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DARK - The final Possession

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Alessandro is the future underboss of the Russian mafia, a cold, ruthless, controlling and very possessive man, and even with all his coldness, his cruel heart has been owned since his childhood. Angelina O'neill is the future head of the Irish mafia, a sweet, funny and gentle woman with a big heart that is easy to steal, and also, Alessandro's great obsession. To escape an arranged marriage she runs into Alessandro's hands, and doesn't know that after that she can never again escape the bottles of her obsessive friend. Angelina is forced to marry Alessandro and to overcome the repressed love she has for her friend and her father, a man twice her age and unwilling to give her up.


I finish the fifth report that I have to revise and send to my father, so that he can just sign it. I confess that I prefer the action, the adrenaline of commanding the transport of cargo, the auctions of women, and the pleasure of killing traitors. However, doing the bureaucratic part is part of my training to be sub-chief, and this is something I understand and gladly accept in order to one day be able to exercise my desired position with excellence. I snort, rubbing my temples, my eyes already tired from so much small print and the light that the computer reflects.

My attention is stolen from my own thoughts by voices coming from outside my office, without warning, the door is opened and Angelina enters, followed by my euphoric secretary.

-Miss..." she locks the door as soon as she sees me. - I'm sorry, sir, I said I didn't want to be disturbed. - She hurries to justify herself, taking Angelina's arm.

- Let me go! - her sweet voice tries to be severe but it's almost like a plea, she seems distressed. - I need to talk to you, it's urgent...

- I will call the security guard. - The secretary comes out to call, already losing patience.

-Alessandro... Please... - I beg without making a sound with my voice, I understand using lip reading.

His sweet face makes me stop for a second in my own orbit. The rounded face with bounced cheeks that are now flushed, framed by his wildly loose red hair, his submissive gaze makes my heart leap, and I take a deep breath, getting up.

I walk to the door and face the secretary.

- You don't need to call anyone, just go back to your work and don't interrupt us. - My authoritative tone makes her startle and promptly nod.

Back in the room, I close the door behind us, and when my gaze falls on her, I can't help but run from head to toe, down her shapely legs with thick thighs, wide hips, and slender waist, to her medium-sized, perky breasts. All of this is covered by a white albino skin that easily turns pink. It gives me ideas.... thoughts, daydreams.

- So Angelina, what do you want to talk to me about? - I ask with my hands in my pockets.

I carefully evaluate her expressions and her breathing which is uncompensated.

- I came to ask you something...- she seems to steal courage from the depths of her being to say this, her hands sweating.

- What request?

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, trying to keep up the courage she's taken deep inside, trying not to back out, and with each second my anxiety only increases as much as hers.

- I want you to take my virginity.

- Did you hit your head?

That's what I can conclude.

- Don't look at me like that, if I am here it is because I have no other options, I am desperate... This is the only way out for me.

- What happened? - I ask, worried about her state.

Angel is engaged... and as much as I don't like it, it's a fact. I thought that only in my deepest fantasies would she come through the door and ask me to ....

- You were right when you said I never loved Peter, I was just resigned to my fate.... The deal my father made with his father was necessary and I was ready to honor it with the consolation that Peter was a good man and I would have a good life with him but.... - the sentence dies midway through, I see her lips quiver and that she holds back the tears, at least she tries.

- But what?

- I found out that he always cheated on me, always had lovers. He didn't even make a point of denying me, he put me against the wall, yelled at me and... And he slapped me.

- Did he dare to touch you?

- I can't marry a man like that, my life will be hell. I deserve better.

- Your father... interrupts me.

- My father can't know, if he finds out he'll break the agreement immediately and break his word, you know what happens to men who have no word in the mafia.

She has a point.

- Worse things happen to dishonored women. - I rebut.

- Things are not like here over there...he can't ask for my death.

- But he can ask for a punishment for his honor. He is from here, they will try to make an average between the laws of the two mafias and somehow you will be severely damaged.

- Anything is better than marrying him. Besides my father would invent something, my mother is smart and would send me out of Russia for good before anything happens to me.

I don't know if he cares enough about her to go after her...but it wouldn't be good to risk it.

- Why are you asking me to do this?

She shakes her body in place and on an impulse throws herself into my arms spreading her hands on my chest, my desire is to reciprocate and grab her waist but I force my hands to stay in place.

- You're perfect for this! I've known you all my life, we're friends and... And you have a higher position than him, being the next deputy chief he can't kill you. Even though I'm desperate, I don't want to do this to another and be blamed for the death of an innocent.

- Angelina, no.

- Alessandro... - blink your eyes. - Please... - He whispers in an outcry.

I didn't even have to wait any longer, I didn't have to kill her fiancé before the wedding and make her mine. I was lucky enough that she offered herself to me on a platter of her own, preventing me from getting blood on my hands, from destroying Peter Romanov. She would never marry him, she is mine.

- Last chance to give up. - I whisper, kissing her neck,

addicted and longing for more of her taste and smell.

- No! I want to...



January 18.

You know when your previous day is so insane and unimaginable that when you wake up the next day, you think it was all a dream? That's what happened, waking up and seeing Alessandro by my side after three seconds of closed eyes thinking I had only lived a strange dream, threw me back to reality.

The man next to me in bed had simply been my best friend all my life, the one I had played with, fought with, cried with, laughed with, and trusted. It was incredible, it's not something I can deny, I've never known pleasure on this scale, by the time he was inside me, I wasn't thinking about anything anymore, that's what horniness does to people, it moves them and blinds them. Only now, I feel ashamed, as if I had committed incest, as if I had also used him... of course I was transparent from the first moment and told him the reason of my request and he accepted knowing it, only that this sensation is still in me

I know no


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