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" You asked me to go hard and without stopping, it was a shame you weren't talking about us" she smiled. Caroline Baker is a sweet and innocent girl who ended up being kidnapped to pay off a debt from her family, with no hope, she cannot escape the hands of the nightclub owner. "You belong to me, Caroline," he repeated this intensely. Caleb Miller,The billionaire mafia boss, famous for his night-life and his reputation for brutality, became attached when he laid eyes on that girl. She was so sweet and delicate, Caleb wished he had her for himself and bought her for his personal satisfaction, making her the property of the biggest mobster in Los Angeles. Caroline longed to regain her freedom, but she didn't expect to fall in love with the man who saved her, he was so rude and severe, would a man as cruel as Caleb be able to love? " I should have hated him, but instead I fell in love with him and wanted to stay by his side, this time not because I was forced to, but of my own free will. "Caroline lowered her head, confused. The consequences of getting involved with the mafia boss could be fatal and Caroline could put her life in danger by deciding to stay by his side, of all the feelings a girl can feel love will always be the most dangerous. It makes people do crazy things, including getting involved with the biggest criminal in Los Angeles and becoming his wife helping him with his personal business and becoming part of the criminal world.

kidnapped by the mafia

~~~~ CAROLINE~~~~

While Caroline was in the room studying, it was possible to hear the noise coming from her father's bar in front of her house. The days when the establishment was running were a real hell: loud music, fights, and shouting. Everything Caroline hated, She frowned nervously and closed the window curtains angrily at the shrill noise that bothered her ears. The clock was at midnight, and there was no sign of the bar closing. Caroline closed her eyes forcefully and swallowed hard to hold back the tears running down her face. She thought her father would have a little more consideration for the birthday of his twenty-one-year-old daughter; after all, this is an important date. But he did not even want to call to congratulate her! The excuse was always the same; he was very busy with work. Caroline sighed deeply and thoughtfully; she knew that after her mother's death, everything fell apart. His father did not stop at home anymore; he lived drunk in the corners and spent everything he had on gambling.

I have a few days to get out of this hell, Caroline wrote in her little secret diary that was on the table, hidden among the school books.

She had won a scholarship to Harvard College for medical school. Despite the problems, Caroline was not shaken; she wanted to make her late mother proud, and for that, she would have to get out of that hostile environment as soon as possible.


Caroline was startled by the bottle of beer thrown against the window of her room. The bang was strong; on the floor, it was possible to see the small pieces of glass in the bottle that had broken into thousands of pieces, narrowly missing the head of Caroline, who was right next to the window when it happened.

"I can’t stand it anymore! I need to get out of here as soon as possible!" She repeated this to herself in silence, her eyes full of tears.

Caroline did not want to leave without saying goodbye to her father, but the situation was untenable. She planned to take the bus next week, but that bottle smashed to the ground was the last straw. She knew that her father had been involved with bad people and that he had contracted exorbitant debts after her mother’s death. An avalanche of memories came to her mind as she put some clothes in a black backpack that was in her closet. The house in which she grew up, where she had spent all her birthdays and happy moments next to her mother, was no longer a safe place. She stared at the wall in the back of her room for a few seconds; it was still possible to see the markings that her mother made to accompany her growth. Caroline took a deep breath; it wasn't easy losing her mother at twelve. There were many things they didn't share, several gaps that remained empty after their mother's death.

Caroline opened her frightened eyes; this time another glass bottle was thrown into her room, and the fight outside only increased. She was terrified; in the nine years, she had spent next to her father, this kind of thing had never happened before. In a few minutes, the house lights went out; probably her father had forgotten to pay the electricity bill again. Caroline shrugged; she was, already, used to settling with the basics inside the house. She put on her sneakers, which were half torn and went down the stairs slowly. As she walked, it was possible to see the noise that the steps made. She stopped at the last step of the stairs to hear a strange conversation coming from the living room.

"That’s enough, Bruce!" The man screamed.

"How do you intend to pay me? Your bar belongs to me; this house you are living in is also mine!" The man said, impatiently waiting for an answer. "What else do you have to offer me to pay off your debt?"

"I have nothing else!" the man with green eyes and gray hair said, crying. "Forgive me, Peter, I can't pay you!" Caroline's father begged for the man with blue eyes and a black leather jacket who was holding a gun.

"Business is business, my dear friend, Bruce!" The man in the leather jacket said, pointing the gun at Caroline’s father’s head, "Either you pay me, or I end your life, right here! " He said it with anger in his eyes.

"NO!!!! DADDY!" Caroline screamed at the urge to defend her beloved father from the hands of that wicked man.

"Honey, go back to your room, please!" Bruce begged his daughter to come back upstairs.

But, it was too late; Peter had already put his beautiful blue eyes on her, and he would not let this opportunity pass.

"How beautiful your daughter is!" Peter shook his head, laughing with sarcasm.

"You still have something precious to lose!" Peter pointed to the girl with blond hair and blue eyes who was right in front of him.

"No, please, no, my dear daughter!" Bruce pleaded with a face full of tears.

"Quiet, you worthless old man!" Peter punched him in the face. "Think about it; you’ve lost everything; there’s no longer any way to sustain her!" Peter continued, "I don’t intend to leave here today empty-handed."

He crossed his arms in anger, and his men stood around us, surrounding us.

"Take me in her place," Bruce asked.

"What am I going to do with a useless old man like you?" Peter laughed. "Your daughter, on the other hand, is quite useful to my clients," he said, smiling mischievously and looking at Caroline.

"What am I going to do with a useless old man like you?" Peter laughed. "Your daughter, on the other hand, is quite useful to my clients," he said, smilingmischievously and looking at Caroline.

"Daddy, please don’t let him take me!" Caroline screamed desperately.

"Quiet, you b*tch!" Peter slapped her, and Caroline almost fell on the dizzy floor.

Her fate had suddenly changed; from a future medical student ready to enter Harvard College, she could become a s*x slave to pay off her father’s debts.

"Hurry up, Bruce; I’m getting impatient!" Peter spat in his face. "Either you let me take your daughter to my club, or you both die here, now!" Peter unlocked the gun and pointed it at her father again.

"You can take her," Bruce said, with tears in his eyes and his face all red.

He couldn't even look into Caroline's eyes. While those men were throwing her with strength in the car, Caroline couldn't believe what was happening; she had fought hard to get that scholarship after her father spent all his college money on games and drinks. It seems that only this was not enough; he also had to give up his only daughter because of his stupid addiction!

"Shut up, you b*tch, now, you are my property!" Peter screamed.

Caroline could not stop crying. She was tied to the trunk of the car and blindfolded; she did not know where they were taking her. She could only hear the voices and cries of those men asking her to stop crying. She cowered in the trunk of the car, desolate, and did not believe that her father had been able to do all that with her. Caroline would never forgive him for ruining the future that she struggled so hard to achieve. Peter stood by her side, preventing her from running away. She was fully aware that what would come next would not be good; she was ready to live a real hell, and all dreams of having a perfect life fell to the ground at that moment when she was kidnapped. Caroline still wanted to believe that her father would find a way to rescue her and that he would take her to college by car as all the other parents did, but she knew that this was far from being realized and that he would not come to get her.

Of all the memories, this one was the most terrifying and the hardest for Caroline to remember. the day she saw her father for the last time, she didn't know whether to hate or miss him, her heart was deeply hurt..

towards prostitution

~~~~~~~~ Caroline~~~~~~

It was like a nightmare that had come true; Caroline cried until she was breathless, and nothing could comfort her in that moment of despair. With her hands tied inside the car of an unknown man, the little girl with blue eyes thrashed in tears. His face was red and swollen, his hands sweated, and the rest of his body trembled. She could only feel the cold wind coming in through the windows of the car and messing up her beautiful blonde hair.

"Where are you taking me?" the blue-eyed girl asked apprehensively, fearing the worst.

"Soon, you'll find out!" Peter smiled slyly.

That smile bothered Caroline, who was visibly scared. She was in the hands of one of the greatest criminals in Los Angeles, and she knew that even the police could not get her out of that hell.

"We arrived!" Peter opened the trunk, pulling the girl into the club.

"This will be your new home!" he whispered in her


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