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Chasing his heart

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“Are you in for love or vengeance?” Have you ever been in a love triangle? How chilling is it when an assassin becomes obsessed with you and your love life becomes twisted? Williams Bianca, the billionaire's heir goes through blood-boiling hell after she lost her biological father in a fatal accident. Bianca eventually lost her dignity and virginity to her filthy stepfather, David who craves more wealth and to acquire her as his toy. Will Bianca ever collide with love after the agony she went through in adolescence? Will she fight her battles independently? Or welcome a bunch of assassins in her life?

Chapter 1

"Mission accomplished!” he talks in his walky-talky as he hops in his car, driving off to accomplish other missions. It was a hit-and-run.

The noise of cars hooting, everyone was so scared of coming close to her because she was bleeding badly, she seems to be dead.

A white car halted at a stop before Bianca's body on the road. A young gentleman alights from the back seat of the white vehicle, he has a long white and black dyed beard, and his black short and silky hair was padded with a band that suits his skin color perfectly.

“Gosh, who did this to this poor lady? After knocking down this lady, what will it take to admit her to the hospital? Can they be so inhuman?” He muttered to himself as he puts out his hands from his pocket, he checked her pulse, temperature, and heart beating rate which was very slow, he nods as he saw the amount of blood gushing out of her head. He made a sigh of relief as he discovered she was still alive.

“This lady needs help, carry her into my car. She is in critical condition. She needs to be admitted to my hospital instantly before she loses more blood.” The gentleman ordered his driver. The driver did as his boss asked hurriedly. They hopped in, the driver ignited the car engine, and the car accelerated to the hospital.

They arrived at Roberto's hospital.

“Welcome, Sir.” The security man greeted him as he sights the white car. He flung his car door open as he carried Bianca in his arms. Though the blood gushing out of Bianca's head did not cease, the blood spilled on the gentleman's shirt as he rushed her to the emergency ward. Bianca was quickly attended to.

There were murmurs filled in the hospital as they sight Bianca in the arms of their boss, they even started spreading rumors that he has an affair with her.

“Will you shut up?” Alice, the gentleman's fiance inquired as she raised her voice with her clenched fist. Alice was so jealous of the rumors, she flashes her teeth as she took a leave from the hospital in haste, she couldn't withstand it.

A few moments later…

“Could it be her?” He soliloquies with raised eyebrows, tapping his feet against the floor in haste.

“Sir, she's awake now. You can attend to her now” The nurse confessed. He nods as he walks into her ward with his hands pocketed.

“How do you feel?” The gentleman asked, smiling as looks at Bianca's bandaged head. he sat on a chair facing Bianca who was lying on the sick bed.

Bianca's heart hammers as she jerks to the side.

“You murdered my baby before he was born!” Bianca whispered as she curled on the bed with tears welled in her eyes. The gentleman noticed the black circles under her beautiful brown eyes, he became sympathetic.

“What else do you want? He paid you for this, right?” Bianca's voice cracked.

“No, I didn't murder anyone. I'm not here to hurt you, I swear! I only want to render help to you.“ He said raising both arms. Bianca was shivering as she tries to roll out of bed, her bandaged head started aching as she screams in pain “Arghh!”

“Are you alright?” He asks as he inspects the bandage on her head, he adjusted the plaster suitably as Bianca's eyes peek at him, she could not take her eyes off his brown eyes as his face was so close to her.

Bianca blinked as her eyes adjusted, she shortly pushed him away, trembling.

“Cool down, I mean no harm. You need to relax for the medicines to work perfectly for you, dear. You are safe in this hospital, it has very tight security.” He assured her.

“How do I trust you? You work for David, don't you? Just spill it out!” Bianca yells.

“I am Roberto. The CEO of this huge hospital, I have hospitals all over the world and I'm a well-known philanthropist.” He introduced himself boastfully.

“Haven't you heard of my good deeds?” Roberto doubts.

“My friend, Helen talks about you but I never knew you would be this handsome. The nurse said Roberto brought me here, I'm so sorry for the nuisance I created earlier.” Bianca commented as she became calm. She now rests assured that she is saved but she is less comfortable with Roberto. Bianca faked a chuckle.

“Who is this David that's after your life?”

“D…David? No! I'm good. I guess I was saying things because I lost my unborn child in that terrible accident. I'm still dramatized about that incident” Bianca stuttered holding back her tears.

“Take care, dear. We would like to phone your family members probably your husband to come discharge you. Don't bother about the bills, it's settled.” Roberto declared with a disarming smile.

“Thank you but I am still single.”

“Just mention him, I do not hesitate to help the needy,” Roberto said.

“Nevermind, someone will come to discharge me.”

“Oh, pardon my manners, I'm Bianca.“ She introduces stretching her hand for a handshake.

Roberto pulls out his hand from his pocket, he shakes her.

“Umm… lovely name for a lovely girl.“

Bianca blushes.

“Yeah, that's me, Bianca Williams!“ She boasts.

“Are you Williams Bianca?“ Roberto uttered as he slowly let go of her hand with his gaze fixed on her oval face. Bianca nods positively. Roberto's eyebrows creased as he secretly grins. A tone emitted from his pocket.

“Give me a second! I have to pick up this call.“ Roberto excuses himself from her ward as he pulls out his phone, he wasn't surprised when he noticed the call was from his annoying fiance, Alice. He rolled his eyes wondering what the call is about again, he walks away looking behind.

“Bianca,” he chuckles. Suddenly, he bumped into a man in a black shirt, pants, and black sunshades. He came to the hospital to complete his unfinished task.

“Hey! Watch where you are going!” Roberto yells.

“Buddy!” the man in black removed his black sun shades exposing his gorgeous face.

“Henry!” Roberto chimed out of excitement as he embraces him. They exchange pleasantries, it's been a long since they met, they are childhood friends.

“Do you have a family admitted here?”

“Yeah, I'm here to complete an unfinished task.” Henry's husky voice dims as his gaze moves to Bianca's room door.

“Are you related to her?” Roberto asks as he notices Henry's eyes fixed on Bianca's ward door. “Yeah!“

“How about you have a cup of tea?” Roberto asks.

“I have no time to waste!” Henry vocalized as he strode to Bianca's room. Roberto walks away as his phone begins to ring.

Roberto answers the call when he noticed he was in a quiet environment.

“What are you doing with that lady? Come on! She looks like a zookeeper, she has nothing compared to me to offer” Alice's voice resounded from the phone.

“Alice, she is my patient and I have to treat her with care!”

“Why didn't you treat other patients like that? Carrying them all in your hands, huh? Do you remember, I discarded my womb just because you said you don't like it?”Alice yelled, she took in a deep breath before she continued yelling.

“I sacrificed a lot of this relationship to keep going and a dying lady came from nowhere in your arms. Gosh! I simply want you to keep in mind that I can kill for our love.” Alice thundered, she hung the phone at him as he tried to utter a word.

Robert sat on a chair, he bit his lower lips as he insert his fingers in his hair, stroking it downward. “She dared to lecture me about what's right or wrong, what did she think of herself? “

Roberto searched for her contact, he sent a message saying “we are only engaged not married, never make this mistake by lecturing me again or else…”


Henry pushed the ward door open with his feet as he swiftly brought his shotgun out of his black pant, stretching it to Bianca's bed.

“Sh*t!” He banged his clenched fist against the wall, she isn't in her ward. He sights footprints on the floor, he traced them to the window pane.

“No one escapes my clutches!” he grumbles as he hops out of the ward through the window. He hopped on brown sand, he traced her foot marks that were so visible on the brown sand. He sneakily follows the trail with the gun facing downward. The trail disappeared at once…

“Where is the clue? It stopped here” Henry asks himself as he scans around him. Tingling like nylon concealed his ear. He raised his gun and pointed at a lady in a scarf and an obvious wig. The lady raised her hand in shock staring at the gun pointed at her with her eyes wide open.

Henry pulls out the image of Bianca from his pocket, her nose looks just like hers but there is some difference.

“You can go!” Henry ordered as he inserts the gun in his pant pocket. The lady walks slowly away from Henry, trembling. The bandage on her head was visible as the headwind blew off the scarf and the wig fell on her arm.

“Stop there, turn around!” Henry orders pointing the gun at Bianca's head.

Bianca's eyes widened, and her heart pounds she slowly turned around. She knew she couldn't run because she is so weak and she was currently in pain.

Henry recognized her at once, he placed the gun on her forehead and smirked. Bianca lifts the gun away with her hands, though she was so weak. Henry starts struggling with the gun as Bianca grabs the gun, trying to snatch it from him.

Henry pulls the trigger, shooting Bianca's side, she weaved the bullets which hits the walk, struggling to get the gun. The bullets were silent and deadly, no one heard the sound of the bullet. Bianca noticed she was too weak to continue battling with the gun.

An idea popped into Bianca's head, she bends her left leg, arching her knee as she hits it hazardously to his private part.

“Argh..” Henry let out a small cry as he fell on the floor, panting heavily as he had an immense pain there which is indescribable. Bianca was able to get hold of the gun, she points the gun at Henry as she was gasping heavily.

Her hands were trembling, she was so anxious, she triggered the bullet at Henry with her eyes shut. Her heart pounds as Henry's scream envelopes her ear. Bianca shivers as she slightly unwraps her eyes. Her gaze shifted to the blood sprinting out of his arm. The bullet aimed at Henry's arm. Henry became extremely weak as he could only blink.

“I didn't kill you because I want to send you on an errand to inform David that I'm unstoppable.” Bianca boomed with mustered courage. Bianca hid the gun inside her clothing.

Henry placed his hand on the bullet, trying to remove it as he winced. A voice emerged from Henry's Walky talky. Bianca snatches it as he gives attention to it.

“Aren't you done? How can you put up with this for over thirty minutes to murder a naive girl?” David's voice fumed from the walky-talky.

“No, he is too weak for that task. Call an ambulance, he might die if he keeps screaming here” Bianca quaked.

“BIANCA!” David grunts her name.

“Don't shout! You could harm yourself! I want to hurt you myself.” Bianca chuckles.

“Don't worry, I'm no longer interested in sharing your secret with the world, I'm only after that life of yours. You deserve death! ” Bianca pouts as she dropped Wally talky on the floor.

Bianca strokes her hands in his pocket as she stole his wallet. She opened his wallet searching for cash. Her eyes first glimpsed his identity card.

“Hmm… Henry Hart!” They spelled out his name and she stole his cash and other valuable things from him.

“You will pay for this!“ Henry cries out as he saw Bianca walking away. Henry was so troubled by her action earlier.

“So brave.” He smiles at himself as he dips his fingers into the wounded part, pulling out the bullet. He screams as he successfully removes it, he inserts the bullet in his pocket. Henry stripped his shirt as he tied the piece of cloth tightly on the wounded area on his arm which stopped the blood from gushing out.

Chapter 2

Roberto walks with a lofty proud gait, in an attempt to impress his female employees. Roberto is a handsome guy, he is every lady's dream man. He springs forward to Bianca's ward to announce goodbye before he could take a leave from the hospital, he plans on finding the place she resides also.

“Bianca Williams, I have been searching for you for ages. Now that I've found you, I won't let go of you until you…” Roberto opens Bianca's ward door and twists the door knob. He stopped muttering to himself at first as he was in shock, his eyes were as wide as an owl's eye as the ward appeared empty.

He turned around as he glimpses a nurse with a tray filled with medicines striding to another patient's ward.

“Hey, did you discharge patient 2005 already?” Roberto asked as he paused the nurse from moving, pointing at Bianca's ward.

“I'm not sure but a man in black came claiming he is Bianca's husband, we let him in her wa


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