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Erotic Lovers

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Gr_ay
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.5
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After graduating from college, Kim meets up with her old rival for an intense sexual contest to prove which of them is better once and for all. While hunting for Ganon, Midna, and Zelda separate from link and find a nice, cozy corner to settle down and f*ck each other into a slutty haze. A harem story where an attractive male main character makes his way through the school and conquering all of the hot ladies as his. It's okay, I'm not complaining… But, my jaw might be a little sore tonight.." "I apologize!.. I'll make it up to you somehow, I swear!..." "O-Okay… How about tomorrow?... You can come back here after class…" "Sounds like a plan!... So um, I was thinking…. This time… Could you use your t*ts?.." "A-Ah, my breasts?..." "Yes please!..." "Alright~... Don't make too much noise, okay?... We almost got caught just now!..." "But that was your fault…" he internally commented, choosing to ignore it so as to not spoil their fun. "Ooohhhhh, sweet jesus… This is the best…" moaned the man, closing his eyes in bliss when the wonderful dreamy softness of her humongous breasts wrapped around his c*ck. "What happened to not making noise?..." "S-Sorry!..." -x-X-x- A couple weeks later…. It was safe to say that their little get-togethers after class was slowly becoming routine. And they've even started to take precautions regarding the dangers of openly engaging in sexual activity in the nursing room. Of course, it was done under the pretense of taking care of him by alleviating his stress. But the only thing that was producing his boners was her ridiculously s*xy body and the things he was doing to said body. Convincing the other staff to help her implement them, Shizuka had installed curtains around the couple of beds inside the room with the "intention" of keeping her patient's privacy. When in reality, it was all a method of concealing what lewd acts was going down between the young man who was slowly becoming her s*x partner. As his demands escalated with every passing day they spent together. Blowjobs, boobjobs, handjobs, thighjobs, buttjobs. You name it, they've probably already tried it.

Sex Fight Show Down: Kim possible vs Bonnie

Chapter 1

SexFight ShowDown: Kim Possible vs Bonnie

Kim Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller had a complicated history. All through high school, they had been each other's rivals. Kim's natural popularity and likeability left Bonnie working harder to keep up with her, refusing to stay on the second rung of the social ladder. They ended up going to rival colleges, so while they were separated, they were still competing as far as Bonnie was concerned. Their long-distance rivalry wasn't enough to keep her satisfied, so a couple of years after they had entered college, she sent Kim an email. A challenge that the perky redhead couldn't refuse as she called her out for one more showdown at their old high school gymnasium for old time's sake.

It was nostalgic for Kim to step back into the gym where she'd done so much of her cheerleading. Even standing in the huge, dimly lit room during the middle of the night had her remembering her younger days. It was funny what triggered her memories so vividly when she had been around the world as a teenage super spy. Given the circumstances of their private meeting, Kim had only bothered to wear a basic skirt and a matching tank top.

"So glad you made it," Bonnie said as she entered the locker rooms. She didn't waste any more words than that before she removed her blouse, tossing it to land on one of the benches on the sideline. Much like Kim, Bonnie had continued growing once she got into college. Her breasts were huge as well as her hips, jutting out from her skinny waist and lean but powerful-looking limbs. Kim smirked back at the tanned brunette and pulled off her tank top. Neither had worn a bra to their meeting, deciding that they would be competing naked.

"Still struggling to keep up, Bonnie? You're starting to sound a little obsessed with me," Kim replied with a smirk. She slid her skirt around her ankles, pleased to see that when Bonnie mirrored her undressing she had skipped out on wearing any panties either.

"Keep up nothing," Bonnie scoffed as she braced a hand against her curvy hip. "I've gone way past you, Possible. I've been chasing you long enough. Now I'm the number one bod."

"Well, I look forward to proving you wrong." Kim walked briskly towards Bonnie, who moved to meet in her head-on. They both moved fearlessly through the gym where they'd butted heads and tried to outdo each other in front of their fellow cheerleaders. With no audience and no clothing, there was nothing to stop them from testing their rival once and for all.

They were a few paces away from each other when they broke into one aggressive charge. They rushed in with their hands outstretched to grab the other in a test of strength. It seemed like they had each expected to immediately overpower their rival. Instead, their hands met just before the rest of their bodies, big t*ts colliding at top speed before they were crushed in between them. They grit their teeth and gave a quick grunt of pain as their juicy breasts crashed and reshaped to accommodate the competing t*ts.

"F*ck*ng b*tch," Bonnie hissed through her teeth. She dug her bare feet into the gymnasium floor, bracing herself to push back against Kim's distorted breast. Bonnie started to approach Kim, trying to force her back but Kim similarly refused to budge. Soon it wasn't just their breasts colliding but their hips and bellies as well. Their lower bodies thrust out to reach each other beyond their interfering chests. Soon their pussies and firm stomach slapped together with a satisfyingly fleshy sound. With the collision of their hips, there was the unavoidable surge of pleasure between Bonnie's legs.

Kim and Bonnie had gotten into squabbles and brief catfights before they left Middleton High, but never like this. In the past, Kim had deftly dodged or deflected her whenever she could with her martial arts training. Now they were locked into a head-on collision course, grinding and plowing into each other until one of them brought the other down. The extra weight and muscle they had put on since they had last met were adding another layer to their competition. Both girls were bringing much more raw power to their latest contest, and the girls were already working up a sweat. As Bonnie held her ground, Kim started to shift her legs for a more solidly pressing stance. Along with moving her legs, it rubbed Kim's naked privates across Bonnie's. She could see the immediate response in Bonnie's eyes as their pussies rubbed together like a slow-motion slap.

Her tan rival upped the ante rather than replying in kind. She thrust her hips forward, whether she was simply acting bullish or actively humping Kim in an overtly sexual challenge. Kim accepted it either way as she humped right back, her thick hips pushing Bonnie's back towards her center of mass. The rival cheerleaders brought their arms around her each other's shoulders, abandoning their deadlocked grip on their rival's fingers. Kim pulled on Bonnie's shoulders for another pelvic thrust but Bonnie had the same idea, bringing their crotches together in a head-to-head clash. The lovely college girls grit their teeth into strained grimaces as their tender privates clashed again and again, too closely clinched to do much else against each other.

It was then that they found the most intimate part of their competition. With their pussies locked together and grinding at just the right upward angle, they were both shocked to feel their clitorises slide together. The focused and determined looks on their faces immediately faltered as they froze with their tender tips brushing together. They had already begun to peek out from their clitoral hoods, shooting mind-numbing pleasure up their spines. Their wide eyes locked for a moment before they thrust into each other again. Their clits clashed like the horns of dueling animals, suddenly the focus of their battle. Their sweaty bodies mashed even closer together as they vied to get as close and invasive with their rival as possible.

"I knew you had a soft spot for me, Bonnie," Kim panted, her hot breath brushing past her rival's face. They continued to hump each other as her tensing legs started to weaken.

"And I always knew you had a weakness. Now I've… unf… finally got you!" Bonnie's hips pumped forward for another pelvic jab, refusing to retreat enough to grant it any real momentum. Each blow came with a jarring pulse of pleasure as their clits collided again and again. Their bulging breasts shifted against each other, rolling around the other's softness while their hard n*ppl*s fenced between them. As their struggle continued, sweat had started to run down their skin and pool between their tightly pressed cleavage.

Kim planted her feet and pushed with all her weight into Bonnie, and while neither budged their privates were having their grinding duel. Their pelvic grinding started to emit a soft squishing, growing wetter as they kept attacking each other's clits. The friction alone was enough to arouse them, but the begrudging attraction between them only made it worse. Their wetly clashing libidos but their clitoral heads together, and the intensely bared weapons soon became stuck together from their firm, intimate curves locking into one another like a pair of clashing horns.

Kim and Bonnie shuddered but pressed on their attacks. Kim grabbed Bonnie by the hips, humping and grinding harder in a bold approach. It assumed she could endure more arousal than Bonnie, turning up the heat on their intense competition as she humped harder and faster. Their unhooded clits rubbed smoothly past each other, feeling every faint wrinkle and curve of the other woman's most vulnerable and intimate target. They hissed and grunted through every inch of their humping attacks.

While Kim was gritting her teeth and clenching every muscle in her thick body, her assumption proved to be correct; Bonnie cracked first. The brunette let out a husky gasp and suddenly leaned on Kim rather than plowing into her. She squeezed her plump *ss as Kim felt the rewarding gush of c*m wash over her loins. It made her p*ssy pulse with excitement and her cl*t swell with pride, but it was well worth it to see her rival shudder and nearly collapse.

"What do you know? That might be the first time you came first," Kim gloated, smirking at the slumping Bonnie. Her rival glared back at her a moment later, the rekindled outrage and focus clear in her eyes.

"I'll make you eat those words when you're eating my p*ssy, you washed-up b*tch!" Bonnie hissed through her teeth. She rose back to her full height, swinging her hips upward in a firm uppercut of a pelvic thrust. Kim gasped as the tip of Bonnie's cl*t bumped right into hers in a powerful parry to her orgasm. Kim's legs quivered and the tanned cheerleader refused to let the sudden advantage slip from her grasp.

Bonnie squeezed Kim's as tightly enough to hurt the redhead's rear. Her nails and fingers pressed the malleable cheeks inward as Kim's eyes rolled back and her mouth hung open, Bonnie swooping in to bury her tongue past her lips. Kim moaned around it and staggered just to stay standing against her assault. She grabbed at Bonnie's thick booty to pull herself in as much as it was to hold herself up, but Bonnie started to tilt her back. The tiring release of the orgasm had also refreshed her libido, her burst of focus and control unleashed on the still wet and horny Kim Possible.

Bonnie's hips came at her like a jackhammer, leaving Kim little leverage to fight back let alone evade the grinding assault. Bonnie's glaring eyes topped off her smirk, making her lips curl confidently as she trapped Kim in her liplock. Bonnie humped on, using her fresh c*m as some extra lube behind her thrusts to slide even easier along Kim's cl*t. The redhead's footing gave out enough that Bonnie plowed her into the side of the bleachers. Kim grasped at its edges for balance while Bonnie humped her hard enough to lift her feet off the ground. The redheaded rival couldn't last long before she succumbed to her urges, squirting heavily through Bonnie's legs and onto the gym floor. Kim's leg muscles quivered and the redheaded fighter barely managed to stay on her feet.

"I knew you'd crack," Bonnie scoffed in her rival's face. Kim bolstered her body and her focus to brace herself against Bonnie's push. She planted her feet and mashed her still pulsing p*ssy against the brunette.

"Never did break me, though. No matter how many times you tried," Kim reminded her with a crooked but confident smirk.

"And you were already ready to rub my face in it. I'll be sure to rub something in your face when I'm done grinding you into horny paste!"

Bonnie tensed up her thighs and continued her slightly upward thrusts, almost seesawing with Kim as they leaned into each other one after the other. One clitoris slashed up the stiff and tender bud until it had nowhere left to go, swiftly withdrawing. That left the other to lash out and return the favor, sliding its slick, wet tip along the delicate base and subtle curves of the rival cl*t. They're rhythmic attacks and counterattacks until they couldn't help but go faster. The meaty collision of their sweaty flesh grew louder as they poured more effort into their thrusts, urgently trying to overpower the other as they felt their urges whittle away at their willpower.

Kim finally cracked first, making Bonnie break into a wide grin. The redhead's legs quaked and nearly crumbled as her p*ssy seemed to lean entirely on Bonnie's hips. "Looks like you don't quite have the stamina you used to," Bonnie boasted, giving a firm buck of her hips. It sent a returning ripple through her pelvis, but it felt worth it to grind the orgasm in her rival's face. "Ready to admit you don't have what it takes to beat me anymore, Possible?"

"You can keep on dreaming all you want, Bon," Kim grunted. She planted her bare feet on the gym floor and pressed her face forward with the rest of her body. She locked lips with the brunette and pressed back until Bonnie had to flex her neck to resist being pushed back by the kiss. Kim's hands ran behind Bonnie, helping hold her up while squeezing her exhausted glutes. Bonnie moaned into Kim's mouth as she tried to seize control of her tanned rival.

Bonnie's legs struggled to maintain her position, refusing to retreat. That made Kim's leverage that much more powerful as her humping pounded Bonnie's *ss into her hands and towards the gym floor. Bonnie pushed back with her hips in a defiant stand against her, clits pounding each other with all the pelvic strength they had left. Bonnie gave a low growl that turned into a shrill and breathy cry as her p*ssy gave in, squirting another orgasmic surrender to her high school rival.

Much like Bonnie's, Kim's victory was short-lived. She pushed Bonnie back a few inches before the release got Bonnie's heart racing. She flexed and thrust back with her chest and womanhood, a revitalizing burst of strength powering her reversal. Kim staggered from the push as her feet squeaked across the gymnasium floor, leaving the two back where they'd started (if much more sweaty and exhausted).

The girls continued to battle in the same way, losing all track of or concern for the time they spent grinding into each other getting nowhere. Every orgasm one scored against the other was quickly reclaimed by the other, evening the score once again. Each kept a quiet tally in their head, but what started as numbers became abstracted. Kim's head was spinning too wildly just from trying to stay conscious, so she couldn't count how many times either of them had c*m. She focused on the basic thoughts; leading, tied, or behind. They were too lost in remaining locked together in their seemingly endless battle, attacking every curve and angle they could to probe for any weakness in their evenly-matched opponent. They lost count of their orgasms until the growing pool of clear p*ssy juices beneath them forced them to veer to one side, avoiding slipping on their orgasmic mess while remaining pressed together.

As stubbornly engaged as they were, there was no denying their sexual and physical fatigue. They were moaning and shaking with every labored motion, winded and sweaty while still somehow hornier with every orgasm. Their bulging clits never tired, only growing more sensitive to every touch and making them c*m even easier with every thrusting charge. They struggled to focus through the echoes of their orgasms, making them press on with almost feral ferocity behind their humping.

With one final slap of Kim's p*ssy against Bonnie's, both of the feuding women let out a shrill cry of bittersweet delight. Their hips writhed against each other as they squirted another orgasm, their sweet juices mixing between their hips. They held tightly around each other's waists before their arms and legs gave out, numb from the exhausting pleasure. They crumbled to the floor, barely within each other's reach as they fell into two sweaty separate heaps. The puddle of their various fluids connected them in the barest sense, panting for air as they rested their bodies. No matter how fatigued, their erect clits still stuck out from their p*ssy lips, hard and waiting for more attention and competition.

For a minute, they could do nothing but stare up at the ceiling and breathe heavily. Their breasts puffed in and out of their view as they s*ck*d down precious air to cool down their overheated bodies. Bonnie's head was spinning as she felt every bead of sweat and c*m running across her skin, hypersensitive after so many mind-numbing orgasms. The fact that Kim had gone down at the same time was a blessing since she would have been easy to finish off in this state, but she also hated the idea of being tied with the cocky redhead.

Kim managed to lean on one shaky elbow, glaring across their c*m-soaked battlefield. Bonnie caught her eye and scowled right back, silently sizing each other up and doing their best to appear as a sexual threat.

"Had enough, Bonnie?" Kim demanded. "We both know you're going to lose eventually. Just like you always do."

"Shut up!" Bonnie snarled back at her. "You think I'm going to live in your shadow forever? I am sick of your sh*t, and I'm sick of you acting like you're better than me!"

"I AM better than you, b*tch," Kim Possible snapped.

"Then prove it!" Bonnie grunted as she forced herself back to her knees, and with another, she got to her feet. She stooped over with her breasts hanging low and her legs spread out, she parted p*ssy lips dripping slowly on the floor. "I'm taking your *ss down once and for all, Possible."

Kim snorted and rose as well, staying in a low three-point stance to stay steady. She and Bonnie leaned a little closer, covering the short distance so that they pressed forehead to forehead. They shifted to rest their hands on their knees, bodies spread out to show off all their generous curves towards the other. Their every heaving breath made their breasts and thighs jiggle with anticipation, and their hard clits aimed towards each other like readied lances.

"Ready for another second-place trophy, Bon?" Kim threatened, her breath blowing her taunt across Bonnie's lips.

"I'm going to make you eat those words while I f*ck you unconscious," Bonnie threatened. "Cuz once I start beating your body with mine, I'm not stopping for anything."

Kim interrupted her again, but this time with her tongue. She shoved it into Bonnie's lips and the two readily opened their mouths. Bonnie's tongue popped out to slap and shove at Kim's, eager to prove she was superior to her in every way. Their hands reached around one another and slapped loudly against their meaty *ss cheeks, clawing and pulling at them to pull their bodies together. They clashed like a pair of busty sumos, connecting every inch of their body with their rival's mirrored position. T*ts, groins, mouths, clits… even their stomachs pressed together, putting more pressure on their swelling breasts so that they could feel the indentation of their rival's navel against theirs.

They found themselves clashing at a unified pace, almost coordinating with one another as much as they were competing. Every shift and motion came with a mirrored response from the other, making every subtle attack they made countered by an identical reply. The world felt like it disappeared as the rivals obsessed over each other, their urge to c*m and win consuming their minds.

Inevitably, they would tense and moan into each other's mouths. Their tongues and lips forcefully pressed together as they vented their orgasms into each other. A mix of c*m squirted between them, always within seconds of the other so that it was unclear how much of the lusty mess belonged to who. With no space left between them, the clash was forced to center around their clits. Their breasts would shift between them but the openings inside each other were the only place they had to maneuver. Their entire bodies would ripple as they simultaneously slammed p*ssy to p*ssy, legs quivering from the countless orgasms.

"Going down," Bonnie panted breathlessly into Kim's face. Her mind was too focused on her task at hand (or hips) to come up with anything too creative this late in their match. "I'm going to f*ck you senseless, b*tch!"

"You're about to break, Bon Bon," Kim grunted back, her skin dripping with sweat and c*m. "Your p*ssy's…" Kim bit her lip as her eyes rolled back. Her entire body thrust forward as her hips shook, squirting over Bonnie's lap. The brunette didn't even have time to register the sense of victory before she shuddered and leaned against Kim, hanging onto her thickly built opponent. "You're… you're still the loser," Kim mumbled as she struggled just to formulate a sentence.

It was getting to a point where Kim was feeling lightheaded. Her body humped on autopilot, the blissful numbness of her orgasms piling up along with sheer exhaustion and dehydration. She found herself rolling her tongue around Bonnie's just to s*ck the moisture from her drooling mouth, using it to lubricate her invasive licks. Hours had gone by before Kim felt an actual change. Bonnie broke away from the kiss, screaming at the top of her lungs as her hips bucked out of control. Her legs gave out so that she was completely powerless, hanging off Kim's arms to stay even slightly upright. Kim's eyes widened as she realized it was the first major sign of yielding from either of them in hours. She had to take the opportunity.

Kim grabbed Bonnie by the hair, forcing her to back into the embrace. Bonnie moaned in protest but couldn't struggle against Kim's advance. Kim shuddered through another orgasm of her own, but she ignored what little she could to remain focused on her attack. She humped Bonnie's p*ssy harder as she grabbed her by the shoulders. Bonnie pushed back weakly but Kim swiftly overpowered her, wrestling her to the ground. Bonnie's moans became desperate grunts and gasps, eyes wide and gawking at the conquering redhead. She couldn't believe it while also refusing to deny it, her weak legs spreading wide to let Kim have her way with her. The small moment of weakness had been all it took to turn their subtle tide, and Kim was humping her into the gymnasium floor.

Kim finally parted her lips to catch her breath, staring down at the dumbstruck Bonnie. Kim barely had to move her hips to brush her cl*t against Bonnie's, getting the brunette to shiver and c*m instantly. The firm cl*t Kim had been competing with started to yield, shrinking and softening in the presence of the stronger like a sign of submission. Kim leaned her heavy breasts into Bonnie's and her chest was easily pushed back, her exhausted body too battered and weary to resist her any longer.

"You're all mine, Rockwaller." Kim said it as a point of pride rather than rubbing it in. She ran her hands through Bonnie's sweaty hair, brushing it from her pretty face. The rival cheerleader couldn't keep her from taking her as a prize, but a part of her welcomed it. Finally able to rest after all that competition, allowing Kim to mount her like a living, sensual throne. Kim tilted Bonnie's head to kiss her once again, this time not as a competition. It was a celebration.

Kim straddled Bonnie's p*ssy, riding her from every angle. The brunette listlessly allowed her to serve for Kim's pleasure, but their overworked and hyper-sensitive clits were tender enough that they were both c*mm*ng intensely every few minutes. The urgency of their grinding was gone, but the passion was still plentiful as their mutual lust-filled their brains. As the sun rose, Kim was sitting on Bonnie's face. The two kissed and suckled softly on each other's clits. For all their howls and threats, their last orgasm was short and silent apart from some heavy breaths. Their c*m came as barely a trickle, their bodies truly spent as they laid on top of each other and breathed heavily over their rival's p*ssy. They slowly eased off of each other, skin sticking for a few seconds from all the shared layers of dried sweat and c*m. It was as if their bodies didn't even want to leave each other after so much intimate connection.

"I guess that's settled," Kim sighed, brushing some of her red locks from her face. Bonnie nodded quietly. Kim got a knee under her, giving a huffing breath just from the effort that required. She was about to try and rise when Bonnie stroked her thick thigh, caressing her old high school rival like she was admiring the girl who had always outdone and eluded her.

"Hey, Kim?"

"Yea, Bon?"

"What're you doing this Friday?"

Kim paused but lied "Nothing."

"Did you want to go out on a date or something?" Bonnie muttered.

"Yea. Definitely."

That week after years of knowing each other, Bonnie and Kim had their first date. It was mere days after that they agreed to move in together, sharing a small house near campus. They would need their privacy, after all, because they had barely set down Bonnie's things before they threw off their clothes and latched onto each other. Soon they would barely be able to last an hour in each other's company without one of them being consumed by lust and pouncing on the other for a fresh bout of lovemaking.

Minda and Zelda Cuck Link

Midna strutted into the King's bed-chamber, swinging her glossy dark booty every step of the way. "King Ganondorf," she crooned, barely able to contain her excitement. "It's time for your morning service."

The King sat on the edge of his bed, naked, his bronzed Gerudo body on display. He glanced at the imp wobbling towards him and stood to receive her, his massive dick swinging between his muscled thighs. Midna gurgled audibly in bliss, pinching her stiff left nipple before stopping before him and parking her hands on her hips. They held one another's gaze for a moment, the seven-foot Gerudo and the three-foot imp, leagues apart and yet regarding each other as equals.

Minutes later, the bedchamber filled with squeals. Midna's red eyes flew back in bliss as she went up and down on Ganon's cock, her pudgy little belly bulging massively around his giant Gerudo cock! "M-Masterrr!" she groaned as he squeezed her thighs an


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