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Forced Marriage: Mommy Needs To Work Hard

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Each time my husband touches my body, I lose my control. When he puts his lips on mine, I burn in passion and I want him to keep loving me like this. when his rough fingers touch my curvy body, I become restless, and moan his name, but He does not take my name but his ex's name. My name is Jasmine Smith, the secret wife of Asia's biggest mafia king Eric Varghese. It is said that Eric Varghese is a psycho. He took the life of his lover with his own hands, just because she attempted to escape from his prison. Who would to get close to a devil like him? He left me no other choice for the sake of that 4-year-old innocent girl, Ryle Who was imprisoned in that monster's house.In order to save her I willingly married this monster. Rumours fly about his cruelty, especially towards the women in his life but I'm his possession now. His secrets might hold the key to my past but at what cost?

Chapter 1 Gave birth to a stranger's child

Chapter 1Gave birth to a stranger's child"Yes, it was a stormy night. Far away from the city's population, in a dense forest where the sounds of animals could make anyone's heart tremble. In the middle of that forest, I saw a very luxurious villa. I thought there must be some crazy billionaire living there, but whoever it was, I needed his help.” A beautiful girl named Jasmine, who was at the hospital bed then, told these things to a nurse.When she stopped speaking, the nurse asked, "Why did you need his help? Remember and tell me?"Jasmine said, "Because I was running from someone following me, I entered the villa garden to save myself in the rain. I banged on the door several times. When nobody came to open the door, I sat down due to the cold and started caressing my shoulders with my hands. Only then was the door opened. I looked in front, and I saw someone's feet. Looking at those feet, I understood that it was a man. I looked up to ask for help from him. When I wanted to see that man's face, he had already turned, and when that man did not say anything, I thought maybe he was ready to help me, so I followed him. When I realized that the water was dripping from my wet clothes and the man’s house was getting dirty, I felt embarrassed, but what else could I do? Because I needed help from that man at that time. Then I stopped while walking because the light in that house had suddenly gone off. I was trembling with fear. The man who was in front of me caught me. I started hitting that man's hands with my hands and tried to free myself from him, but that man dragged me and took me inside a room. I threw many things kept in the room on him so that he would not come close to me, but doing all this, I was tired. I sat down and started crying. Then I felt that man's hands on my body, and I helplessly let him do everything with me. He threw me on the bed and tied my hands and legs."“Tell me what happened to you after this. Did he try to r*p* you? Do you remember his face?” the nurse asked several times. But Jasmine did not respond. The nurse who was hypnotizing Jasmine left the room when she became unconscious.She came out and called someone and said, "She doesn't remember much, so there is no danger for us, but her delivery will be done today. So, are you coming here today?" The person speaking on the other end of the phone said something to her and disconnected the phone. After some time, Jasmine regained consciousness and started crying with labor pain. After 3 hours of hard work from the doctors, Jasmine finally gave birth to a healthy son. When Jasmine saw her son, she hugged him and started crying for a long time. When the nurses took her son away, she wanted to get some sleep, but then she heard a familiar voice.“You shameless, illegitimate child, what could be expected from you?" A forty year old beautiful woman came screaming into the hospital ward where Jasmine was. Hearing that woman's voice, Jasmine held the bed sheet tightly, and suddenly, tears started flowing from the corners of her eyes. That woman was her mother, and Jasmine was very afraid of her. Her mother had just come to know that Jasmine had given birth to a child. Therefore, her anger had crossed all limits, and now, without seeing Jasmine's condition that she had just given birth to a child, she caught hold of her silky hair and dragged her out of the hospital ward. Even the nurses trembled inside after seeing such a ferocious mother but did not dare to go against that woman.Actually, what happened to Jasmine in the last 11 months? Where was she? She did not remember anything. She just remembered her previous life, when she gave birth to her child. Along with the pain of giving birth to the child, she started remembering all the painful memories of her childhood, how her life became hell after her mother's suicide and her relatives put her in an orphanage, after which William Smith and Alina Smith adopted her. Everything was fine for a few years, but when William suddenly left everything and went somewhere, Jasmine's life again became hell. Alina stopped her from going to school and kept her like a servant in the house. In her 20 years of life, Alina didn't let her live peacefully, even for a single day. But still, she had no complaints about that life, because she had a family to say her own, thinking that she was happy, but after an accident, she lost her memory and, how did she get pregnant, whose child was that, and most importantly, the child whom she gave birth to after tolerating so much pain was taken away from her, and yet her mother was beating her in front of everyone. All this was now becoming unbearable for Jasmine.Jasmine held her stomach, stood up, and said, "Mumma, this is enough. If You have so many problems with me, then please leave me alone. I will leave with my child."Then no one will say that I spoiled your family's name.""You b*tch, what made you think that I would just let you go after spending so many years on you? No! You want your own child, right? Go do whatever you want, but you won't get that child.""Doctor, where is that illegitimate child? I want to kill him with my own hands."Hearing Alina's words, Jasmine held her feet and pleaded, "No Mom, don't do this to him. he is an innocent baby; what is his fault? If you have to punish anyone, then punish me."What will happen next in this story of Jasmine?

Chapter 2 To be in hell while alive

Chapter 2To be in hell while alive"Shut up; there is no need to teach me." Saying this, she pushed Jasmine and said to the doctor, "If you want to save your job, then bring that child in front of me right now."The doctor kept his head down after listening to Alina. Even though he was obliged to the Smith family for their favors, he did not dare to do what Alina had said.Seeing the doctor not doing anything according to her words, Alina turned angrily towards the nurse standing there and said, "What are you looking at standing here? Go and bring that child to me."After listening to Alina, the nurse went to take the child. After some time, she came out hurriedly and shouted, “The child is not there. I checked everywhere thoroughly, but I could not find him. Maybe someone has taken him away.”"What do you mean? Has he disappeared in the thin air? I will file a case against this hospital. I wan


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