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Billionaire's Betrayal: A Love Lost

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Amntlkh
  • Chapters: 30
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 8
  • 7.5
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Daniel West, a handsome and successful young billionaire, appears flawless and has everything. But he only has one flaw, which is his possessive nature. Daniel's possessive nature makes his girlfriend, named Isabella, feel suffocated and weary. The woman often called Bella ends up cheating with another man because she is tired of dealing with Daniel's behavior that disgusts her. Isabella's affair is revealed after her affair with another man lasts for a month, and it's her own friend who exposes it. Will Bella's relationship with Daniel simply end like that? Or will Daniel never let go of Bella due to his extremely possessive nature? Stay tuned for the continuation of this story!

Chapter 1

"Gosh! I'm getting sick of you, Daniel! I don't like being controlled like this! Can't go out alone, can't wear clothes like this, and I have to obey all your desires? Is that what you want? I have my own rights, Daniel!" The outburst came from a woman dressed in a tight red mini dress that hugged her guitar-shaped body like a Spanish guitar.

The woman stood in front of a man wearing a formal suit, typical for work, while the man stared at the woman in front of him with a sharp and warning gaze.

Daniel, the man, opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the woman in front of him speaking again.

"What? Want to get angry? Go ahead, Daniel! I've had enough of you! If necessary, let's just end this relationship rather than–"

"Shut up! Watch your mouth! I won't let our relationship end!" Daniel interjected sharply, causing the woman in front of him to fall silent after being cut off like that.

So far, it can be concluded that they have a special relationship or are in a relationship as lovers.

The woman standing in front of Daniel, now sporting a brave and challenging expression, is his girlfriend, named Isabella, often called Bella.

They are currently arguing in a busy restaurant, so they have become the center of attention due to their argument.

Bella chuckled softly after Daniel said those words. Her expression still showed that she was not afraid after being snapped at by her boyfriend, her chin lifted as she stared challengingly at Daniel, who was much taller than her.

"Fine! Just don't overly control and dictate my life, Daniel!" Bella said in a low but emphatic tone, staring into Daniel's sharp eyes as if unafraid at all.

"Got it!" Bella continued before she left the restaurant without even looking back at Daniel. She was truly fed up with her relationship with Daniel, but deep down, Bella still loved and cared for her boyfriend.

"Bella! Wait, Bella!" Daniel shouted, trying to stop Bella's steps. But unfortunately, she ignored Daniel's call and kept walking away.

"Arrgghh!" Daniel screamed, running his hands through his hair in frustration. He seemed to not care about the many eyes on him because of their little argument earlier.

"I won't let you go, Bella!" Daniel muttered seriously. The man's gaze glanced sharply at a few people staring at him before he also left the restaurant in long, hurried strides.

Unbeknownst to Daniel and Bella, at a table in the corner not far from their initial position, there was a woman watching the argument between Daniel and Bella with a pleased smile.

The woman kept staring at Daniel's departure until he disappeared from view through the restaurant's glass window.

"Daniel, Daniel, I can't wait to have you, darling," the woman murmured with a smile that turned into a meaningful grin.


Apparently, after arguing with Daniel, Bella went to a gym as if to meet someone, evident by her not bringing any gym gear with her.

"Hey, darling, just arrived? Why took you so long, hm?" greeted a shirtless man approaching Bella as she entered.

Bella immediately welcomed him with a sweet smile, not hesitating to return the sudden hug from the man. "Sorry, dear, had a little trouble with Daniel," Bella replied with her endearing pet name.

"What now, hm?"

"As usual, he showed up at the restaurant when I was alone and then criticized me there, criticizing my way of dressing. The restaurant was crowded, and I felt really embarrassed, Edward," Bella replied with a whining tone at the end.

Edward, the man Bella called, invited her to sit in one of the chairs there, and they sat close together, very intimate.

"Haha, just end that relationship already. When will you do it, Bella? Aren't you comfortable with our relationship?" Edward laughed cynically before speaking seriously, causing Bella to fall silent.

'What now? Why is Edward talking about our secret relationship? Although I do feel more comfortable with Edward, who never constrains and is not possessive like Daniel, it's still very difficult to let go of Daniel,' thought Bella with her musings and her mind focused on the feelings she had when with Daniel and Edward.

Yes, indeed, Edward is Bella's affair. They have been in a relationship for almost a month. But Daniel seems not to know yet or pretends not to know, who knows.

"Haha, alright, I know my place because I'm just your affair," Edward said again, snapping Bella out of her reverie.

"Not like that, Edward, but I still feel unsure about letting go of Daniel. There's something I need to make sure of," Bella replied, not wanting Edward to think that Bella was just playing with their secret relationship.

"What do you need to make sure of, darling?" Edward asked, staring at Bella intently, his hand embracing the waist of the woman next to him, seemingly forgetting the fact that she already had a boyfriend.

"There is, I will tell you later after I know the answer," Bella answered with a sweet smile. She didn't want Edward to have any suspicions.

'Sorry, Edward, I want to make sure first whether I still love Daniel or not. If not, I will definitely leave Daniel and choose to be with you, but if I still love Daniel, I don't know,' thought Bella, feeling confused.

Edward sighed softly before nodding resignedly. He would always understand the condition of the woman he loved so much. "Alright, darling, I won't force you to tell me now," he replied with a smile.

Bella returned the smile equally sweetly. She immediately hugged Edward's shirtless upper body. "Thank you for understanding me, Edward," Bella said sweetly.

"You're welcome, darling," Edward replied with a wide smile, feeling happy with Bella's sudden embrace. But after he remembered something, he immediately tried to release Bella from the hug.

"Darling, let go for a moment, my body is covered in sweat, it must smell," Edward said, making Bella shake her head in the embrace of Edward.

"No, dear, it doesn't smell. I just want to hug you like this first, I miss you, dear," Bella replied, looking up at Edward with a cute pouty face that looked adorable even though Bella was in her twenties.

Edward chuckled affectionately. "Alright, anything for you, baby," he replied while returning Bella's hug just as tightly.

In the distance, there was a man who loved the loving couple. The man seemed to be aiming his phone camera at Bella and Edward, who were hugging intimately.

"Success, soon I will get the reward, and after this, I can buy anything I want," murmured the mysterious man, who immediately left the gym after getting what he had been aiming for.

Chapter 2

A casually dressed woman was sitting on a balcony, staring straight ahead at the tall illuminated buildings amidst the darkness of the night.

In one hand, she held a cigarette wedged between her fingers, with wisps of smoke occasionally emanating from her mouth and nose. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy the hazardous object she leisurely inhaled.

"I won't give up on getting you, Daniel," the woman murmured with a smirk playing on her lips.

One of her hands reached for the cellphone on the small table beside her. Without hesitation, she gazed at a photo displayed on the phone.

Still smirking, the woman chuckled softly, her laughter sounding mocking as she looked at the photo on her phone.

"Just wait for your turn, Bella, and after that, you'll be thrown aside by Daniel, then I'll replace you as Daniel's lover," the woman muttered again before bursting into laughter, her laughter tinged with an eerie vibe. Her gaze was eq


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