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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Serene
  • Chapters: 60
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 15
  • 7.5
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Brielle has a one night stand with a handsome Italian God Giovanni Valetti...litte does she know he is one of biggest Mafia drug lords of two powerful organisations in Italy and Spain..... Giovanni never planned on having kids in his world there is no happily ever after so when he finds out he has twins he seeks them out and vows to protect them with his life.....but when Brielle learns who Giovanni really is she does everything in her power to get away from him....but Brielle soon realises there is no escaping the Mafia world especially if the Don himself has his eyes set on you.....


Giovanni gazed down at the small tiny shoes that stared back at him,kids has never been on his agenda.The life he is leading isn't fit for kids..a family and now all that changed.A fling with a certain red head,hair that looks almost orange.The best fuck of his life,his first ever virgin Mary.Brielle....

Right before he went to jail seven years ago she was his last fuck and while in there he couldn't stop thinking about her.Even now just thinking about her stirs him in a way no woman can,he doesn't do relationships or commitments and all the feelings and emotional bullshit that comes with it.

He fucks and moves on,he doesn't sleep with the same woman twice it only leads to them thinking there's more to that one quick screw.

Yet with her that changed it was different in a way that he couldn't understand all the things he felt,it was so foreign to him even now he still can't make sense of it and that doesn't sit well on him.

To make matters worse she had his babies and now she's about to be pulled into a life that isn't meant for an innocent soul like her...a life that no one wishes for...a life where you are constantly in danger.

The poor soul has no idea her life is about to change all because she had the Valetti heirs,the heirs to his empire.She might hate him for what he's about to do but he doesn't care all that matters is his kids,kids that probably has no clue about him or what kind of man their father is.

When he'd come out of jail a year ago Sienna his housekeeper had given him a box containing all his personal belongings from his previous penthouse here in New York,he never bothered going through it until a month ago and that's when he came across the small white gift box wrapped with a blue ribbon with his name on it.

The second he had opened it he knew things were about to change and he was right.

That's why he had asked Rocco his friend and one of his most trusted men to get a full background check and gather all the information he can get about her,he's done going through her file there is nothing he doesn't know about her or his children,their names, surnames,how old they are,the schools they attending the list goes on.She has a sister named Arielle who's twenty four years old,a drunk of a father with gambling debts.Her mother died six years ago because of cancer.

They recently moved to Manhattan because Brielle got a better job as a secretary for Lorenzo's company a.k.a his rival it won't be long before he  connects the dots and once that happens they'll be in danger and a war will break out between two mafia Dons.

Yip!He's in the mafia,not only is he in the mafia but he runs and owns it.The Don of the two biggest mafias in the world.Italy and Spain.Now he owns the whole of New York City too.

Every where he goes people fear him,just his name alone makes them sweat and shake with fear.EL DIABLO.That's the name everyone calls him,the name he's famous by,the name that brings respect,instill fear.A devil has no heart,no fear,no emotion.It doesn't feel or care about something as stupid as love.

All it seeks,crave for is blood, torture and death.That's his playground finding pleasure in killing people,feeding of their fear of him,he enjoys it especially their screams of pain and agony as he tortures them.

Call him a sick sociopath it doesn't matter,it's who he is and what he does.The mafia is his life he grow up in it,saw and done things that he can never undo or take back.He has scars on his body to prove that this life isn't for everyone, especially kids and a wife.

His mother died by the hand of one of his father's enemies,she was gang raped repeatedly and tortured all the while how he and his father watched.He was still young at the time.Sixteen and he had to watch all that,it fucked him up inside...changed him,turned him into this monster that he is now.

Uncaring,unloving,not giving a fuck about anyone or anything. Even his relationship with his father is strained because of that incident.

His father is a cold bastard and never gave a damn about his mother he didn't even try to save her all the while she begged him to yet all he did was watch. He vowed he'll get his revenge and they paid with blood,he enjoyed every second of it,enjoyed hearing their pleas how they begged for their lives,he showed no mercy because they didn't show his mother any.

Revenge is paid in blood,nothing less and everything more.A knock on his office door pulled him from his thoughts.”Come in.”His deep Italian,Spanish accent resonated throughout the room.

Rocco,Santino,Marcelo and Marco stepped in,four of his most loyal men.He trust no one except for them.” called.”Marcelo said once they all took a seat.

“No offence cuz.”Santino jumped in.”Aren't you a little too big for these.”He picked up the baby shoes that's on the table.

Giovanni flashed him a deadly look instead of backing down,he smirked.”Shut up Tino!”He growled.”I'm in no mood for your jokes.Rocco.Fill them in.”

“Fill us in on what.Another mission.”That's Marco his brother who spoke.

“If you can shut up long enough than you'll get to hear.”The irritation was beginning to show in Giovanni's tone.

“When is the last time you got laid.”Santino asked with the same smirk on his face.”You've been on edge lately.Usually a good figa does the trick.”

“Not all of us are controlled by a pussy!”Gio snapped.”Rocco. Continue.”Tino was about to say something else when a gun went off,silence filled the room.”I swear to God if you utter another word I will cut out your tongue.”A threat that made it's point across.He pour himself a shot of bourbon as Rocco fill them in on the latest developments regarding Brielle and the twins.

“Everything you need to know is in there.”Gio heard him finished as he handed them each a file.”As for you Tino,keep the nasty remarks to yourself. Unless of course you really want your tongue to get cut out and we all know you won't be able to survive without it.”He heard Marco and Marcelo laughing.

And that's how the bickering between the two started,until he put a stop to it. Once they start there's no ending.”Any questions?”He asked after twenty minutes of silence.

“Since when are you into girls with orange hair.”

“And there he goes.”Rocco sighed.

“Red head.You idiot.”Giovanni corrected him.”With orange hues.”

“Wouldn't mind banging her fi-...”The cocking of a gun made him stop mid sentence when he looked up,he was staring down the barrel of Gio’s gun .

“I dare you to finish that sentence.”His cold tone made the temperature in the room drop.

“Whoa...Capo,I meant no disrespect.”The slight quiver in his voice told Gio he made his point.”She's off limits.Got the message.”

“Let that be for everyone.”He said in that same cold voice.

“Si Capo...”Their voices rang out.

“Plan of action.”Marcelo wanted to know.

“Watch them.That shouldn't be too hard for you Marcelo,hiding in the shadows and being the invincible man is your specialty.”

“I'm an uncle.”Marco added.”Not to question your decision but is it wise to just watch them, knowing that she's in the clutches of the enemy. Remember what happened to mom.”

“Did you forget what I did to his father and his men.”Only the four of them in this room knows what happened to their mother.”That's how I got my nickname.”

“El Diablo...I know.”

“Do you doubt me.”He shook his head.”There's a reason why I'm sitting in this seat,why so many want to take my place.Why I stayed on top even though I went to jail for seven years.I don't take or make impulsive decisions.Lorenzo doesn't know about them,not yet anyway but when he does find out they'll be safe and away from him.For now watch them and wait for further instructions.”

“Capo is right Marco.”Rocco said.”Even the slightest movement will alert Lorenzo and we know he's looking for Capo's weakness, something he can use to bring him down.”

“I thought Capo doesn't have any weaknesses that's why he's stayed on top for all these years.”Santino added.”Why would they be his weakness.”

“They familia....and we don't turn our back on family.”It was Marcelo who  answered him.


Gio remained quiet and listened how they conversed.Loyalty and respect is everything in this business without it your whole organization will crumble and fall.His men knows the meaning of lealta and rispetto.That's why his organization is the strongest and the biggest,it cannot be infiltrated unless he has a mole working for him.”You're dismissed.Except for Marco.”

He watched as they exit his office leaving him alone with his brother,another shipment is coming in tomorrow.”Something wrong brother?”

“Is everything set for tomorrow.”

“Yes I'll be overseeing the shipment since Marcelo will be on guard duty.”Marco didn't want to tell his brother he wanted to be the one to watch them,it will give Gio cause for suspicion especially since he likes Arielle and today isn't the first time he's seen her.

“Where?”He heard Gio asked.“Brielle’s sister.You've seen her before.Where.”He sipped on his shot.


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