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Mikee Nebe

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About me

Its Author Mikee Nebe An Experienced writer for 2 years. Writing Genre: Mafia Romance, Fantasy, and Urban stories. Motto: Write, write and write until something happens. Creating a new world through writing.


Love Collision
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  • 7.5

Valentino and Ernesto Michelangelo are two of the most famous family members. Also, they are both well-known music idols, and everyone knows that they are nothing alike. Ernesto is known for being a flirt, and one of the things he does is break the hearts of the women he sleeps with. Valentino is a quiet, good-looking guy with a nice voice and nice features. He's not too sure of himself, though. There were a lot of fans who wanted to talk to him in person but never got the chance. Valentino's mental health got worse after he found out that his previous girlfriend had been cheating on him. This made him addicted to alcohol even though he was allergic to it. Valentino was traumatized by his addiction and this lead him to a sick bay for days. When he woke up after being unconscious, he had no memories, and the ones he had of the woman he loved were gone. He turned out to be the "no love" type and never developed feelings for women, despite the fact that women were always swooning over him. Because of a strange turn of events, he met a young woman named Arianna. From that day onwards, things began to change for him. . . THIS IS WHEN IT ALL BEGAN… . . Find out more in the story, “LOVE COLLISION” . . . …….

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  • 7.5

Con frecuencia me digo a mí mismo que nunca me enamoraré. No en esta vida, no en la anterior, y ciertamente no en la venidera. *** *** Jace, también conocido como 'Tiger', es un miembro de la mafia, temido en todos los clanes, cuyos padres fueron asesinados brutalmente en su presencia, desprecia la palabra AMOR, y mucho menos la expresión de amor, y mata brutalmente. Eventualmente conoció al hombre que asesinó a sus padres, pero debido a que tiene un hijo, mata al padre con la intención de torturar al niño hasta la muerte, pero en cambio se enamora de ella. Flora, que siempre había vivido como una princesa, fue secuestrada y su vida dio un vuelco cuando se convirtió en esclava, no solo esclava, sino esclava sexual de un líder de la mafia llamado Tiger. Se hace amiga de Nathan, quien la consuela, pero también se enamora de Tiger. Nathan, un miembro del clan Black Axe, se enamora de Flora a primera vista y decide ayudarla. En el camino, se enamora de Flora y se ve tentado a desafiar a Tiger y luchar por su amor. Jason, el único hijo del clan y el segundo al mando, también afirma ser el hermano mayor de Tiger. Diana, la zorra favorita de Tiger, literalmente espera que Tiger se enamore de ella, pero aparece Flora y se lo arrebata. . . ¿Qué crees que pasará cuando el Padrino descubra los sentimientos de Tiger? ¿Crees que Flora realmente ama a Tiger o que está planeando su venganza? ¿Qué le sucede a Nathan cuando Tiger descubre sus sentimientos por Flora? . DESCUBRE MÁS en la Historia . . ESCLAVOS DE LA MAFIA SIN CORAZÓN . . ........

  • Author: Mikee Nebe
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 2.3K
  • 7.5

I frequently tell myself that I will never fall in love. Not in this lifetime, not in the one before it, and certainly not in the one to come. *** *** Jace, also known as 'Tiger,' is a mafia member, feared in all clans, whose parents were brutally murdered in his presence, despises the word LOVE, let alone the expression of love, and kills brutally. He eventually met the man who murdered his parents, but because he has a child, he kills the parent with the intent of torturing the child to death but instead falls in love with her. Flora, who had always lived like a princess, was kidnapped and her life was turned upside down when she became a slave, not just a slave, but a sex slave to a mafia leader named Tiger. She makes friends with Nathan, who comforts her, but she also falls in love with Tiger. Nathan, a black axe clan member, falls in love with Flora at first sight and decides to help her. Along the way, he falls in love with Flora and is tempted to defy Tiger and fight for his love. Jason, the clan's only son and second in command, also claims to be Tiger's elder brother. Diana, Tiger's favourite slut, is literally hoping to make Tiger fall in love with her, but Flora appears and snatches him away. . . What do you think will happen when Godfather discovers Tiger's feelings? Do you believe Flora truly loves Tiger or that she is plotting her revenge? What happens to Nathan when Tiger discovers his feelings for Flora? Will Diana just stand there and watch Flora take Tiger away? And what about Nathan? Do you believe he will rebel against Tiger? Will Jack be envious of Tiger as well? . . FIND OUT MORE in the Story ENSLAVED TO THE HEARTLESS MAFIA . . . ........


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