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  • Author: Gr_ay
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 638
  • 5.5

After graduating from college, Kim meets up with her old rival for an intense sexual contest to prove which of them is better once and for all. While hunting for Ganon, Midna, and Zelda separate from link and find a nice, cozy corner to settle down and f*ck each other into a slutty haze. A harem story where an attractive male main character makes his way through the school and conquering all of the hot ladies as his. It's okay, I'm not complaining… But, my jaw might be a little sore tonight.." "I apologize!.. I'll make it up to you somehow, I swear!..." "O-Okay… How about tomorrow?... You can come back here after class…" "Sounds like a plan!... So um, I was thinking…. This time… Could you use your t*ts?.." "A-Ah, my breasts?..." "Yes please!..." "Alright~... Don't make too much noise, okay?... We almost got caught just now!..." "But that was your fault…" he internally commented, choosing to ignore it so as to not spoil their fun. "Ooohhhhh, sweet jesus… This is the best…" moaned the man, closing his eyes in bliss when the wonderful dreamy softness of her humongous breasts wrapped around his c*ck. "What happened to not making noise?..." "S-Sorry!..." -x-X-x- A couple weeks later…. It was safe to say that their little get-togethers after class was slowly becoming routine. And they've even started to take precautions regarding the dangers of openly engaging in sexual activity in the nursing room. Of course, it was done under the pretense of taking care of him by alleviating his stress. But the only thing that was producing his boners was her ridiculously s*xy body and the things he was doing to said body. Convincing the other staff to help her implement them, Shizuka had installed curtains around the couple of beds inside the room with the "intention" of keeping her patient's privacy. When in reality, it was all a method of concealing what lewd acts was going down between the young man who was slowly becoming her s*x partner. As his demands escalated with every passing day they spent together. Blowjobs, boobjobs, handjobs, thighjobs, buttjobs. You name it, they've probably already tried it.


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