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Ava had her back at Drex, and for the past month, her life had turned from bad to worse. at that moment when she had fallen deeply in love with the ruthless assassin who contributed to making her life miserable, the world began to look beautiful again, she thought things would turn out for the best, only for her to find out that Drex was not protecting her because he loved her. "I hate you with every fiber in me," Ava screamed in tears. Even when she utters those words, her heart still beats for him, She wished he had killed her that night, she wished he had never met him. She wished she had never fallen for him, how can she love someone who wouldn't miss the slightest opportunity to end her life? "if I disappear out of your life, will that make you happy?" Drex asked. "You are a total jerk!" She yell. With rage, Ava stormed toward him and slapped him across his face, she made to slap him again but Drex held her tightly and draw her into his embrace. Her anger dissipated immediately, she melt away in his embrace. She love his smell, his cologne which she was now familiar with give her nothing but comfort. "I love this side of you, so feisty!" he said. ******** Don Drex Mason is well-known to the outer world as a dropped-dead handsome bachelor and a businessman but in the underworld, he was the most feared ruthless mafia assassin. Ava Anderson, a small-time introverted nosy newspaper journalist, the two personalities crossed paths on an unfortunate rainy night, she was his target and a threat to his client, she's to be eliminated at all costs. but their fate was already sealed by lightning which made them share one soul.


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