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Dangerous Tempation

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After a failed marriage of abuse, Matilda decided to take charge of her life. Being romantic at heart, she hadn't given up on love. Stiles walked into her life with all arrogance and no care of the world, red flags should be running around in her head, but why does it seem like she was about to fall in love with another guy with red flags? Is it the beginning for Matilda and Stiles, or is this yet another failed attempt? Find out more on Dangerous Temptation. **** "You should be, you know?" He commented with a softer tone now. He felt weak all of a sudden, he had no idea why. "Should be what?" She looked absolutely adorable with her face laced with confusion. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. "You should be afraid of me." "And why should I be?" She asked walking closer to her. There was apprehension in the faces of all her security but he could not even lift his head to look at them. All his attention was focused on her. The way she shown to him, walking to him like that. "Because I am a monster, love." *** Read now to fund out more...

Chapter 1


“Oh, my God!!! How do you have a dildo of these inches??? How is this even supposed to enter someone??” Matilda smiled at her customer’s reaction. She got this reaction from them all the time and it just never got old.

“Well, it is definitely not the longest in the world, it is just 15 inches and most women just like to have this to themselves even though they might not end up using it eventually…” Her customer whose name she was yet to get cut her off.

“That is a waste then,” She said, really aggravated about the issue. With a smile on her face, she replied to the customer saying

“One's choice of sexual activity knows no bounds and even if this type of dildo is gotten, they might end up using it but most times, just half of it enters them before they stop. Pleasure gotten, it’s a win-win at the need” She explains to her customer whose mouth is now wide open and looking at her like she has two heads.

“That’s definitely something but I still do not understand why a lady would like to have a 15 inches dildo in her room or even try to want to put it in herself.” She grumbles to herself.

Looking at the lady carefully, Matilda could see that something in her was very interested in the s*x toy, she just didn’t want to take it for one reason or another and she could place a bet on it being, either an abusive husband or boyfriend who had body shamed her.

Every customer she got always had a reason for being in her store which is called Self-S*xy. And to most, it was normally just for s*x toys, basic ones, but for some, they were just lost and needed to be found, each and every day since she opened Self-S*xy, she has tried her best to ensure everyone’s sexual need was satisfied and she was going to do the same for this lady also.

“Pleasure as you know it might change its meaning if you decided to follow what your heart wants ….”

“Lisa. That’s my name, Lisa.”

“Thank you, Lisa. I know you’re afraid and your default will be to either insult something s*xy or be revolted by it, but I’m telling you now it is totally fine and normal for you to want what you want. If you didn’t want to step up sexually, I doubt you will be here in the first place. Am I right?” Lisa gave a simple nod, already looking back at the dildo, she had dropped back to the shelf.

“I have a 10 inches long metal dildo at home but I am not telling anyone that, but now I’m telling you, so it is our little secret alright?” The mention of the dildo size made Lisa’s eye pop but it brought a smile to her face.

“Oh my God, how do you manage to get it in?? And a metal one in fact.”

“God, it definitely doesn’t enter fully but I’m telling you that now because I don’t want you to be shy of whatever you want to get. And don’t worry about anyone seeing your stuff, our carrier and your pay points are discreet. So you’re good to go.” She concluded with a wink.

“How did you know I had an interest in it when the first thing I did to it was that?” Lisa asked looking so timid Matilda found her very cute.

“I own a s*x store remember? And I know what you want. I know when customers get scared enough to get something they really need.” She said smiling

“You are good. I like it. Thank you very much for saying that, I will get this now because all I want to do is look at it all day and maybe see if it can actually fit in the pu*sy my ex-husband didn’t find fit for f*cking”

“Anytime Lisa. Enjoy yourself.” Matilda said and then left her to her accord. She went back to her office to attend to some files she had abandoned before needing a break. If there was one thing she didn’t look forward to every day at work, it was all the files and numbers. She hated them with passion. She would rather be with the customers all day than be in her office signing and accepting shipping.

She was about to have her sit when her secretary ran into the office, out of breath, as always.

“Would you calm your nerves Cat, you scare me every time you do that.” Matilda could not mention the number of times she had said that exact same sentence to Cat, but she never listened. She was very good at her job and she never had any complaints about her work, which was the only reason Matilda was still keeping her.

“We have a situation” Cat managed to say those words out as she tries to calm her breathing

“Yeah, what is it? Is the store on fire?? Are we being robbed??” Matilda pushed

“Jesus no, Miss Morrow. Why would you even think that?” Cat questioned as she walked towards the chair in front of her, -her own personal chair in Matilda’s office- and took her seat.

“You should not be surprised, because I can’t always seem to find a reason why you would run yourself out of breath for some petty situations. Now can we discuss what the problem is?” She said as she tried to arrange the scattered files on her table and to start singing those that are necessary.

“The shareholders are asking for a meeting and they want you there” Matilda didn’t even let her finish before she said.

“They always want me but I have decided to always go just once a month and if I am correct, that time of the month is yet to arrive...”

“Pablo is about to step down and he wants Gemini to take his position of COO”

That message alone made her drop the files and stand on her feet


Pablo was her father’s younger brother and Gemini, was his daughter, Matilda’s cousin. Gemini hates Matilda’s guts and she was not shy about showing it everywhere they went together. She has been like that since they were younger, always jealous of her and making sure she had everyone’s attention. For years she had avoided them and after the death of her parents, she has been forced to now see them once a month. But Gemini finally got her attention. Why would Pablo want to drop his position? Why all of a sudden??

“So I take it, we were going now that I have your attention?” Matilda nodded her head and said

“We are most definitely going.” Packing her purse she took her coat from the cloak and turned to Cat

“And tell Moses I need the rundown of Gemini’s activities for the last two months. We can gather whatever it is that is going on from there.”

Chapter 2


"There is nothing new in her activities for the past two months. I just can't seem to click my fingers on what exactly is going on here." Matilda commented as she kept slipping through the file in her hand. The same file was in Cat's hands too.

"That means whatever the reason for the decision is, it's not in her movement..." Cat stopped talking as Matilda looked at her to see why

"Take a look at her whereabouts on the 23rd of April. She went back to her supposed former boyfriend's house."

"Her ex??? I thought they were over. Her father made sure they were over."

"Then I don't think he has any idea his little daughter is still in love with him." Gemini's ex, Austin was a complete douchbag. He smokes, drinks, and has every unreputable act any man could have. The love Gemini has for him is yet another mystery she has about her dear cousin.



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