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Princess Dinex

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At this point Habitah could feel his little man poking her which made her feel a little aroused. “I’m sorry, are you upset with me?” Ace asked her in a relaxed tone which obviously turned Habitah on. “No I’m not” she said calmly leaning fully on his body. After hearing that, Ace slowly took off her bra and loosened her underwear. While he did that, he gave her a long and passionate kiss as he continued to take off her underwear until she became bare in the tub with him. Habitah looked at him directly in the eyes and whispered to him saying “I thought you said you weren’t going to touch me today?” “Do you want me to stop?” Ace asked her in a relaxed tune as she shoved her head slowly.…. In a world where mistreatment and despair define her existence, Habitah Henshaw battles against low self-esteem, depression, and shattered relationships. When her father's passing throws her life into disarray, she musters the strength, aided by her loyal friend Aisha, to secure a job at one of America's most influential companies. There, she encounters Ace Carter, a charismatic and affluent billionaire who becomes her boss. Desperate for money due to her dire circumstances, Habitah engages in a clandestine affair with Ace, who compensates her handsomely. As their forbidden relationship deepens, Habitah falls passionately in love with Ace, even though he is already married to the callous Chanel Carter, a woman determined to destroy Habitah's life. Will Ace save Habitah from his ruthless wife's wrath? Can their love withstand the trials that lie ahead? Uncover the gripping tale of sacrifice, passion, and survival as their fates intertwine in an epic struggle for love and redemption.

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“Any woman who by chance becomes the first alpha to this pack, shall not be mate with anybody lower than her title, she must only be a mate to an Alpha of her class, if she by any means goes against this rule, she must then step down from being the Alpha and must therefore transfer her title to another member of the pack who is next in line ” with this rule, Erica accepts being the Alpha of the pack and vows to make her father happy by granting his wish of not violating the rules. Read the intriguing story of Erica who is the only child of the most powerful Alpha in history of Wolves. From childhood she had always wanted to become the first Wolf to break history by becoming the Alpha female in the pack. It was her biggest dream and goal to accomplish. She grows up and ends up becoming the first Alpha female in her pack. As the first Alpha female to the pack, by rule leased on their family by their ancestors, with this rule, Erica accepts being the Alpha of the pack and vows to make her father happy by granting his wish of not violating the rules therefore removing her mind from having a mate because she felt it would be impossible to find an alpha as powerful as her. She ends up meeting a new worker of low ranking her beta recruited into her business who ends up being her mate, she tries really hard to develop hatred towards him but falls deeply for him. despite knowing the rules of the pack, she becomes stucked between her dreams, the pack, her father’s wish and her mate, Will she reject him as her mate or go against her own pack to fight for her mate?


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