he rubbed my head lying me down on his laps. While I lied on his laps I continued to wonder who this woman could be, I can see how happy she makes my father be just talking about her. I don’t know but the way he smiled replying to everything I said made me feel comfortable. I had no other wish rather than to see this woman. All I cared about at this particular moment of my life was my father’s happiness and nothing more. I thought meeting this woman would be a great thing in my life not knowing that it would be the start to the end of my woman sanity. One sunny afternoon after the driver dropped me home from school. Yes my dad got me a personal driver because he was a busy man, he’s always attending meetings during the day which doesn’t allow him come pick me up from school Like my mother used to before she passed away, Rest In Peace mummy. Back to what I was saying, one sunny afternoon when I got back from school. I went into the house and heard strange noises coming from the kitchen. I wondered who that would be, because we didn’t have a nanny and daddy never told me he was bringing in one, so I thought it was aunt Lulu, i quickly rushed to the kitchen to say hello to her, only for me to get to the kitchen and see a tall beautiful woman fair in complexion cooking in the kitchen, I stared at her in confusion, she looked really pretty, I know I shouldn’t be saying this but she looked prettier than my mother. She turned away from the sink and saw me looking at her. “Oh hey, little girl, you must be Habitah” she said smiling as I nodded my head. “Well, I’m Maria, your dad has told me a lot about you and you sound like a sweet and loving girl” she said smiling as I smiled back at her. “Alright dear, you seem shy” miss Maria said as she continued to prepare the dish she was making before i interrupted her.

Chapter 2

“So how about I let you go rest, you’re obviously just coming back from school” she said looking at my school uniform. “so I’ll need you to go upstairs and have your bath, and if you want to, you could come back here to have your lunch” she said smiling at me as I nodded my head and left the kitchen to my room. Getting to my room I sat on my bed and continued to think about Maria.

“Could she be the one my father talked about?” I said as I looked at my mother’s picture which was framed in my room. I decided not to over think about it and wait for my father to come back from work so I could confirm it easily. At around 8:00pm my father came back from work like he usually does and went upstairs to his room to freshen up. I wasn’t aware when he got into the house until I heard him call me from downstairs. “Daddy! Daddy is back!” I said happily as I quickly ran down the stairs to go meet him. “Careful hunny” my father said as I ran down the stairs and hugged him.

 “How are y


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