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Steamy Confessions

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This book of short erotic stories will open your eyes to a whole new world. Every story is complete in itself so you are not left waiting in suspense. The largest collection of first-person accounts sharing their erotic tales of seduction and temptation. From LA to Sydney, Paris to New York, Stockholm to Singapore, and Manhattan to Malaysia, these hand-picked bestsellers will be your perfect bedside companion. The confessions might shock, amuse or excite but you'll find what you’re looking for over here ;) If you like this novel please read my most recent novel, "Hunted By The Player" as well

Chapter 1 My best friend’s Ex (1)

Hey, it's me, Haley. I come from a little small town in the countryside. Yes, I am a country girl. Though, life happens and takes you somewhere you could never think before. I have always lived in Portsmouth since I was a child surrounded by my parents and family.

It’s been pretty nice growing up and learning so many things. For example, I know how to climb trees, how to ride a tractor, how to churn cheese from milk etc. Eventually, I got bored with the monotony that country life offered. This girl had bigger-than-life dreams.

People would always come up to me at school wanting to take me out on dates. On some occasions, scouts would approach me with modelling offers if I was ever interested in walking the ramp for big fashion brands.

People say I have been blessed with quite a nice body. My body vital statistics are 28”-30”-28” and I have long blonde and curly hair, naturally red tinted lips and coral green eyes. I mean I am not some frivolous person, who looks at beauty standards, but I have always wanted to achieve something more in my teenage life. I dreamt of living in a big city, attending fancy dinners and private parties while dressing like Hollywood celebrities posing on the red carpet.

By now I realised my calling, I always wanted to become a writer. Ever since I was 21, I have always loved to write poetries, essays, short stories, and long novels. I specialized in writing for Television and Movie Arts and guess what?? A big LA studio called me back last week wanting to sign me!!

I am walking on cloud 9. As though my lifelong dream come true. The studio cast and crew expressed that they liked my fresh perspective on writing for their upcoming urban content. They are going to let me collaborate on a popular TV series set in a 1990s college that is already on the air. To make it an even sweeter deal, they've called me in to try and pitch one of my creations. It sounded like an opportunity of a lifetime.

I will not be alone there either, which is perhaps the best part. My closest friend, Amy, moved there last summer. She has always wanted to be an actress and she's been moving to LA frequently for the last two years for auditions and theatre. But since last summer, she's been on a permanent crew for a TV series about witches that's been very highly rated.

Everything seems to be going well, Touchwood. My boyfriend, Ron, will visit me when he can, depending on his work schedule. So, it's perfect and sorted. The adventure is about to begin and I'm not afraid. The big city can be confusing at first, distracting, and soul-stealing, but I'm going to move downtown, not too far from Amy, so we'll always be close in case of any emergencies.

I know another person there. Zac, Amy's ex-boyfriend of five years is based in LA as well, from what I hear. They broke up because he was a pathological flirt and had cheated on Amy with multiple girls.

I have no idea what the truth is. Whenever Amy would throw hypothetical questions like would you have dated a guy like him? I've always replied that he's not my type and I'm not interested. Also, because she can get excessively jealous but objectively, I would never, ever go out with Zac...He is just a pretty boy, No brains, devoid of drive or passion, Superficial, that's what he was! I was attracted to him but I’d never date my best friend’s ex. It would've been just a fling because I couldn’t plan my future with a guy like him.

Anyway, he's an actor too and it's been almost a year since he and Amy broke up, but if I know her, I bet she still thinks about him, constantly. She moved to LA specifically because she was hoping to have a better chance of meeting him and working things out.

Anyway, as I know that moving, in the beginning, is difficult, I think that in order not to miss Ron, my boyfriend, I'm going to put all my efforts into my work. I was focused on helping Shirley Anderson, one of my bosses, with the annual entrance contest. The shoot of the TV series shall commence in a few days, and thus Shirley asked me to help her organise the whole schedule.

I am gonna meet so many young artists and writers which is so cool. It’s a contest for new writers to present their pieces. There are some seriously talented guys, trying out, but there was this one boy super impressive, who Shirley wanted to see again. I am joining her at the second selection and I sit comfortably in the audience place when someone walks onto the stage, sits at the piano, and breaks out singing an amazing song.

The singer's voice is not that great, but Shirley explains to me that we only have to judge the writing. And the lyrics are crazy. Deep. Full of inspiring thoughts. Powerfully engaging. I'm almost moved when the contestant stands up, walking forward as he blows on the proscenium.

The lights strike his face, I have seen him somewhere. He seemed so familiar. Is that Zac? Oh my god! Yes, that's Amy’s ex-boyfriend, Zac!!!

This shocks the hell out of me. I thought he was a frivolous fool. Anyway, from the stage, with the headlights on his face, he couldn’t see me. So I don't have to talk to him. I stay in the theatre all day watching, judging different contestants, and helping my boss when the crew come over and invite us to a little party in the evening.

Since I'm a new girl keen on socialising and making connections, I accept like an over-excited teenager. Before going to the party, I called Ron to let him know about my plans and whereabouts for the evening. He picks up my call. It seems as though he was in a crowded place playing loud club music. I hear some muffled noises in the distance.

“Hello… hello… honey?” I called him on the phone.

I hear a female voice saying, “Oh man, it's your phone, Ron... F*ck! A guy cusses, it sounded like Ron!

I remain silent and ended the call. I'm shell-shocked. After a few moments, I gain my breath back, stay calm and call back again. He doesn't answer. My insides start shaking again.

Shirley and the crew start calling me to join back. I show hand gestures signalling them that I shall join the party in five minutes. I call back again and intend to do so until he picks up.

He finally does, answering, “Hey babe, It's Ron, sup?”

“Who the hell was that?” I scream out loud losing my calm on the phone.

“Come on, don't bother babe…” he replies, sounding drunk.

“What do you mean by don’t bother? Who was that female with you?” I continue to yell demanding answers from him.

Again I hear a female voice calling out 'Ron, Ron, Ron' in the background. He remains silent, shushing her out. I don't know what to say. I hung up, concluding I was done with him. It hurts so much right now that only alcohol can reduce the pain. I decided that I'm going to get drunk like crazy.

I stare at the pavement thinking about what just happened, what the hell was that!!? I am not going to ruin my new life in LA. I needed to focus on myself and the bigger picture...

Chapter 2 My best friend’s Ex (2)

I find myself in a taxi drinking vodka with the whole group and it seems incredible that everything sounds so blurry to me.

“Our pretty newcomer is already high, gurrl it's normal to drink before the party” Jenny, the girl who invited me, says laughing.

“Oh Yeah?” I ask slurring.

“You have to attend the party already drunk. So, you can have the gumption to hit on more guys. My roommates have already invited a lot of people” she giggles naughtily.

We reach the destination. The party was being held in some rich assistant director’s condo. I enter the house and find myself in front of a flat packed with people. The condo was stunning and offered a gorgeous view of LA’s skyline.

This party was so legit that all the rich kids of the block were there. People were talking, drinking, smoking, hugging each other. Girls were dressed in bitsy bikinis being carried by shirtless guys and thrown in the adjoining pool. It was a really fun party atmosphere. I grab


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