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Black Wings

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BLACK WINGS After being punished for centuries, he gave up his love for humanity. After being freed, He didn’t care for heaven or hell. He was a fallen one. Gadreel owned many clubs in the City but didn’t expect to meet a pure innocent at his ground. Except, she is a miner and he is a sinner. Amelia is an Irish beauty unaware of the dangers in the world. With being homeschooled all her life she never had the chance to understand. Can she stands or will she also fall? (content warnings/original work)

Chapter 1


Centuries ago, before the universe collapsed

Gadreel was once God's most trusted angel.

He was stationed by God at the Garden of Eden to protect it from evil.

But one day, everything changed.

"Please, God, it was a mistake! I didn't know, sir, they tricked me!" Gadreel sounded honest.

"You failed at this task by letting the serpent curse the Earth with evil; You will pay for your sins locked in the darkest dungeon in Heaven for countless thousands of years." God turned around and left the heavens to calm the universe while his heart hurt.

During his imprisonment, Gadreel was abused by the angel guard Thaddeus for countless centuries. Hope would come in the form of Satanael as he was seeking loyal allies and comrades in the defense of mankind from those who seek to prey on them. He set Gadreel and the rest of the Fallen free from the shackles placed upon them by Heaven. After being freed, Gadreel would join his brethren in declaring loyalty to the Second Son and become one of the Cadres of the newly formed Grigori, an organization that refuses to serve Heaven or Hell.

Again, centuries have passed, and

life settled for Gadreel. He became a teacher to humans regarding war, destruction, combat, and weapons.

Current day

"Azazel, why do we need to meet him today?" Gadreel asks his commander and friend. Azazel is also a fallen one, and we share the same mission. We are the fallen angels of war. "I don't know men... It's been for so long. Maybe he wants a drink?" Gadreel's eyes turned red. He shook it off and stared outside. "Let's hope he wants to deal again," said Samyaze... Gadreel looks at him, wondering, "Then we can have some fun, you mean?" Gadreel sounded way too excited...

"C'mon guys, let's be nice; think about your reputation," Azazel said while pulling up at our club "black wings."

Chapter 2


I am staring at my phone, waiting to see if they approved my application. While I play with my ash blonde hair, my mom comes to sit by me. I look at her; she is in her fifties, and she still looks gorgeous. Her long hair is curled, and her face is full of makeup. "You ready to go, hun?" Mom asks, and I let go of a sight. "Can't I stay home? Aunt Carol doesn't care if I come or not." She looks at me sternly. "Amelia, you are coming with us. It's Thanksgiving weekend, and stop wondering! College is next year." She takes my hand and pulls me from the sofa, "And now get ready. We are leaving in ten!"

Amelia took herself upstairs and packed her bags. When she went back downstairs with her stuff, her phone went off. Amelia took a peek

It's a message from her niece.

*Kelly* - you want to go out? I might have gotten a free pass or two -

*Amelia* - W


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