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I frequently tell myself that I will never fall in love. Not in this lifetime, not in the one before it, and certainly not in the one to come. *** *** Jace, also known as 'Tiger,' is a mafia member, feared in all clans, whose parents were brutally murdered in his presence, despises the word LOVE, let alone the expression of love, and kills brutally. He eventually met the man who murdered his parents, but because he has a child, he kills the parent with the intent of torturing the child to death but instead falls in love with her. Flora, who had always lived like a princess, was kidnapped and her life was turned upside down when she became a slave, not just a slave, but a s*x slave to a mafia leader named Tiger. She makes friends with Nathan, who comforts her, but she also falls in love with Tiger. Nathan, a black axe clan member, falls in love with Flora at first sight and decides to help her. Along the way, he falls in love with Flora and is tempted to defy Tiger and fight for his love. Jason, the clan's only son and second in command, also claims to be Tiger's elder brother. Diana, Tiger's favourite sl*t, is literally hoping to make Tiger fall in love with her, but Flora appears and snatches him away. . . What do you think will happen when Godfather discovers Tiger's feelings? Do you believe Flora truly loves Tiger or that she is plotting her revenge? What happens to Nathan when Tiger discovers his feelings for Flora? Will Diana just stand there and watch Flora take Tiger away? And what about Nathan? Do you believe he will rebel against Tiger? Will Jack be envious of Tiger as well? . . FIND OUT MORE in the Story ENSLAVED TO THE HEARTLESS MAFIA . . . ........

Chapter 1

I could only watch in horror as the cold-hearted person placed a gun to the head of my father, but there was nothing I could do. What would I have done in that situation, even if his boys weren't holding me down? Do battle with this satan?

My only response was uncontrollably sobbing; I couldn't fathom what my parents may have done to deserve to die in such a horrible way.

After shooting my mother, which resulted in her passing away directly in front of me, he then shot my father.

What would you say if someone told you, "Don't worry about your daughter, I will take care of her?" Before he took my father's life, the devil uttered a chilling "No!!!!!!!! ". I yelled out abruptly as I struggled to free myself from their hold while staring at my dying parents who were lying on the floor in their own pool of blood. The tears in my eyes are burning up.

"Mom!!!! Dad!!!!"

The devil himself, dressed all in black, was before me, but I couldn't see his face. He is wearing a mask, but I was able to glimpse his eyes, and it does not appear that he is in the least bit shaken by the fact that he has just killed two people who are just like him. Who is he?

My heart skipped a beat as he got closer, and I could feel it. He assured me that he would look out for me, but I have my doubts. It's possible that he was referring to the reverse, as I could see nothing but malice and utter darkness in those eyes as he stared at me. I give up trying to fight the males because I don't want to die right now. Despite the fact that I have nothing to look forward to in life, I still don't want to pass away. I want to know the reason why he murdered my parents with such callousness; they did not merit it.

My eyes couldn't help but well up with tears as I looked into his, but his eyes were just as dark as his heart.

"Bring her out," he instructed before leaving the room, and I was pulled to my feet.

I yelled, "Let go of me!!!! " while they held on to me.

It was the last thing I remembered before passing out entirely.

**** *****


"Oh ... yes, yes"

"Yeah, come on... f*ck," the man said.

"Just there, make it more difficult!"

The young lady groaned as Jack increased the pace of their ride and became more abusive with her.

He shifted his d*ck back before forcefully repositioning it in her p*ssy and doing it in a manner of aggression.

"F*ck!!" She let out a piercing scream and moaned, "Deeper baby... deeper."

"Don't call me that b*tch," the woman yelled. Jack finally lost his cool and climbed down from the bed after removing his d**k from inside of her.

"Oh, crap, I'm so sorry" She was quick to apologise and reach for his hand.

"Give me your *ss," Jack demanded, at which point she leaned against the wall and turned her posterior towards him.

He gave it a spanking, and she squealed with delight as he did so.

Blade didn't give it a second thought before ramming his d**k inside of her.

"Jack!!!" She let forth a piercing yell.

"Louder" Jack moaned and proceeded to beat the very hell out of her while saying, "Jack.....oh my!"

"Ahh," she screamed as he continued to f**k and slap her at the same time.

Her cheeks are already flushed with colour.


"Oh my my, this feels so incredibly...Good!!" She muttered incoherently.

"Of course it should, what's my name?" "Yes, of course, it should." Jack inquired.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!! Oh my f*ck"

They were discombobulated when there was an unexpected knock on the door.

"Get the f*ck off!!" The little girl shrieked out in pain.

"Boss" When he heard the voice, Jack walked away from her.

What exactly is it? Jack asked

The guy said, "The boss has returned," which was mentioned.

"Alright, you're free to go," Jack said in response.

After telling the young lady to "Go out," he exited the room immediately afterwards.

"D*mn that interrupter," She retorted violently and, after gathering her belongings, she left the room without covering her nakedness.

In a few moments, Jack walked back into the room. He had actually gone to the bathroom to take a bath.

He skipped the need of knocking before entering Tiger's flat and went right there on foot. He strolled through the living room on his way to the bedroom, where he was standing right then and then without a shirt on but with pants on. A cloud of cigarette smoke emanated from him as he said, "You were here for more than ten minutes before arriving here." Tiger reoriented himself and presented him with his typical icy expression.

Jack flashed a quick grin to himself.

"I was extremely busy, you should be delighted I'm here," After saying that, he went and sat down.

"Well, how was it?" Jack inquired.

"What are your thoughts on this?" The sly grin that Tiger always wore appeared on his face.

"Exactly, just what you are thinking, he must already be tormented in hell." The laughter of Jack

In contrast to Tiger, who never smiled, Jack is the total antithesis of this trait; he laughs and smiles even in the midst of the gravest of circumstances; however, you should not be deceived by his smiles because he is the polar opposite of what they suggest he is. Because of this, people sometimes refer to him as the "smiling monster."

Tiger spoke these words in an irate manner, belching smoke intermittently from his mouth and nostrils as he did so. "That scumbag has a daughter."

"Daughter?" Jack questioned in a shocked tone, and Tiger responded with a nod.

"Unfortunately, even though I brought her here, she is still going to pass away in my hands." Tiger scoff





Chapter 2

"Have you thought this through? You should have put an end to her life right then and there; as it is, her parents are going to have to wait for their beautiful daughter "Jack stated

"Don't be concerned, I promised her father that I would look after her," Tiger smirked

Jack eventually left the apartment, and almost immediately after his departure, Diana entered the space. Most of the members of the clan regard her as something of a female boss, and they do so with a great deal of fear.

"I missed you, Tee," she said with a smile as she approached him, her boot making noises as she walked towards him. "I'm sorry."

She was able to reach him and gave his face a kiss.

Diana remarked, "I saw the whore you brought, and I heard that she is Logan's doll."

Tiger gave a slight nod of his head, and she gave him a grin.

She said as she sat down on Tiger's lap, "She looks like an i


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