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Entangled With Adonis Klaus

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A smooth ride into the last year of high school was all nineteen-year-old Ruby Powers wished to have. But life doesn't go the way we want it to, does it? A truth about her life was revealed, then nude images of her were widespread across the school after the mysterious death of a student. And while Ruby was figuring out the truth behind everything, the gorgeous new teacher, Adonis Klaus had his eyes set on her. Little did she know that she would get intimately entangled with Adonis Klaus and her whole world would be turned upside down in a way she could have never imagined...

Chapter 1


The warm air that enveloped the day snuck into the room as another customer walked in with a small girl in his arms. A little smile came to my lips as I noticed the excitement on the girl's face when he asked which kind of cake she would like.

"Argh, I can't believe school starts next week. I have not made enough money," a shrill voice complained behind me and I twirled my seat to face my friend, Abby whose company I have enjoyed for about eight years, and not once have I regretted having her around.

"It's our last year though," I pointed out. "When we graduate, you can always take a break to earn more money."

The tall brunette wore a pout as she leaned onto the marble counter. Her job at the confectionery store slash café was one of the many she got during summer break because she hated the idea of having to ask her parents for money.

"Can't we switch lives, Ruby?" Her huge eyes pleaded as though I was some magical godmother who would make her wish come true. As I chuckled at the comical look on her face, she said, "I am serious. You are so lucky that your father would not have you raise a muscle talk less get a job."

That statement reminded me of the fight my father and I had before school went on break and my teeth almost gritted in anger as I complained again, "I don't understand why I can't get a job."

"Because you are Ruby Powers, his daughter." Instinctively, she grabbed a plate of chocolate cake from the glass warmer below and tossed it toward me. As I thanked her, I dug into the plate.

"Have you seen Jake today?" Abby asked after she watched me carefully position the plate in the direction I wished it to be.

"That gorgeous boy?" I shrugged, my tongue licking off the smear of chocolate on the spoon. "He is probably out there enjoying the attention girls give him."

"He should just date one of them already. I don't want to start a new year sharing car seats with obnoxious and weird girls."

"I know you don't mean that." I gave Abby a suggestive smile and she sneered at me.

Even though she had not told me, I always sensed that she liked Jake who is like our brother and bodyguard likewise. His tough build attracts girls to him and repels boys from Abby and me which is something we love because almost all the boys in our schools do nothing but think with their dicks.

Abby stood straight and grabbed her phone. She was a tall girl contrary to my five foot three inches height which makes me quite insecure at times.

"Uh... Ruby?" Abby sounded weird.

"Yeah?" I responded as I munched on my lunch. "Could you pass me a bottle of soda?" I certainly did not miss the look of confusion on her face as she reached for what I requested. "What's that? Is something wrong?"

"Did you go to the mall yesterday?" she inquired.


"Then you have to see this."

She put her phone to my face and my eyes bulged as I saw the headline that was revealing me to be billionaire Dominic Power's daughter who has been kept from the limelight for a long period. The article didn't stop at providing numerous pictures of me, it revealed other things about me.

Where I school, where I live... even the God d*mn place I go to learn how to play the violin.

"I can't believe this..." The cake in front of me became forgotten, the issue in front of me was greater. "This ruins everything."

"What are you going to do?" Abby put her phone in her patterned apron pocket and locked her worried eyes with mine.

"I don't know. How am I going to survive this? I don't even know how things might turn out from now on."

"You should tell your parents."

"Then I'll be giving my dad a chance to drag me to a boarding school. Besides, he will find out anyway."

Abby sighed. "What are you going to do now?"

"I certainly can't run away," I subtly joked. Then I gave a little shrug. "I guess I'll have to live with being known."

"It won't be a friendly journey."

It was my time to let out a sigh, and this one was louder. "I know. But I am more worried about one thing..." I gazed at the plain wall behind Abby for a while.


"High school." I simply said.


"Hey, rich kid."

Just when I thought the day was finally over.

Just at the moment I pushed aside the different kinds of looks I had been receiving all day so that I could fantasize about the bowl of ice cream I safely tucked in the refrigerator at home, Roger Stevens just had to ruin it all.

I did not bother to look back at the fool that was trying to taunt me. Truthfully, I didn't have the strength to deal with loud people like him, so I resumed my walk.

"You know I am talking to you," his annoying voice boomed, bringing everyone's attention to me. "Are you going to ignore me now?" I could hear him approach but I still didn't look back. "Ruby..." His voice seemed to mock me. "Why didn't you tell us you are Dominic Powers' kid? Did you think we are gold-diggers or something?" He chuckled.

I sighed.

And resumed my walk to my locker.

"You are still a nobody!" he bellowed. "Just as you have always been all these years. It doesn't matter if you are the smartest among us."

"Is there a problem, Roger?" Jake's firm voice cut through the silence that came with Roger's drama. "Do you want me to hang you up your locker with the help of your adult-sized underwear?"

"Just piss off, man."

"Go away... prick." Abby joined the conversation.

"Yeah, yeah. You guys are just tag alongs anyway. I am sure you are with her because of the money her father has."

As I reached my locker, I took a minute to close my eyes and keep my rising anger at bay. As much as I would love to be the one hanging Roger up wherever, I dread my Dad's boarding school option.

"Ruby, you shouldn't let people like that idiot talk to you anyhow," Abby said when she finally came to my side.

"Hey, you okay? I noticed how uncomfortable you were in Chemistry class," Jake asked.

After I got my things, I closed my locker and turned to my friends. And I made sure to wear a small, yet tired smile.

"I am fine. Jake? Can you drive me home today?"

"Definitely." His styled hair danced as he came to my side and hugged me. "I'll be your guard today as well."

"Look at you. You have always been our guard," Abby teased before he excused himself for some minutes. "Anyway Ruby, you should give people like Roger a response to shut them up. It is not your fault you are your father's daughter."

"That is just a waste of time and mental energy."

"And putting up with the shouting and staring is healthy?" She held my eyes with her serious, quite motherly look. "I don't think this is a situation where you should stay quiet. You could get hurt."

"Come on..." I rolled my eyes. "It is not as though one of them could go as far as kidnapping me or something." Abby hurriedly placed her hands over my mouth, her eyes watching everywhere with extra attention. Startled, I frowned and tried speaking, but nothing but a muffle came out. "Abby?" It sounded like I was humming.

And she was still not releasing the temporary lock she placed on my mouth.

"Eww." Her hands snapped away and she hurriedly reached for some wipes inside her bag. "Why would you lick my palm? That's just disgusting."

The strap of my backpack slacked and I adjusted it, saying, "Next time, don't cover my mouth like that."

"Well next time don't say things like kidnapping," she retorted.


"You ask me why?" Gosh, Abby is so dramatic. "What if someone overhears you and decides to adopt the idea? If your dad pays your ransom, that person hits a jackpot. Now that I think of it..." She struck a thinking pose. "Maybe your dad should hire a bodyguard. Yesterday, I could swear I saw someone trailing us. He looked bald and-"

"Okay Abby, we get it. I am not as safe as before. But I am still going to be fine." I assured her. "But please, do not discuss the bodyguard topic with my Dad, he will jump at the idea."

"Your Dad? No. Your Dad scares me." She gave a faint shudder as though she just caught a glimpse of the dramatic stone look he usually has outside the house. "I will discuss it with your Mum and I will make sure I present the idea with enough points backing it."

"I don't need a bodyguard following me like I am some kind of child." I turned and I caught a group of girls looking directly our way and sharing words among themselves. I sighed again.

"Are you guys ready?" Jake gave a short smile as he walked to us.

"Yes, we are." We resumed walking to his car. "Where did you go to though?" Abby asked.

"Well..." He switched to a childish grin and slung his arms over our shoulders, dragging us into his warmth. "It's a secret." Abby rolled her eyes and kicked his knee "Ouch," he cried for a second before laughter took over his utterance.

Chapter 2


"When is our next movie night?" Abby asked just as I was about to get out of the car.

Just staring at my house was making me yearn for the comfort of its walls but her question was quite important.

"Uh... This Friday?"

"Your place or Jake's?" she asked further.

We never use her house because her father is a strong believer in a human being not needing nobody else but himself. So... he almost forbade her from having friends if not for some amazing intervention.

"Mine. My Mom is making popcorn for us."

"Yes!" Jake celebrated as his eyes met mine. "I love it when your Mom makes food."

My grin was large. "I know it is a compliment. But..." My smile dropped and I wore a dark look. "My Dad mustn't hear you say that or else he will use you as our house rug."

His green eyes danced away in discomfort, causing Abby and I

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