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Darkness Consumes Me

Darkness Consumes Me

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Faith
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 12
  • 3.0
  • 💬 0


Sure this story starts off slow but once it gets started it will be amazing. I’m faith and that past year I’ve been through. Just when I thought It couldn’t get worse it did. I was just trying to get my confidence back when I decided to go clubbing with my friends. That’s how it’s started now I’m his slave. I say slave because at his will at all times. At first I was terrified and hated every second of it. But he…his amazing in every aspect. I don’t have any reason to argue when he wants love. I drop on my knees for him anytime now. I know it’s bad I feel like this but I can’t help my feelings. Sometimes I think about my old life but then I look at him and forget about it this was the new normal….

Chapter 1

My life was everything a girl could ask for, I'm Faith, and just turned 18 but I didn’t look anything like my age. I have dark olive skin, green eyes, long black wavy almost curly hair, d cups, a pretty small waist, and of course a big ass and thighs. So I guess another girl's dream body. Some call it an hourglass but all I see is the worst of me. My face is too puffy, my lips too big, my thighs everything about them just makes me sick, my stomach, and my boobs of course there’s more but those are the worse. I step out of the shower wrap myself in a towel and do my face care. After that, I walk out into my room stand in front of a full-body mirror and drop the towel. I stand there a second just staring at my “perfect body” and then I started touching all the parts that are my biggest insecurities. A couple of tears rolled down my face I quickly wiped them away. I threw some shorts on and a crop top then plopped in bed. I doze off quickly then as quickly as I went to sleep my alarm woke me up….it was morning. Great another boring day at school at least it was Friday. Then tomorrow I’m going to the club with my boyfriend and my friends. While I’m thinking about that I throw on my outfit and slip my shoes on. I go to my mirror to make sure the outfit is good enough then I go to the bathroom and fix my hair. I decided to do two box braids, fast and simple. Well as fast as you can braid long-ass hair. It covered half my ass, which in my mind wasn’t a bad thing I think of my hair as a security blank. It hides parts of my body that I’m insecure about when I want it to. I do the rest of my morning routine then grab my book bag and helmet and go downstairs. I go right into the kitchen where my little sister and mom were at. I look down at my sister and smiled, mom was feeding her cereal while she drank her coffee. My sister who was gladly enjoying her breakfast and I pad looked up at me and said “mommy look sissy is here” I frowned but then quickly got shook off the sad feeling I had and greeted my mom. I think she could tell I was down today but we couldn’t make Adria upset. She takes one look at a sad person and acts like she feels the same pain as them. I don’t sit down to eat breakfast instead I hug them both and head to school. I jump on my motorcycle and let everything around me pass in a blur. I could ride like this for hours it was peaceful. After having a small break from school I quickly got back into the groove of everything, I had what seemed to be like two summer breaks but of course, the second one was more of a home school thing. I needed to disappear from reality for a while my parents agreed and I took my break now I’m back. It wasn’t hard for me to come back I had a lot to look forward to seeing like my boyfriend Tristan and my best friends Jalen and Peyton. They made everything better not to mention they knew everything too, why I needed a break, and why I am how I am. I turn into the school parking lot and park. I get off and run into school. I'm about to be late if I don't hurry. Luckily I made it just in time and took my seat. My first two classes went by fast and I wasn't bothered by Brianna because she was busy drooling over some new guy so were a lot of girls and some guys. All trying their best to look the hottest. The girls were trying to make their boobs noticeable and the guys well they were just hoping he swang both ways. I couldn't blame them tho if I was single and looking for someone he would be the one I wanted. Tall, with blonde hair, and brown eyes, and he was fit. Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I know him. I and Jalen toilet-papered his house. But for good reasons, he was a complete jerk and couldn't leave Jalen only. He wanted her badly. I mean the dude was giving off stalker vibes in my opinion. So he would get the hint we destroyed his front lawn. I mean can you blame us? He was a weirdo, it was hilarious, and also we might have been a little drunk when we did it. I‘m pretty sure he knows it was us but I don't give a shit. I think I know who does tho.......Jalen


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