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Nothing could fix his broken heart apart from love but he shut it out of love. Cassidy Ford, the future Chief Executive Officer of the Ford Group of Companies discovered his girlfriend's unhealthy intentions and quit. Disenchanted, he grew to despise all women. Then his parents secretly arranged for a wife for him to work as his new secretary. Jessica Brandon entered his life and saw a philophobia boss. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend, Diana wished to get him and alleged that she was pregnant for him while Jessica wished to fix his broken heart and keep him for herself. Can their fiery audacities thaw the frozen fortress guarding his heart?


In Diana's Condo Unit.

Diana Fletcher, the desperate and only daughter of Mr. Richie Fletcher, the Chairman of Richie Dynamic Conglomerates, and Cassidy Ford's girlfriend and fiance was in her room. Cassidy was the future Chief Executive Officer of the Ford Group of Companies. He paid her an unexpected visit to surprise her for their third anniversary and slowly opened her door. However, he stopped suddenly when he heard Diana, “It is true, Dad. If I'm not mistaken, the company would be passed officially to him in the coming year.”

“Is that a fact?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Go on. I like to hear that.”

“Okay. Then, I will ensure that our wedding will come next.”

“That's my girl,” her father praised, and she laughed triumphantly before she continued, “You are right, Dad. We will finally take over his company and save our company before it goes bankrupt.”

Instantly, Cassidy's heart skipped a beat and bled. He was transfixed by what he heard and looked at the beautiful bouquet and the jewelry set in his hand. Then, he took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes orbits. Likewise, he angrily pushed the door, barged into the condo unit, and stood in the middle with killing intent. At that point, she was dumbstruck with terror and guilt but concealed it. Subsequently, she ended the call, “Okay, Dad. My darling Cassidy is around and I have to attend to him. I will talk to you later.”

“It is okay, my dear.”

Unaware that he heard her discussions, she faked a smile and tried to cheer him up, “Oh! Cassidy dear. What a surprise. I'm excited to see you.”

Cassidy was still mute and gave her a hateful look. She got up from the couch and walked up to him. Likewise, he attempted to hold him, “You look worried, my love. What made you come unannounced, my darling?”

Cassidy looked angrily into her eyes and shoved her hand away from him. Then he mocked, “My darling, indeed. I should have known that I had been using a short spoon to dine with the devil.”

She was uncertain whether his statement had something to do with her chat with her Dad or not. So, she showed surprise and stuttered in fright, “D-Dining with the d-devil? Where did you dine with the devil?”

When he did not respond, she asked again, “My love, did anyone offend you before now?”

Cassidy pouted at her pretext, and barked, “No one offended me except the gold digger, whom I trusted so much with my life and her Dad.”

In bewilderment, Diana asked, “What are you talking about, Cassidy? And who is the gold digger?”

Straight away, he grabbed her lower jaw with his right hand and pushed it up angrily. Furthermore, he looked into her eyes and shocked her with his discovery, “In case you don't know, I heard everything. The company will be handed over to me in the coming year. You will make sure that our wedding comes up immediately. Then, you and your close-to-the-grave Dad, will finally come in and probably kill me, and take over my company. Then, you will save your dead company before it goes bankrupt. Isn't it? Answer me. You double-faced gold digger.”

Right away, she realized that he heard everything and stopped pretending but attempted to defend herself, “It is not what you think, Cassidy. I was only joking with my Dad. No. I mean, I have acute malaria. Yes, acute brain ache. You did not hear anything. Did you? No. Oh! Gosh.”

Cassidy smirked and watched her while she made a fool of herself. Thereafter, he ridiculed, “You are right. I suspected that you have a history of mental illness in your family. That madness made your Dad mismanage your company and now, you wish to steal mine.”

Then, he pushed her backward and she sank into her couch.

“Oh! My God,” she cried out and held her aching jaw. Nevertheless, she gave him a puzzled look. Then, he warned, “It is over between us, Diana. I declare my proposal to you, null and void, and don't ever call or come near me.”

He inched backward and tried to leave but she swiftly got up from the couch, and pleaded, “No, Cassidy. You have to hear me out. It has not come to that yet.”

He halted but ignored her plea and looked at the gift and bouquet in his left hand. At that point, he found them useless. Likewise, he could not think of what to do with them but took a step to leave. Then, Diana inched closer to him and tried to hold him but he restrained her and cursed, “Don't touch me with your filthy hands. You bloodsucker.”

“Cassidy, my love, kindly hear me out,” she pleaded but Cassidy angrily walked out of her house and headed towards his car. Without hesitation, she walked after him, and begged, “Cassidy, please. We can talk it over.”

“There is nothing to talk about. You can keep your marriage of interest to yourself. Wench.”

Then, he opened his car, got inside, and slammed the door in her face. He hissed and drove away while his aid and security drove behind him.

Diana looked at the cars in despair and watched them disappear. Not only that, she managed to drag herself back to her house and slumped into the couch.

“Ouch!” She shrieked and ran her hand through her head. Finally, she crossed her arms across her chest and lamented, “What a costly mistake! Everything I have labored for for the past three years had just gone down the drain. All our plans have crashed so quickly.”

She remained in despondency and thought for a while. Then, she came up with an idea and smiled, “We won't let you off the hook, Cassidy. You are our last resort to restore our dying company to its former state.”

After, her resolution, she picked up her phone and gave her Dad a call. He picked at once and greeted her enthusiastically, “Hello, Diana,” but she was cold, “Hello, Dad,” she muttered regretfully.

“How is the fool? Has he gone?”

“Yes, Dad. He has gone.”

“That is good. You were saying something about your marriage plans. I'm listening.”

“It is no more what you think, Dad.”

“What do you mean?”

“He heard everything. Yes. I mean, everything we just discussed. I was not aware that he was at the door.”

“What! That was a costly mistake, Diana,” he pointed out in pain and Diana felt his disappointment. Then, she pacified, “Hold on, Dad. Don't lose your mind yet. I don't want anything to upset your deteriorating health. Okay?”

At that point, her father was mute and she cut the call.

At Cassidy's Apartment

He returned to his apartment, locked himself up, and cried out in anguish, “She lied to me. The scoundrel deceived me. D*mn it.”

In anguish, he prostrated on the floor, and lamented, “I can't believe that I was in a wrong relationship for three years. Oh! My God. I was fooled. She had been using me all the years.”

Suddenly, he looked at the bouquet and the jewelry pack and picked them up angrily. Instantly, he dismembered the bouquet and cursed, “You wastrel. You don't deserve this. You are an error. I curse the day I met a good-for-nothing like you.”

Thereafter, he picked up the jewelry and began to cut and cursed, “I should have let you fail your assignment that day that you met me at the school. You are an emotional and corporate hood winker.”

Chapter 2 Diana My Love

At The Family House – The Dinner Table:

It was 7:00 PM and for over nine hours, Cassidy was crying and never had his lunch. Meanwhile, his family was waiting for him to show up for dinner. When he did not, Charlotte, his mother faced Ramon, Cassidy's eighteen-year-old little brother, and asked, “Why is Cassidy not here?”

Mr. Ben Ford, the Chairman of the Ford Group of Companies and Cassidy's father, spoke, “I wondered too. Let us wait for a while. He will join us soon.”

They chatted until 7:25 p.m. Nevertheless, the couple was worried and could not wait anymore. Then, Mr. Ford called out to Gil Broughton, the Janitor, “Gil.”

“Yes, Mr. Ford,” he responded and walked to him.

“Get Cassidy. Let him know that we are waiting and he should not keep us waiting for too long.”

“I got it, Mr. Ford,” Gil accepted and took a step but Ramon intercepted him, “Never mind, Mr. Broughton. I will get him.”

Gil stopped suddenly and faced Mr. F


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