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Game Of Love

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This is a combination of two books: Game Of Love: At twenty-two, Davion Torres is already a celebrity, hounded by the paparazzi for his good looks and success. Son of the late 'Casino King', Luis Torres, he's the infamous heir to quite a number of casinos all over the country. Women drool at the sight of him and pursue him relentlessly, which boosts his already inflated ego. At a friend's wedding, he meets the young and innocent, eighteen-year-old Sofia Blakesley, who's unaware of his true identity and is oblivious to his charms. It turns him on and he feels drawn to her. However, Sofia hates the sight of Dave, as his friends call him. She successfully avoids him at the party and soon forgets about him, but can Dave forget her? Will he move on with his life, or will he start plotting a way to get her? What will happen when Sofia's parents are hell-bent on getting her married off to their major client, some Spanish guy called Torres? SEQUEL: Dream Of Love Dream Of Love: Eighteen-year-old Victoria Blakesley is not only gorgeous but intelligent, arrogant, and a go-getter in the true sense of the term. Aiming to be a lawyer, she's extremely focused on her chosen path. So she's surprised to find herself falling for the sinfully gorgeous playboy billionaire, Colton Glenn who hates her at first sight. However, Colton traps her in a challenge that has her losing everything she holds dear. Their game and challenges continue and in an attempt to make Colton jealous, she falls into the clutches of Pete Douglas who takes advantage of her one night. Soon she discovers an unwanted pregnancy and Colton misunderstands her. Heartbroken and devastated, she returns home. What will happen when she meets her therapist, Trevor Clarkston who's seven years older and wishes to marry her? Will she be able to move on from Colton and marry Trevor? Or will she remain lost in her dream of Colton Glenn forever?

Chapter 1 Prologue

Thank you for selecting my story.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Copyright © Rituparna Darolia.

All rights reserved. No part of this novel may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author.

This is a stand-alone story of a young girl who bravely faces a man who seems like a mystery to her, a man who is headstrong and arrogant, whom she hates with all her heart. With plenty of twists and turns, this story has a unique and beautiful plotline that will keep you enthralled. The characters of Sofia and Davion are completely opposite of each other which makes the story more interesting. This is an enemies-to-lovers theme with a lot of drama.

There is a sequel, Dream Of Love that deals with the passionate love story between Colton and Victoria. Hope you enjoy reading the two heart-warming stories of true love and sacrifice, passion and heartache.



"Sure, Liam. I'll be there," Davion Torres spoke in a bored tone.

"Stop sulking, Dave. It's my wedding and you're my best man," reminded Liam Parker, his best friend. Son of billionaire hotelier, Eric Parker, Liam was Davion's only friend in the whole world. Their friendship dated back to their childhood days when Davion used to live in Las Vegas. Although Davion moved out after his father's death, their friendship remained stronger than ever. Despite being busy with their own lives, they always found time to catch up with one another.

Now at twenty-two, Davion Torres was already a celebrity, hounded by the paparazzi for his good looks as well as success. Son of the late 'Casino King', Luis Torres, he already inherited as well as built quite a number of popular casinos all over the country. Women drooled at the sight of him and pursued him relentlessly, which boosted his already inflated ego.

"You know I hate weddings! Do I need to be there? I'll just come by the next day, if that's okay with you, dude," said Davion, trying his best to dissuade him. He hated weddings and usually ran in the opposite direction at the mention of one.

"No way! I'm not marrying without you. So be there," ordered Liam and Davion groaned. He could fight with everyone but not Liam. He was the only person whom he allowed near himself. After his mother betrayed his dad, leaving him for a much older millionaire, he had lost his faith in the terms relationship and love.

"I'll be there, f*ck you, man!" He swore, disconnecting the call. He could hear Liam chuckle in the background and smile thinking of his friend. At least someone had found his happily ever after with the girl he loved.

As for Davion himself, he was fine with his way of life. He was like a nomad who couldn't stick at one place, trotting between CA, Nevada, New York, Atlantic City, and Connecticut from time to time. Women, power, and money had gone to his head and he knew that he was the biggest as*hole around. He loved being in the limelight, and his notorious ways ensured that he always was.

Davion closed his eyes as he threw his phone and lay down on his bed. He had no idea how his friend Liam could be so happy with the idea of getting married and tied down to a single woman. He would feel claustrophobic being tied down that way. He hated women and his thought went to the cause of it all. His mother, Marilyn.

He was just five and his dad was a struggling Finance Manager at a small start-up company in Las Vegas. His meagre salary wasn't enough to run his family's expenses but they were happy, or they thought they were. However, they soon realized that his mother wasn't happy at all. She wanted all the luxuries of the world and day by day her demands started increasing till finally after a bitter fight she left them and that was the last time Davion saw her. Later they found out that she had married a shipping magnate years older than her with whom she was having an affair behind his dad's back.

His dad was shattered and was determined to make lots of money in any way he could. His luck favored him and he won huge sums of money at multiple casinos. There was no looking back after that. He bought his first casino in Las Vegas and then eventually one after another, his business flourished as he bought more and more casinos all over the country. Although they were loaded, he heard his dad weep every night seeking solace in his bottle. It broke Davion's heart seeing him suffer so much because of someone who didn't care a f*ck for him. His dad never remarried and three years back, he died with a broken heart.

Since then, Davion had sworn in his head that he would never allow himself to be trampled upon by any woman. He would use them to his advantage and discard them afterward, but never ever get involved. He stuck to this motto in life for the last few years and he was happy. Or was he?

A phone call disrupted his thoughts but he didn't make any attempt to accept the call. He knew who it was. There was a mega event at one of his casinos in LA where he was staying for the last two days. He wasn't keen on going knowing that the women and the press would eat him alive just like they did every time he was at these events. With a strong headache coming on, he just needed a quiet place tonight. He was contemplating getting himself a drink when his phone buzzed with a few incoming messages. Who could it be who was messaging him like crazy? Only one person had the audacity to do so. Liam Parker, his only friend, and well-wisher in the whole world.

He checked the messages that Liam had sent. There were a few pictures too of Liam with his fiancée, Lisa. Davion smiled at his friend's happy face. He had to admit that Liam looked cute with his fiancée. They suited one another. He checked all the photographs but one photograph piqued his interest so much that he couldn't look away.

It was a picture of Lisa but what caught his attention was the girl behind Lisa who was sitting and laughing candidly. Her beautiful doe-shaped grey eyes held so much innocence as she stared into the camera. Davion forgot his headache as he zoomed the picture to get a better look. He could almost feel her perfect pink lips against his as his eyes hooked upon them. A shudder of excitement went down his spine seeing her creamy skin exposed by the off-shoulder top that she wore. Her rich chocolate-brown hair was swept up in a loose bun making her features stand out. She didn't look much older, maybe around eighteen, a freshly bloomed flower waiting to be plucked.

He had no idea how long he had been staring at her picture but suddenly he felt that his headache had disappeared. If this creature would be there at the wedding, he might be interested to find out a little more about her. It seemed like he would after all enjoy a little at the wedding!

The doorbell rang and he groaned knowing who it would be. Getting up and opening the door, he rolled his eyes seeing his right-hand man, Colton Glenn standing there with a smile pasted on his face. "Hey bro! You have to attend this event. What? Aren't you ready yet?" Asked Colton with disbelief. Davion rolled his eyes as Colton walked inside.

"Colt, do I really need to go?" He asked disinterestedly, picking up a can of beer. Colton nodded his head and took the beer from his hand and kept it back.

He then pushed Davion towards his bedroom to get ready. "You have to attend it, Dave. Be there for an hour or so and then you can leave if you want to," insisted Colton. Their dads were best friends and had stuck with one another all their lives. After their deaths, their sons worked hard together to carry forward their legacy. So Colton was more like a younger brother to him, being two years younger. His mom, Katherine Glenn had supported Davion like her own son those few months after his dad's death. So, she was the only woman in the whole world whom Davion respected.

He took a quick shower and got ready and walked out of his penthouse with Colton. His limo was waiting for him to take them to his luxurious casino and hotel, The Grand Torres Hotels and Casinos, LA. In ten minutes, they arrived at their destination and were received in a gala style with reporters, paparazzi, and his staff rushing in from all sides. He was of course used to it and walked inside with a wave of his hand. A woman shrieked and caught his hand which his bodyguards tried to extricate. It didn't affect Davion in any way. He had been seeing it since he had turned sixteen on his numerous business trips with his dad.

It was his casino's yearly mega-promotional event and as such, they were honored to have him attend it. Throughout the time, he met people, finalized deals, gave short speeches, checked out the games on offer, and interacted with the guests. Lots of women approached him, hinting at their eagerness to give him the time of his life but he wasn't interested. For the first time in his life, Davion felt claustrophobic and wanted to get out of it all. The headache which had disappeared seemed to be coming back and he excused himself and walked out with the reporters again chasing him till he climbed into his limousine.

It was only when he reached his penthouse did he feel normal again. He had to get away from LA tomorrow first thing in the morning. He was done with LA. Sitting at the bar of his apartment with a drink in his hand, he closed his eyes, feeling the throbbing pain in his head.

A sweet image of a laughing and happy girl flashed through his mind. Her laugh was so infectious that unconsciously it brought a smile to his lips. Wouldn't he like to know her more?

"Las Vegas, here I come," he whispered, finishing his drink in one gulp.

Chapter 2 Escaping The Boring Dinner

Las Vegas

"Hurry, Vicky, we'll be late for the final dance practice, " yelled eighteen-year-old Sofia Blakesley at her twin Victoria. It was their best friend Lisa's wedding with the man she'd always loved, Liam Parker and they were super excited. Sofia was closest to Lisa and as such, she was her maid of honor. Victoria on the other hand was also Lisa's friend and was one of Lisa's bridesmaids. They both helped a lot with the wedding preparations and were very excited about the wedding. Their friend Lisa had gone through a lot of difficulties and they were with her every step of the way. Now that finally, she was happily settling down in her new life with Liam, her friends Sofia and Victoria were extremely happy for her. 

"Yeah, ready. Wait, I forgot my lip gloss, " yelled Victoria. Their mom Ava Blakesley came into the room. She was a well-established lawyer in Las Vegas. Their dad, Gregory Blakesley also was a reputed lawye


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